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Ever wondered how chivalry was actually shown in days of yore, or how it translate to life oday? Then give a listen and I'm sure you'll learn something new with every episode, I know I do.
I enjoy most episodes of this podcast.The only problems I have with it are occasional curse words(few and far between) and the fact that Mr. Farrell seems to support the theory of evolution.Other than that,I am in favor of what this podcast has to say and will continue listening while at work.
A very educational and edifying podcast. It is very well produced and easy to listen to. Mr. Farrell reminds us that even though the chivalrous code has not often been lived up to, it is something we should strive for in our everyday life.
I recently discovered this podcast, and now it's become one of my very favorites. Each episode is worthy of repeat listening. Whether you are interested in medieval legends (and their modern reinterpretations), contemporary pop culture (from Jedi Knights to Batman), or simply ethical living, this well-researched and thought-provoking podcast is for you. Scott Farrell's insights are compelling, and his expert interviewees run the gamut from literary scholars to ethicists to film critics to historians, and all have fascinating perspectives to share. If you want to be educated while being entertained - and challenged to lead a more noble and meaningful life - don't miss Chivalry Today.
Scott knows from where he speaks. He makes the ancient values accessible for today!
Scott has a great show. He explores the many ways that chivalry affects the world today. It's appreciated nowadays to give chivalry boosters in these troubled times.
Wonderful podcast. Scott reminds us that chivalry is not just a medieval ideal, but a real and vital part of modern ethics. Honor lives because we remember chivalry.
Already familiar with Scott Farrell's written material, I was looking forward to his podcast being equally entertaining and well-constructed. I was happy to find that his interviews and in-depth look at Chivarly in the Modern World, as well as throughout History, was even more accessible than I expected. His guests are well-versed in their fields, and add greatly to the discussion of ethics, honor, and how chivalry applies to so many different disciplines. Worth archiving and listening to more than once!
I first stumbled upon this podcast when I was searching the internet for information regarding knights and Chivalry. When I found the “Chivalry Today” website I felt like I struck gold in regards to what I found there. When I asked some of the other people here at college what they thought of when they heard the word “chivalry”, the first thing that they said was “ Oh, that’s holding open a door for a lady”. I think that popular culture’s definition of chivalry is parallel to this train of thought. Scott Farrell completely turns that notion on its head in his discussions about chivalric ideals and knightly virutes in this podcast. This podcast is absolutely amazing and incredibly thought provoking; I love it. It is great for listening to while exercising or doing homework, or if you just need some food for thought. One of the best things about the podcasts, besides the ideas in the intellectual discussions, is that many of the podcasts include references to books and other written literature about Chivalry, and knightly codes. In addition, all of these books are conveniently located on the Chivalry Today website to purchase, so there’s no need to pull out your hair in trying to track down the books yourself. I fully intend to pick up some of the books that Mr.Farrell has mentioned in his podcasts to learn more about this intriguing topic. The ideas that Scott has presented in this podcast have changed my life. I encourage anyone who is reading this to “take a risk” and check out this podcast as well as the website.
I can't tell you or begin to thank you enough for offering such a grounding podcast that is as contemporary as it is ancient. I found this at a time I needed it and hope to hear many more!
Mr. Farrel's intriguing insights into the chivalric worlds of both the past and present have often forced me reexamine the way I conduct myself from day to day. More than a few times I have stumbled over something that has become habitual only to stop and realize that if I took the time I could easily rework those many small aspects of what I do everyday and quickly reshape the place I hold in this world. Even if that means taking the three extra minutes to stop and make a new batch of coffee before i stumble back to work. I realize that many of these things I have come to find and change may not mean much to the busy world of today but they give me a greater sense of self worth and an enormous pride in what I do and how I do it. Thank you very much Mr. Farrel. You are doing a marvelous job and I beg you never to stop in your pursuit to spread the words of chivalry to a world in desperate need. I know that thanks to you I too will work to always do my part
I first came across this podcast while searching for podcasts related to the Society for the Creative Anachronism, a medieval recreation group. I began listening, and have been hooked ever since. Mr. Farrell captures his listeners and reels them in. The program is easy to listen to. What I like most, however, is the application of the idea of chivalry and honor in modern times, something many believed was far from possible. Congradulations, Mr. Farrell, and I look forward to hearing more. Honor Before Victory.