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This is a great podcast, because I can totally relate to you guys! I wouldn't be any better, if that makes you feel better. :P I would cut down on the dead air when you're looking stuff up though, it sounds like a conversation that I would be having with one of my friends when nobody's listening. :P But overall I love it!
If you like the commentary of 11 year old's who have not seen the show. I don't. Sorry.
Worst podcast (on any subject) I've ever listened to. Check out Lostcasts.
I tuned in to this the other day and was devastated in the first three minutes.........With absolutely no warning whatsoever, these guys revealed the three main characters who are leaving the show this season........It was the most irresponsible thing I've ever heard on ANY podcast. I was so upset.......I go out of my way to NOT listen to spoilers....For me that is part of what is so great about this show......the guessing and wondering......NOT COOL, GUYS !!!!! NOT COOL AT ALL!!!


Love your podcast. Think you guys are really funny and have alot of time on your hands. You should try to cut down on the amount you guys talk about nothing. But overall it is really cool and i'll keep on listening. Peace
just horrible these guys spend no time talking about lost. its mostly dead air. one of the guys didnt even watch lost. it is soooooo boring. it put me to sleep