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Love this show, and this is coming from someone in the middle of the political spectrum. It leans left like all of crooked media pods but this show is just so well done. Jon is at his absolute best here! He is able to be creative and really think out loud in response to these undecided voters which makes for a super entertaining listen.
I was expecting to find this pretty cringeworthy, and it is in spots, but I honestly found it quite good. Pretty quality guests on the whole, though, as a Tejano who finds even the correctives on the “Hispanic/Latino vote” discourse to be unserious mess, i could not finish the 5th episode for having to hear Ruy’s obnoxious blather.


Every season keeps me interested & is always relevant to the time.
Love this series! So well done, so thoughtful. The parting message is exactly what I try to say to my son all the time. It’s easy to get disillusioned, but there is a positive path forward. Thanks for the work you do!
One season has a foreign policy retrospective and doesn't mention Libya. Latest seasons asks why Dem candidates don't talk about the economy and ignores the subject of donors and the corporate interests that run America. Why even have a show like this if you don't touch topics like that with a ten foot pole? Guess it's just entertainment for liberal viewers? You could get more honest discussions about this stuff out of just about anyone else, I including Trump. So I don't really see the point in listening to this if you want something insightful in your ear and don't just enjoy a good hate listen.
I hope Democratic candidates are thinking about these issues and figuring out how to address them ASAP. The midterms are nearly here. One problem with some of these episodes is that the audio in the focus groups is mostly impossible to understand clearly. Maybe Jon needs to bring enough microphones for everyone to have one?
This is essential information for everyone, in particular those who are in progressive organizating spaces. Thanks for your hard work on this podcast. Also, thank you for the Indivisible shout-outs!
“I started taking Athletic Greens because Tommy wouldn’t shut the f*%# up about it.” 😂
A great podcast for newcomers. I could use a politics detox. Jon’s voice is very soothing. Or maybe its the ads for AG! The first step is admitting that I have a problem. I shouldn’t have high fived myself when I went 3 for 3 on Take Appreciators. It was in a grocery store and I’m a dork! Love you guys!!
Extensive use and abuse of the word democracy. This expression is not well placed with today’s US reality. Perhaps plutocracy might be a better way to describe what is the governing regime.
THIS is a podcast that teaches and provides important information at this critical time and state of our nation and our democracy. I am so grateful Jon Favreau hosts this. It’s riveting and a must-listen!!
Unlike many political podcasts, this goes deeper, enlightening us about how a broad spectrum of people think so we can reach them where they are.
I love how it’s structured. I love Jon too
Enjoyable podcast that is informative. Please do an update to reflect impact of Covid, the BLM events, and events in Portland.
This is a really good time!
The left crying again. Instead of making any legitimate substantive attempt to tackle real issues it’s the old blame and cry game yet again (without providing a valid solution).
Way to try to fake out the system. once again liberals are forging themselves on you like rapists. Fix your teeth too you are scary
Both seasons of this are delightfully thoughtful, especially when it incorporates strong criticism of the points being made. Balance! Remember that?
You guys did a terrible job handling Tara Reade’s accusation.
This podcast has a lot of good editing, discussions, and guests. However, the namesake of the podcast has never really been the focus of it. Rather than conducting a thorough critique of the Democratic Party, a lot of time is spent talking about how Republicans are affecting Democrats chances. We need more honest discussions about what Democrats are doing wrong if we are to move forward in 2020.
I play my podcasts on an iPod. This is the only podcast that I subscribe to that does not begin with 1 when you subscribe and then go on to the next and the nest as you listen. Very annoying.
So good. I’m hoping for another season before the election.
i would always get a preview of this podcast on snapchat and now i that i am subscribed i’m trying to hear them out ! they are so good !!
I cannot express how much I love this podcast!! Thank you for this fascinating journey.
Idk how you all did it but you actually made adds interesting. I actually look forward to your commercials. But not as much as I love this podcast though. Thank you all involved in this podcast for this podcast series. ❤️🤍💙
So what really have you learned these past few years? I am a republican, suburban, college-educated woman who was aghast that a loud-mouth braggart actually was elected! Since then, I have watched Trump delivery results in spite of the insanity of the Resistance. In 2018 the Dems regained the House with promises to deliver to the people. Oh they sure delivered alright—-more insanity beginning with impeachment lead by the two geniuses Schiff and Nadler. Wake up, it’s not how clever you all are, it’s getting the job done and delivering results. Trump will win again in 2020 because the Dems are pushing ahead with more insanity. All the while believing they can get people to vote for policies that offer things that cannot be delivered, by trashing anyone who sees things differently than their well-spun narratives and highly-honed talking points. Your podcast is aptly Abraham, you will be adrift in the wilderness for the next 40 years until you do some meaningful self reflection and actually listen to people with alternative backgrounds and ideas and gain some humility. No one has all the answers, it takes open dialogue to inject new workable ideas into our system. Not the scheming you are openly promoting in this overly produced program—background music? Really? Maybe you can sell the sound track and buy yourself a cup of coffee and wake up!
This gave me depth and pause. Favrow meticulously navigates recent history and launches is into the near future. Get your ears....and listen.
I dunno about you, but reliving November 2016 is not my idea of a good time. Nonetheless, this podcast had me hooked from the first episode. The history and background of how we got to 2016 was helpful for me as a new Democrat. How to overcome this dumpster fire in 2020 is a lesson we all should tune into. Jon’s research, conversations, and thoughtful approach guide the series in a powerful way — although there’s a huge task ahead of us, he makes it feel doable and breaks it down into pieces. Highly recommend.
Sadly there is no reason to come to the Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Idaho). We are so insignificant. And I’d like to see that change. Love your podcast!
I can’t recommend this podcast enough. I learn something new each episode and feel like I have a better understanding of our current political challenges. That said, the biggest benefit of listening has been learning what I personally can do to help.
Hope given and received Need these stories of how voters are turning back Trumpism. Now more than ever in a contentious presidential election year. We need each other to win back our country to dignity and justice. So human.
An excellent, nuanced, even handed analysis of Presidential politics that treats voters as complex human beings.
Thank you for this series. Very informative look into how average Americans think about the status of what’s going on in America and saying the same things that I am thinking.
Just listened to Episode 6, The Path and then saved it for many more listens and sharing. I’ve been looking for proper ideas on what I can do (in addition to donating, in addition to knocking on doors or phone banking) and this episode gave me ideas, reinforced near the end by Plouffe’s words about how one person can become a multiplier. Gotta go. Gotta get started. Terrific job, Jon and Crooked team. (One word, right?)
This podcast is beautifully narrated and produced, without the mostly enjoyable but sometimes over the top snark of Pod Save America. I love the balance of voices: lots of Democratic activists and organizers talking about strategy, balanced with “regular people” talking about their concerns and why they vote the way they do. I appreciate the acknowledgment and inclusion of the women who are doing the majority of organizing. I’m learning a lot about what people in swing states are thinking and I’m getting inspired to go out and canvas.
Favs and Crooked Media deliver an inspiring and powerful series! There were episodes that left me both terrified and rolling up my sleeves for the fight and episodes that had me in tears from just straight up awe of what people are doing to organize. Let’s win this!!
there’s some interesting gotv information, but when Favreau tries to ‘inspire’ the listener, he sounds like he’s losing his mind
If you're one of the many of us sitting here wanting to rip your hair out or just scream at nothing out of anger and hopelessness, this podcast is for you. Jon does an amazing job through guests, analysis, and focus groups giving everyone an idea of what is needed to make this upcoming election the opposite of the dumpster fire 2016 was. Not only that, but he inspires you and empowers you to get involved and do something. Absolutely powerful listen and highly recommended.
I’m in tears. After the Senate “trial” I was really in a dark, dark place and after 3 years of grass roots activism, didn’t know if I could muster the fight anymore. This series, and especially the last episode, has resurrected me. Good timing as we’re meeting tomorrow with volunteers to strategize our plan to send busses to PA from NYC after Labor Day. Thank you, Jon F and pod people. Xox 💪🇺🇸
I love story time with Fav’s! The information provided in season 1&2 have provided in-depth history on victories and defeats and how we hope to grow as a party.
Season 2 focuses on how Democrats win back the House, Senate, and Presidency in 2020. It discusses messaging, expanding the electorate, and motivates activists to work smarter in the upcoming campaign season. Maybe that was the goal, and if so, Bravo! But there was no discussion about how to push forward Democratic policy and legislation. It makes no sense to elect someone simply because they have a (D) behind their name, if they don’t have an agenda to advance progressive policies. We’ve elected Democrats in the past without seasons of podcasts to help us, and we’ll elect Democrats again. Politics is cyclical. What I want to know is what are you going to do for families and more importantly how are you going to get it done? Focus group tested economic messaging is great. I think it’ll work to get Dems elected But it will not help us govern a progressive agenda. I’m not interested in having a Democratic majority in the House, Senate, and the Presidency if that power is not used to do anything. And the podcast seems to be focused only on how to get a person in office with a (D).
This is the podcast I need to get inspired and motivated to take meaningful action. I just texted some friends to go canvassing. Thank you all!
Thoughtful, insightful and motivating. I am out there working. Thank you!
I love this pod! It is deep and insightful. I’m from Minnesota and I ugly cried through the episode that talked about the One Minnesota campaign. It made me so hopeful that my home could pave the way by bringing everyone together. I definitely endorse!!
If you want to beat Trump this year, this is a great place to start and to understand what it will take.
Anyone else’s eyes wet after s2e6? Just me? Mmmkay
It’s easy to feel pessimistic about the current state of the Democratic Party and about politics in general, but this may be just the remedy you’re looking for. In depth, insightful looks into the key parts of the country in the last election that will certainly play into this next election show you how and why these states and districts swung the way they did, how they can be swung back the other way, and what all of us can and NEED to do to make sure this happens. Outstanding podcast and well worth a listen to!
I found this podcast by chance and it is well worth the listen. I HAD voted for the current administration and have been trying to figure out what the heck is going on, ever since. The corruption, bullying, disregard for the constitution and general chaos of the current administration drove me to wanting to find another way and begin to educate myself on the Democratic Party. Bravo! Check this podcast out! You will be informed and you won’t regret it!