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I just can’t


Best podcast, it’s hard to find another podcast as good as this one !
What is with episode 3 mixing Brittney Spears story in?!!!
This was fascinating, including the "disappearing billboard"! I was unable to put it down. I am amazed that it took so much "legal wrangling" in Texas to finally put a stop to Dr. Duntsch and his deathly surgeries. Is this the same in all States? If so, how is one to put a stop to it? I am amazed that Dr. Duntsch seemed to have no regrets about the result of his surgical actions to his good friend, Jerry. It is amazing that Jerry can show mercy to Dr. Duntsch, but is truly only through God's grace that Jerry is able to do so. It is so sad to hear about the resulting misery incurred on so many other patients of Dr. Duntsch.
Loved the storytelling and reporting.
This show is phenomenal. But I can’t understand why it busts from episode 7 to episode 11. Help!


By alk6345
So great from first episode! I couldn’t put it down. My prayers go out to all those people , so happy justice was served. Deserved more than life!
It says season 1 on the cover but it is actually season 2.
Love this podcast. Tells the stories well. Host is great. Should do the a season about Dr. Paolo Macchiarini. It really makes you realize you cannot trust everyone, Not everyone is a good person and some people just wanna see you suffer, even if they are in a position to help you. Research, research, research! And ALWAYS get a second or third opinion.


It’s says there are new episodes but there are not! Please fix
Good story, told well. Nurses were absolutely awful to listen to in this. Would have been better with less angry nurse interviews. Same for season 2 more ridiculous exaggerations and angry nurses.
I couldn't stop listening to this podcast. Both Dr Fata and Dr Duntsch were horrific in their practice. As a RN myself this was appalling to hear how each story unfolded. I can only hope that this podcast is a catalyst to help healthcare filter out the bad eggs sooner or at least convince medical regulation boards to take unsafe practicioner accusations more serious and act sooner. Thanks for all your efforts in getting these stories out! I am sure they bring some closure to the victims and victim families to have their stories told and prevent similar situations from happening.
Couldn’t stop listening! Had to binge all of season one in an evening. BUT Episodes 8, 9, and 10 are missing. Giant bummer.
A thorough investigation into an arrogant doctor who could not look past his nose to see his face. I never thought hospitals would not be protecting their patients. Wow is all I can say. I have learned a lot here.
The narrator needs to cut it back in future episodes. I don’t know how many times I heard her say something for the sound clips to say the exact same thing word for word.. the interviewer “they did everything together..” the interviewee we did everting together.” “ including football... including football...” if you can’t come up with better filler just let them speak. We don’t need to hear your voice just to hear your voice.
Both seasons of Dr. Death had me glued to them. It is unbelievable that people would do this to others. Thank you for bringing this to us. When the nurse in Season 2 reported Fata and was basically brushed off, I felt her frustration. As a dental hygienist, I have reported two dentists in two different cities in Texas to the State Board of Dental Examiners. In both instances, nothing happened. They found nothing even though I SAW the law being broken. It’s beyond frustrating to make that decision and they don’t seem to care.
Love this podcast!!! Dr Kirby is an amazing doctor and person to!!! I worked for his wife for a while before covid and once I heard there was a podcast about dr death I HAD to listen! I got hooked and couldn’t stop listening!
This podcast is very well told and a reason of why I love Wondery and how they tell stories. Please tell MORE!❤️
Love love LOVED this. Fascinating!
This is a great podcast. I’m so curious why a healthcare person wouldn’t seek a second opinion. Especially after all the warning signs.
Jaw-dropper of a story, compellingly told


By Era0319
This series leaves you on the edge of your seat and needing to listen to the next episode. It really does send chills down your spine listening to each episode knowing this really happened. Ready for the best season after binging these first two.


By MeenKay
Just unbelievable that this happens! Great podcast!
Scary that this could happen, excellently reported!
i’m still on the edge of my seat, i finished this podcast in 2 days and am (im)patiently waiting for more!!!
This was so interesting to listen to as a nurse and made me really rethink those around me. I need more series of this for sure!!


By DoKi9
Gripping from beginning to end. I couldn’t wait to get in the car, so I could hear what was next!
This is such a great podcast. Very well done, fascinating stories. I like Laura Beal's voice and delivery. I highly recommend it
I binged two seasons in a matter of days. Unreal. So well done.


By LLG711
Excellent storytelling.... can’t stop listening!!
Loved this podcast. So interesting and not even something I thought I was interested in! Can’t wait for a new season!
This is the kind of story that needs to be listened to by everyone. Laws need changed to protect patients as well as the doctors who speak out with concerns for inept medical “professionals”!
Great material but so repetitive from episode to episode. There were times when I thought I already listened to an episode and almost skipped to the next but I eventually figured out what was going on. Very good narration and, pleasant voice by the reporter excellent investigative work. I’d like to ring the necks of both those evil beings but I am sure they are getting more than they deserve where they are and should stay until they are no longer breathing.
Love the delivery of the voice actor. Love the fact that the episodes aren’t very long. Love binge listening, especially to this season (2). Hate the fact that some are complaining about “ads”. You know you can fast forward through them right?
The stories are riveting but there are so many ads, both for products and for other podcasts, that you can actually lose track of whether or not the story has started again.


Pleasant host and great storyteller. Presented the story in a can’t-stop-listening way! Tough stories to hear but had to listen all the way to the end to find out the endings. Great production as well.
Talk about stretching 40 min of material into 6 episodes to sell more ads. Horrible
This is a good story’s I have favs and you can do things and it’s sad but amazing


My dad actually new some of the physicals from Memphis in this podcast. It is truly unreal that this guy got away with what he did. For one... why? It didn’t seem as if he had the “backup” or some prestigious familia line to get him out of things like this... so really... why? Why did this go completely blind sighted by soooo many for so long?
Absolutely one of a kind. Thank you for bringing awareness to the public and to help the community to read all the RED FLAGS. Anything from trusting our instincts, to seeking second Dr Advices, etc, to NOT be afraid to ask questions to our medical providers, and even to WALK AWAY when we’re having doubts. At the end of the day WE are the ones that CAN control who we see and let us be a part of our medical team. Thank you I wish I could give you 10plus stars. Please keep this iPod going. And keep the awareness going to help as many people as you can possibly can. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much
Great writing, interesting story, and I love that you have the actual people and interviews with the victims.
Interesting, eye-opening, well-presented.
Listened to Dr Death 2 on a 11 hour trip and decided to listen to season 1 again. It’s so good!!
As a person in healthcare, I cant get enough of these stories!
One of the only podcasts I listen to! Content is incredible & the narration is superb. Storytelling at its finest. I’ve recommended this pod to all of my coworkers! (I’m a nurse)
I am a huge fan of true crime podcasts and this one has quickly made it to the top of my list! I can’t believe how great this production is only 2 seasons in! The interviews are in depth and well put together, each episode will have your jaw dropped! Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.
Season 2 is a little less morbid than 1st season. But still just as sickening that a person can do that just for monetary gains.