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Oh my god your ditzy bit**s if your going to do something like this take it seriously don't talk like your at a sleep over. Information and concept would be excellent if the hosts didn't act like dumb *^%#+ -'d more expletives. Seriously it's not hard to act like an adult and not talk like a six year old. Do it right or don't do it your majorly doing a disservice to the show anyone slightly interested in the show would stop watching because of this childish behavior
I listened to Swan Song and it is 35 minutes I will never get back. I didn't finish listening because I just couldn't take their complaining any longer. If you love the show or even just like it, don't listen to these podcasts. They are not insightful at all and the two hosts only want to bash the characters and writers. I might have actually enjoyed it if they had a guest on that knew what they were talking about and was able to walk them through what they were not understanding. There were a few minor points that I did agree with but overall this just gave two people a forum to ramble on and bash the show.
This is the most informative, thoughtful and enjoyable podcast on Supernatural I have found. Love the analysis and discussion. Keep up the great work!
Hi. Great work. Please don't stop!!!!


By nRxUs
Awesome PodCast about Supernatural x]
i've been listening since the beginning, and i'm sorry that i've taken so long to write this. ellen, this is the only podcast that i've ever heard about supernatural, and thank heavens, it totally rocks! i so very much appreciate that you do this. yours are the only podcasts that i listen to again and again. i always look forward to what you have coming up. my only complaint is that you don't do these often enough!
I am thinking of creating a podcast dedicated to Supernatural as well and I'm glad you pioneered the technique. I have only listened to a couple of yours so far but they seem to be very detailed and thorough. Kudos to doing Supernatural justice. Love the sound clips too :)
OK, to start off, I love the show and was happy to finally find a Supernatural Podcast like rest, but are you serious? I mean the way the show is talked about is so - for lack of a better word - boring. To talk in the same monotone feeling for the entire epipod is just, crazy. I mean I seriously just tune it out after about 10 seconds. Great idea and kudos to Ellen for trying, but for your sake and the sake of the show, bring some life into it.
Thank you Ellen. I love the show and look forward to all of your recaps and personal views of each of the episodes. Josh is great too! Keep up the good work!
we've had 4 new episodes and starting next will b new ones again so where r our new podcasts? its been months since houses of the holy waz on
I loved how Ellen was trying to improve her podcast. My favorite episode was the discussion over Bloodlust, the group discussions were so much more fun. I was looking forward to Ellen's take on Born under a Bad Sign among others, but she seems to be MIA. I really hope all is okay with you, Ellen and I hope someday you come back and make more podcasts!
This podcast is great for the dedicated Supernatural fan! I would not recommend it for little girls that only watch because Jared and Jensen are hot, even though they are. The pannel discussions are great and I really love the "Legends and Refrences" section. Listening to this podcast between episodes of the show really enhances my viewing pleasure. Thanks Ellen!
I am a huge fan of supernatural and finding this podcast is great!! I totally love it and I really look foward to listing to more!!I I don't know he you heard this before but there have been rumors that this is what john told dean... "dad said that i have to keep you safe..that nothing else mattered.. cause if i didn't i'd have to kill you." You know about the girl named ava in the episode Hunted, that told sam about her vision and saved sam's life.. well she was good until she killed her fiance... so it shows that people like sam become evil... thus if they aren't careful there is the possibility of sam becoming a demon and dean having to kill him because sam will be killing people. Sam freaks and runs away to ellen where they find more people like sam..sam goes to where one of them is(ava ) .. ava comes to him because she had a vision of him blowing up .. she tells him about a demon war that the demon in her dreams have been telling her.. gordon finds out about sams powers and considers him a demon..tries to kill sam but dean comes in just in time to save him..hits gordon just as he is about to fire the shot that will kill sam... gordon then captures dean and this is when the girls vision comes into play because she saw sam walking into this place to get blown up..sam knows what to do now and so he gets into the house saves dean and they go on their way..first they screw gordon up and he gets locked away forever... sam promised to call the chick after everything was done so he calls her a bunch of times but no one answers so he and dean go to her apartment break in to find her fiance dead on the floor then they are like holy crap this is what dad meant.. if sammy isnt kept safe he can kill the ones he loved without caring.So maybe if sam kills someone he loves ,then maybe he turns to the darkside or something P.s i wonder who told gordon about sam's special abilities???? maybe jo... to get back at dean and sam for what john did to jo's father?? hmmm???
OK i started listening to this a while ago. I love it! I like the recaps and the music as well as the panel discussion. I also love the art work *wink*. I am so glad that I can be a part of it. I like all the poits you make and the now i watch the show more closley looking for mistakes, treads to previous shows and more. Thats Ellen.
okay...let me just say that Supernatural is the best show in the entire world....but seriously...this podcast is a waste of my brain cells. it's sooooo boring. i was so exited when i found a podcast aout supernatural, but now i think that it has made me in dumb and dumber haha i love that movie
Supernatural is the best show ever. I've been watching it since season one and I'm so happy that someone put up podcasts for it. I still think we need the actual show available on iTunes!!!! The sooner the better.
I really think Ellen has done a great job with this podcast. I'm new to the series and have just splurged on the entire season. Unfortunately, I'm a bit behind on season 2 so I haven't listened to the latest podcasts so I won't be spoiled. I'd like to encourage everyone to write the WB and request Supernatural be added to itunes. Take Care, and excellent excellent work Ellen!!! A+++++
love this show. its just...amazing. yes i agree, we need this show on itunes. we need every show on the CW.
I am so excited that there is finally a podcast for this show, I must say it is nice that the show is getting some attention and the podcast is really good as far as the recaps and analysis of each episode goes. I have absolutly fallen in love with the Winchester family (Sam, Dean, John) and the actors that play them (Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and hope that you do many more podcast in the future, keep up the good work Ellen!
awsome! Ellen does a great job now all they need to make me happy is the actual show on Ipod that would be so so so cool if you agree put that in your review reall good podcast ceep it up Dean and sam ROX also what did yall think of the season finally what a clif hanger i think Ellen will do a great job on that one also what was with Dean saying to the fire man " i have to go in I have a yourky upstairs he pees when he gets nervous" wierd Peace Dean Rox
As a huge fan of the show, I was SO happy to finally see a podcast of this wonderful series! Thanks so much for making it, and keep up the great work Ellen!!!! I was just about ready to dish out some cash to create one myself because there was just such a need for one...Thanks so much again!!!!!!!!!