The Denims

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David is charming and inspirational. One of my favorite personal journal solo shows. He has such a unique perspective that it won't take you many listens to consider him a friend.
David is so sincere and kind. I recommend you download his show and become his "friend" just like I have. The music he picks and the things he decides to talk about are just very wholesome and sweet.
This feels like have'n coffee with a friend, no pretense. David creates a PodCast that feels like an instant friend and confidant, just press play. When Michael is on the show the chemistry feels as right as biscuits and gravy.
I started listening to this podcast about 3 months ago and I love it...
I just learned of this podcast and have downloaded them all after listening to several recent episodes and now have gone back to the start and have listened to the first episode. David's directness and willingness to open himself up to his truths is an honor to listen to. This level of honesty is rare and refreshing. Thanks for making this available.
David has an unique podcast. It is a combination of some good music and intesrting talk. It may not be for everyone, but you should give it a try.
If you're not listening to this podcast, you are missing out! David is a great guy and it's always a pleasure listening to his show. He's very calm and his voice is quite soothing, almost bringing the listener into a zen-like meditative state, which I say in the best possible way. His optimism is a rare treat and it's great to hear, especially when we need an escape from the stresses and pessimism that can infect our daily lives. David is spiritual, but not to where anyone would be put off by it. I'm a Pagan and I enjoy listening to him speak about his church and spiritual viewpoints. He also talks about his life in general and, like the blue jeans in the title of his show, David is your all-around guy, great for every occasion. This is one personal journal you will want to listen to!
I have been a longtime listener to podcasts and this has to be one of my favorites. David does a great job talking about a variety of topics and his own personal stories which is such a great forum for podcasts. Don't wait another minute and listen to this show!
An uplifting podcast filled with interesting political insight and great new music. His good nature really shines through.
I like to listen to David when I am not in the mood for some foul humor. He is insightful and down to earth. I enjoy him very much.
David seems like a nice guy, but his shows are really boring. He plays music through the first 20 minutes of his show and then tells us about his boring life. Skip this one.
David comes across as someone that is very positive. He is kind and is always looking to the brighter side of things. A person who believes, he teaches without it being thrown in your face. Good job! Listening to your show makes me think more positive in the long run.
I skip through the music, and sometimes David can be a bit monotone, but if you are a reality show geek/fan you'll love listening to David.
Like a comfortable pair of jeans, you'll love listening to this show.
This podcast was not at all what I had expected. It's insightful, funny and well produced. It is certainly a favorite of mine. The host is very articulate and well-read. He also has a wicked sense of humor. I look forward to new episodes! (Hint, hint! Record more, please!)
This is a wonderful podcast that deals with spirituality, reality tv, and everything in between. David very kind, yet funny enough to keep it interesting. I really enjoy his show.
Dave really does an awesome job with his program. I have listened to podcasts since their infancy, so I have heard alot of good ones. Dave's is in the very top of it. The format does match his personality. (I have known him since high school and he's always been a good person and wishes the best for almost everyone.) I especially like the music he features. Check it out and and see if you enjoy it. Thanky Dave!!!
His show, like he, is sweet, sincere and uplifting.
David's got a great thing here that will appeal to most anyone, thanks to his ingenious format. You'll find music you'll like, but haven't ever discovered. You'll get personal journal-style stories from his own life. You'll get political and social commentary, plus much more. There's really something for everyone. This is one of the most uplifting and inspiring podcasts - it steers clear of negativity and focuses on the strengths in each of us. Which some days, is a needed reminder. Consider this show a gift from David to you, each and every week.
I love that he supports the little know bands out there. Informative and entertaining! Nessa XO
David has a unique podcast going here. It's equal parts personal topics, politics, and podsafe music, all mixed together into a VERY enjoyable package.
This is a very positive and enjoyable podcast. I love the music selections and the commentary. A must for anyone interested in an intelligent podcast without the gimics. Although it has a parental advisory, I haven't found anything that I wouldn't want to be overheard at work.
David from That Blue Jeans Guy Podcast really produces a great show. Politics, music and a little personal journal all combined make for a great episode every week. This podcast is on my top favorites list and I highly recommend it.
David is a very gentle soul. IN that gentleness there is also hypocricy. Cries over the death of Luciano yet appears to rejoice in the death of an enemy. Very sad. Keep doing what you are doing and here's hoping you are able to find peace with your supposed enemies.