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The most thoughtful and well researched podcast ihave ever heard.
I love the in depth look at history, things that never get mentioned to the public in regular education. This show goes so deep and you still feel they can go deeper. I can’t wait for season 3. A must listen!
I love Aaron Mahnke’s work in general (though I don’t think he wrote this) and I love Spiritualism, so I was excited for this. But everything moved so slowly with tedious detail about bit players in the movement, and I wanted the narration to offer more tension, more suspense, more mystery. The interviews are a good idea, but other subjects could have offered broader perspective on the spiritual rather than the generally historical.
Absolutely amazing in-depth facts weaved into a beautifully painted picture. Not only that but the intro and outro scoring is delicate and something I’d listen to all day! Thank you for this podcast, it’s everything!
I’m am in love with the piece I chose to use it sets the mood for sure and If u are able to share where you found the background/theme music or if it’s an original of yours I would love a link or info ty and I love you guys my fav podcast! Ty!
Just finished Season 1. Very entertaining and informative. Great job and thank you. I enjoyed listening to season 1.
With the voice of a sickly child full of laudanum.
Mahnke and Co are just doing such important work, dredging up all these tidbits from history and presenting it to us with both gravity and narrative flair (some call it cheese, I call it flourish) to teach us of our past without boring us to death. After Season 1 I was impressed by the trick of taking a subject that seemed done to death and making it entertaining and compelling and surprising, but after Season 2 I was awed by it. It IS disjointed but worldbuilding often is, and that’s what’s happening here, starting from the perspective of a subject that always seemed to be a historical oddity, and connecting it to some of the most important events of our past. And giving breath to characters we may have only heard of tangentially, like Sojourner Truth, who really may have been one for the most interesting people ever.
Season 1 was pretty good. Trying to get into season 2. I learned a bit of things I didn’t know about the Salem Witch Trials, even though I am a history major. There are a few things I disagree with, but to each his own. Will keep listening.
I enjoyed this so much! Well researched and presented. I’m definitely going to listen to the series again (Series 1). I’m always left in awe at the end of each episode. Fantastic!
Season one was so tediously researched, such a small body of primaries, but pieces every single available detail together. What a phenomenal story of Salem. Season two has been so much fun to enjoy, the advent of third party commentary : news articles, celebrity cameos, longevity of the story and its impact. I’m binging a lot of what Aaron’s team will ever put out - thank you for your hunger of knowledge , you get me through the doldrums of dumb many many days. Keep te fire burning
Anytime he speaks about the native tribes it’s cringe-worthy. Great if you’re just looking for a white guy share his opinions and quote the “experts” without much context. Had to stop listening
Normally a great podcast. Today’s episode is a replay of last weeks (upload error I’m sure.)
Omg this podcast is soooo good. I started listening to Lore, then cabinet of curiosity’s, and now this. I wasn’t sure what this was about when I found it, but I started listening to it and I LOVE IT. I’ve learned a lot about spiritualism and the Salem witch trials. I recommend this podcast.
I went into season 2 ready for some well-researches chills & thrills. I wasn’t expecting the depth - women’s suffrage, civil rights, politics, Wall Street, religion, Broadway, magicians, scientists...and the first woman to run for president. I find it hard to make it all the way through most podcasts; I listened to every minute. The spiritualism season was incredible and changed my view of history. Can you imagine if they taught in school like this? Wow.
Season 2 is boring. The story telling is disjointed and impossible to follow. Each episode is all over the place and doesn’t connect to any overall story. Not going to listen anymore.
Both seasons of this pod cast have been very informative and I have enjoyed learning all this grand information thank you for all your hard work and research in bring this podcast to us listeners
Aaron Mahnke never disappoints. Well researched, well thought out, well presented, this podcast is perfect for anyone who’s always been fascinated by and curious about dark sides of history. I LOVED season 1, because I’ve always been especially interested in the Salem Witch Trials, but season 2 was surprisingly still just as good. Season 2 hasn’t completely wrapped yet and I’m already excited to see what Aaron brings in season 3z
I love how deep they dive into each subject. I also really enjoy listening to the interviews they release after the series is done. Thanks for such interesting content!


By Roe3
Very Well researched! Great story telling and Aaron has a good voice for these stories. I agree with on review saying they grew tired of Lore.
I grew weary of Aaron Mahnke’s other podcasts, but this—diving deep into specific historical events that are well known but not well understood, really hits the mark. The Salem Witch Trials series in particular was so well-done, covering the historical context of the times as well as the religious and political struggles, that just fleshed out the story. And it made it so much more understandable to humanize the characters—and realize that we could (and have) repeat their mistakes. A must listen for anyone who just enjoys stories of history and human nature....
Exhaustively researched & informative. Could play a drinking game with the number of times Aaron says “you see.” It’s driving me crazy.
I have listened to all episodes and they were wonderful! I especially like to listen to Aaron as he has a way of making it even more interesting. I live in the area where Victoria Woodhall was born/raised and didn’t know all the spiritualist things she was a part of- the only thing told around here was she was the real first woman to run for President. Interesting to find out she killed her own chances. It was a fantastic series! Music is great as well.
This is a great history podcast! Both seasons taught me so many new things about each particular period of time. I highly recommend that anyone who loves learning listen.
I was completely fascinated by Series 2. I listened to the entirety twice. The writing and music are as good as you’ll ever find. But more than this, I feel that this series should be required listening for all Americans.
I was not sure what to expect from this season. I cried at the end. Good tears with a full and happy heart. This spoke to my love of history, and my own fascination with Spiritualism . Thank you so much.
Although I had read (and taught) the work of several of the historians in this season of Unobscured, hearing them speak in relation to one another—and in relation to the larger script—was revelatory. This season will find its way onto my syllabus, as yet again the show runners have demonstrated how to bring a difficult topic (mainly American Spiritualism) seriously, but in an entertaining manner, to a more popular audience. Well done! This is a worthy successor to season one’s extended exploration of the Salem Witch Trials.
Everything he touches is eye opening. It’s funny to examine why we do what we do. Why we believe the things we believe. Makes us take a deep look within.
Excellent. I had heard of many of these people but had no clue of the complexity of their lives & spiritualism as a whole.
I am a huge fan of Aaron’s work and Unobscured is my favourite of his. I adore that he and his team can delve into the history of the subject and how it ripples through time.
I will listen to anything that Aaron Mahnke makes. I swear I would listen to him read the dictionary, because I have no doubt that he would find a way to make that enjoyable. I love this podcast, I find it so interesting. I also love his other two podcasts, Lore and Cabinet of Curiosities.
Amazing second season! I learned so much about Spiritualism
I find many connections with what I’m learning in school and what I learn in this pod.


On this story or podcast which I like all of your The only thing I can say is that the Christian Bible says don’t do it. It doesn’t say that there aren’t spirits . Look a Saul he went to a witch to get the future and God let it happen and the witch turned white. Saul was dethroned and David took over. I am a Christian because of that I have learn not to condemn anyone that’s not my job ! All I can say is don’t do it . But that’s up to the person to decide. Hope I made some sense Enjoyed listening
I enjoy all 3 of Aaron’s podcasts. In depth. Explained in a way you can understand but not like he is talking down to you. These podcasts are simply the best!
I love all of Aaron’s podcasts. Chad Lawson’s soundtrack is haunting and beautiful. I don’t know what else to say, if you’re into long form podcasts and interested at all in the subject matter, you should definitely check it out.
Season 2 jumped around to much and as a result was a bit hard to follow. Also to end it at the 1890s seems lazy. That Conan Doyle & Houdini only got a few seconds is absurd. Their friendship that ended as a result of spiritualism could’ve been 2 episodes as could’ve been Houdini’s quest for expose mediums as fraudulent. Much like Ken Burns Jazz was criticized for focusing on Louie Armstrong, this season and the focus on the Fox Sisters severely hurt it.
I listen every second I can
Very interesting. It’s fascinating to know so much about the people who came to America. Very, very well researched. Thankfully this story takes the time to thoroughly explain everything that was going on back in the 1600’s. So much I never studied in 18 years of public school and college! Intense!
Every time it switches from Aaron sharing the story and goes to the woman I literally have to turn it off. To be constructive: she is boring, seems to be acting more than speaking conversationally like a normal person, and sounds like she is falling asleep. It is literally irritating and throws off the whole vibe you have going. Unsubscribing. Still a fan but for some reason I can’t get past this odd dynamic.
This deep dive into Spiritualism is not only fascinating to listen to, it makes the audience very very aware of just how much was erased from our history books. I had no idea that Spiritualism was such a progressive force in the US- until now I had only heard glib stories about fraud and theatrics. I hope as many people as possible listen to this podcast. It’s so well researched, and the story is utterly compelling. I can’t wait to hear the interviews with the historians!
This is an amazing show. Full of great info. However, as a historian myself, I’m shocked all the historians call the native Americans “Indians.” They should know better. That’s not Aaron’s fault, but it’s cringey to listen to.
I've really liked Menke's other podcasts, but this is a whole different experience. It really is pulling away the misconceptions that the general person has of a subject and getting down into what happened in history to make a certain event even possible. The historian interviews are excellent. A real bonus to hear them in their entiriety after the show edits.
This podcast reclaims an important early history of the most radical movements for healing and justice in the U.S. The narrative is honest, critical, deeply engaging, and inspiring. If only our history books were Unobscured!
The first season was very interesting but season 2 was just boring. Hope Season 3 is more interesting.
"if you do not know history, than you are bound to repeat"
I really enjoyed the first season on the Salem Witch Trials. It gave a lot of explanation and depth to a subject that we broadly know about culturally but don’t really understand in detail. Unfortunately, I really tried to get into Season Two but by the third episode I was bored. Maybe because it’s not as “exciting” or isn’t something that is broadly popular, but spiritualism just isn’t very interesting and the podcast begins to sound like a strange theology class. If there’s a next season I hope it will be more like the first. (Note: I subscribe to and love the host’s other podcast Lore, so I think this is definitely just an issue with the subject matter.)
A very in-depth exploration of these topics. The first season showed the true context of the Salem witch trials