The Education Gadfly Show

Reviews For The Education Gadfly Show

Big fan of their guests and the topics they cover. They're great at getting many perspectives.
Even if you don’t agree with many of Education Gadfly’s positions - I’m at best mixed on that score - this is a reliably well-informed, fun, and witty discussion of the most pressing policy and political issues in education. Should be on your subscription short list.
If you wanna keep up with the hottest topics in education policy and reform, listen to this weekly podcast!
If you’re overwhelmed keeping up with the latest education news and research, give this show a try. Relatively short, lively, and effective, each episode brings you the news you need. Great for wonks, researchers, parents, and everyone in between.
This podcast is the best weekly overview of movement in the Ed “reform” world. They cover a variety of topics, keep it fresh, and maintain a great sense of humor. I especially love the weekly research topic!
If you care about education issues, there’s not a better, quicker regular podcast.
Please keep the show on the air! I enjoy it every week. Pardon the Gadfly and Amber's Research minute should be retitled "Pardon how amazing this segment is" and "Amber rocks David's world" (I'm David). All joking aside, I appreciate the mixture of insights and humor - keep the good times rolling!
I started listening to this podcast about a year ago and it has been extremely helpful for coming up to speed on US education policy and current events. Very useful for parents that want to advocate for public education in their state.
I recently came across this show and have absolutely enjoyed listening to it. The format is relaxed and it's very informative!
I have found this podcast to be lively, informative, and balanced. The world of education produces more than enough wild and wacky "reforms" to merit reporting, and concern where warranted.
when try to download, says not a valid url and thus unable to get access to programs. started in last week or so. any suggestions?