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I’ve been listening to Matt and Ramona for over 10 years. Matt is hilarious and Ramona is a great story teller. They balance each other out so well. I’d rather listen to them talk than listen to music when they are on. They are entertaining and there’s never been a show where I haven’t laughed.
I love this show! Matt and Ramona are so fun to listen to! Matt’s humor is amazing and so relatable!
I’ve been listening ever since I was 13 while doing homework and let me tell you what, these guys are absolutely the funniest group of people I’ve ever heard on the radio! Can’t wait to listen after work ever day!!
I absolutely love the Matt and Ramona Show. I’ve been a listener since the beginning of their time in Charlotte. Love how well they work together and the fun they have. I’m always laughing out loud and can totally relate (a lot of times with Matt and that’s scary LOL). Keep doing what you’re doing. Love you Matt, Ramona, Bandy and Doc!!
The best thing about my time in NC! Now I can take them with me wherever I roam. Ramona is the sane one in the bunch that holds the neuroses in check. And the guys make me laugh out loud with their shenanigans! But where have you gone this week????
I visit Charlotte once a year, but I listen to this podcast all the time. I am training for a race and I love to listen all during my training. Matt and Ramona are hysterical. I love how they make light of issues we are all dealing with!!
Love love love this podcast! Listen to it all the time. I usually save them up so I can listen to multiples, just one is not enough. Suggestion for you all. It would be great if you did a podcast of all the funny stories you have told on your show throughout the years i.e. , Matt’s witch wife, and Ramona’s massage with wheezy and many many more. Just a thought! But love you guys!!!!
They make me laugh until I cry!!
I do miss the on-air show being on podcast (Tirade Tuesday & Matt's DVD Corner, in particular), I love how this podcast can be less-censored. There have been times I've laughed so hard that tears came to my eyes. I LOVED the "tribute" to David Bowie! I look forward to the original Chubby Witch Story every Halloween! I'd love to hear a segment once a week where Matt tells a story or two about his college days! :D Keep up the great work! :D
I moved outside the DMA and miss listening to the full show! I love the podcast but have a long commute, so the more M&R the better!
I've been listening to Matt and Ramona for about 15 years now and they are by far my favorite radio show. The podcast is a great return to long format segments that they haven't been able to do in the past few years. Keep up the great work!
Originally from Miami, I lived in Charlotte for seven years. I stumbled across the Matt & Ramona show one afternoon and was hooked immediately Matt is an absolute riot and Ramona is the voice of reason. I have since moved back to South Florida and was so excited to see they have a podcast so I can continue to listen to them until I can return back to NC!
This show has slowly devolved. First off, stop ruining TV shows and movies that you've seen but everyone else hasn't. This is the age of streaming TV and movies. Not everyone has watched or listened to the same things. If you can't think of other things to talk about than the outcome of a show/movie...try harder. Also, most of us DO NOT watch The Walking Dead and therefore do not need a 15 min segment of you guys recaping the show. Do your own material and stop rehashing a TV show. Pro Tip: Matt, when you do say something edgy, don't immediately say "I'm just kidding". It ruins the joke. If you can't let the comment sit there...don't bother saying it. Pro Tip 2: Not everyone who listens to your show is a woman. Perhaps at least try to balance out the content? Pro Tip 3: Ramona, you're not in your 20's. Heck, you're not in your 30's. Stop trying to force the pop culture language and references. No one your age should be saying things like "throwing shade", etc. It's ok to be all grown up.
Wish you podcast the entire shows. Love this!
If you want to laugh and have a great time please download and listen I would give this show more stars if I could love Matt, Ramona, Bandy and Doc!!
I love these two. They have Kept me laughing for over 10 years
Been listening to Matt and Ramona for years, after they no longer were on the radio in Central Michigan I started to listen to the podcast and I haven't missed one in that 7ish year span.
I'm a subscriber (and luckily, a sometimes guest) and crack up every day. I listen on my way to and from work. I love the long format so we get more of the crew's banter. Love it!
I love the Matt and Ramona Show. The podcast gets me through my boring workdays. I spend my days laughing out loud at my desk and hate when the episodes end. I wish the episodes were a bit longer😀
I have been listening to Matt and Ramona since they started at 107.9 years ago. They are hilarious!
My all time favorite radio show. This crew is hilarious and always make me laugh. The only negative is that I want the podcast to be LONGER! Love, love this show!!
The Matt & Ramona podcast gives me motivation and energy to workout because I have something good to listen to! (People probably wonder why I laugh while working out!) Whether it's because Matt and I are both from PA, have OCD or share the same issues with stress and anxiety, the show cracks me up and I can relate to so many of their conversations. Plus, no commercials make it even more wonderful! Everyone on the podcast is great and I'm enjoying the different guests while Ramona is on a leave. Thanks for everything you all do to make us laugh!
Never fails to make me laugh. Love them!
The perfect commercials, no music....just pure and simple jockularity.
I live in SC and listen all the time. They are laugh out loud funny and I wish the podcasts were longer! Love the less sensored version of the discussions. I wanna hear Matt's ridiculous statements and bad language. I love Ramona's laugh when she can't hold it in. Fans of Bandy and Doc too!
Matt and Ramona are amazing and hilarious and an integral part of our day!! Just wish the talk portion could be expanded. Thanks for making us smile!!
Matt, Ramona, Doc, and Bandy keep me laughing while working out, commuting, or cleaning around the house :) Been listening for 10+ years!
I moved back to Ohio and have missed listening to Matt and Ramona on my daily drive home (which took hours to get to mooresville sometimes) especially on race weekends. Great show guys.
I never lived in n Carolina but stumbled across this podcast by accident. Best mistake I ever made. I love this show. Matt, Ramona, Bandi, and Doc.. Keep up the great work
What's going on with the podcast? I haven't seen a new one since last Tuesday! I need my Matt and Ramona!
I love the show! And have listened everyday for the past 3 years. Recently I've only had the option of listening to the podcasts. I'm not sure if the live broadcast repeats segments, but I'm disappointed that the podcast does. What's the point of re-playing part of the show? I feel like I'm getting jipped.
Moved to NC for just a few months. I would listen to them on the way home from work and run into my apartment to listen to the last couple hours. Great show!
I've been listening to the Matt & Ramona show for years, and have been thrilled to be able to listen podcasts at work. The recent format changes at their parent radio station have hurt the show content-wise, and I hope those changes don't stick. Greater Media: you will only lose your talent if you limit them like this. The recent "improvements" to the podcast editing resulted in a greatly reduced bit rate, which iOS 4.3 won't play. If you listen to these podcasts on your iPhone, iPod, etc running 4.3, you have to convert them to AAC format first (right-click, then select Convert to AAC), THEN copy the new files over to a playlist from the Music library, where they are imported. The original Podcast files will still be 16 kbps MPEG-2. Hopefully, the parent company wises up and upgrades their bit rate. 16 kbps sounds terrible on any speaker or earphone.
I love these guys! I download and listen to the previous day's show every day on my way to work. This is the best show on the air and I am so glad I can get it even though I don't live in Charlotte.
I love you guys but hate the music.
Love the show. But the past few weeks it's been cutting off alot of the conversations. Please please fix this. Love love the show!!
I am 21. & in college and I love the show. All 4 makes a great team.
Love your show P.S 2/1/10 Mondays podcast doesn't work( I think it most have uploaded wrong)
I moved over 2000 miles away and the thing I missed most was Matt and Ramona. They are the best combination to make you laugh. I'm so glad to be able to download them now. Listen once and you WILL listen again!!
Matt, Ramona, and the crew are some of the most hilarous people on radio today. They always keep me laughing at work, and I make sure to keep several days of the podcast on my iPod for those long car and plane trips! Incredibly entertaining. If they don't have you in stitches at least once an hour, you might want to plug in your headphones.
In my opinion, the Matt and Ramona Show is hands down the funniest radio talk show I have ever listened to. However, I just didn't have time to listen to the show from 2-7. Also, (as many fans will attest) commercials took up a large section, about 1/3 of the show time. The fact that there are no commercials and you can play and pause the show anytime you want makes this my all-time favorite podcast. Priceless!
I love this show....just one of the funniest shows on radio. I'm moving in a from months and the show doesn't play there so I'll be so glad to have this so I don't miss a moment with my favorite risque DJ matt and everyones favorite gal Miss Ramona....and who can't forget Ramonas that gal! won't be sorry!
Matt and Ramona are two of the funniest people in radio. If you like Bob and Sheri, you will love Matt and Ramona. Funny, sometimes risque, but nothing that you'd be embarrassed to have your mom hear!
After living in Charlotte, I had grown accustomed to listening to Matt and Ramona during my afternoon drive home. Now that I commute to Richmond, Virginia during the week, having the podcast is a dream come true. Not only can I still isten to the show during my afternoon drive, I can also burn the shows to CD and listen to the podcast during the 4.5 hour commute home on Fridays. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!!
Now, I can listen to Matt and Ramona while I'm at work. They really brighten up my day and I look forward to each new program.
This podcast idea is wonderful! Everyday on the way home from work, i listen for as long as the station comes in. This is the only talk show that will keep you laughing the whole time. Matt is super funny. I love his "language" Everyone should subscribe!!!!!!