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it's great for seeing the world through a japanese perspective and to get news on japan in general, but please leave the episodes up and stop deleting them as soon as the new one comes out! atleast wait a week before you delete the old one!
Love listening to it every morning, just wish it didn’t update so inconsistently. Right now the iOS app hadn’t updated in a few days, while others have.
Access stopped as of a few days ago. Please check.
A reliable resource for unbiased accounts of daily world events.
I like and appreciate that NHK tries to only provide facts about issues and incidents around the world, sometimes referencing a differing opinion from another party or organization but avoiding asserting conclusions for the audience. Also, big fan of Tsietsi Monare giving the weather reports. Stay safe!
It is increasingly important to seek out an international perspective on the news, and I've found an excellent source in NHK. Many reviews here complain about the lack of Japanese-focused segments. There are always one or two segments focused on Japan, but what you'll find here is a broad approach to World News from Japan's perspective. (Language learners: NHK offers the same briefing in several different languages. I listen here first, then head over to the French language edition for listening practice.)
Recently noticed an increase in U.S. and world news and less on Japan. I turn to this podcast for news on Japan and with a Japanese perspective. Your program loses value for me as you lose focus on Japan.
I was wondering how often does the NHK update the podcast? It seems that the English News of NHK is not a companion to the NHK ラジオニュース in Japan. I am much appreciate the news, but I hope the programme can be updated more often.
This is the best English language news podcast on the internet.
NHKワールド・ポッドキャストと同内容の、日本語バージョンが欲しい。 各国語版があるのは良いことだが、それを海外へどのような内容で発信しているのか、日本の公共放送である以上は、日本語視聴メインの日本人にも知らせる義務がある。 *日本人向け別内容のNHK ラジオニュースではなく、海外向け発信NHKワールドポッドキャストと同内容の日本語版
I love the NHK news podcast. Never stop!
I enjoy the format. I feel that after listening for a year I know each reported voice. It is good to hear other countries reporting local and world news. I could be wrong, but this news company seems unbiased, and gets more information that most journalist companies I have listened to. Facts are more clear than opinions.
I love this podcast! It gives me a good insight on what’s happening in japan and around the world as well!
don’t have rounded corners in the graphic image for the show… looks wrong in itunes. fix! minus one star. yes, i’m serious.
I've been enjoying this podcast for a couple of years now. I've just one problem. I live in the US east coast, and the iPhone podcast app does not properly download the 14:00 and 19:00 podcasts when I am sleeping. So, can NHK make the last 3 podcasts (for example, 14:00, 19:00, 21:00) available in the feed so when I wake up I can download all three? Right now only the latest podcast is available in the feed.
This was great news. :) I was very impressed. I would love love love if they made more. Please make more!!! XD


I absolutely adore NHK's English podcast. Very high quality, excellent news, I only wish there was more.


By Masa928
Sounds like esl teacher's english :p
This podcast is all information and I love it. Thanks for cutting the garbage out and giving real news!


VERY up to date out of Japan. It's great that it's updated so frequently. Just the news and not lots of commentary.
Wonderful newscast. Very detailed and the newscasters are very well spoken.