Reviews For Potter Phreak

Some Christians are dogmatically against Harry Potter. Is it really evil? What's the true Christian perspective? If you're serious about your faith, aren't there better things to do with your time? Phab phillip tackles the religious hysteria around Potter, vs. the true evil of witch craft. and He also demonstrates that a Christian can have other interests besides reading the Bible. Check out the first episode and the Easter (special), where Phillip does an excellent job of explaining who Jesus is and why it matters. Each episode usually deals with one book. Finish reading that particular book before listening to this rich material, otherwise it won't make much sense, and may accidently give away parts of the plot you haven't gotten to yet.


By tdirrty
This podcast is good, not very long, short sweet and to the point I guess you could say. Two complaints though.... I understand what is meant by the title, intro it at every episode and let it be, no need to keep bringing it up everytime you take a stand on something; and number two turn the intro and outro volume down it drowns you out... Great material though, nicely done and good concept... Harry Potter from a Christian p.o.v.