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I am so thankful to have found this podcast; it was so important for me to find teachers that look like me to relate and look up to. This has inspired me to continue on my path to so that there is one more Black teacher that cares about educating students that look like me. Black teachers matter so much.


By CAL2814
I have been teaching for 20 years and I love, love, love this podcast. Antonia and Patrick are honest, they wrestle with really thorny issues and I always learn something from listening. I am partucularly impressed with how widely read they are and how very thoughful they are.
You know when somebody says what you’re already thinking, but you are so glad somebody said it? Antonia and Pat are fresh, unfiltered voices that are desperately needed in education. I love hearing their thoughts and ideas out loud, and what a dynamic duo they make when you listen! Do yourself a favor, and go listen! Thank you for making a space for educators of like minds to congregate, listen, and learn. My Mondays wouldn’t be the same!
Every educators needs to listen to this podcast. It’s the perspective we all need but rarely get! Thanks, Antonia and Patrick!
My co-teacher and I listen every week on our 45 minute commute home. Patrick and Antonia revive our spirits, make us laugh, and keep us informed on current issues in education. There are so many moments in this profession that make me feel isolated. I feel like I’ve finally found a voice that reflects how I feel in this complicated world of education. Thank you for taking time out of your day to build this community. Keep it up!
My favorite part of Mondays is listening to Patrick and Antonia as I get ready for work. Their stories/experiences in the classroom are so relatable, so much that I feel like I’ve known them for years : ) This Podcast covers so many topics in just 45 minutes. Thank you Patrick & Antonia for sharing your knowledge & for being so open with your listeners ☀️
Loved the TLAC podcasts and enjoyed your dissection of it!! As a 4th year teacher it is good to hear people around my age speaking out against “pedagogy” they don’t agree with - or at least not accepting it as gospel. Looking forward to more!
I really appreciate the hosts’ candor and honesty about teaching. Their conversations inspire me to think critically about my own practice. Love listening to Patrick and Antonia while I work in my classroom after-school!
I am loving this podcast! I discovered it about a week ago and I am already all caught up. I love listening on my way to work and back. I appreciate the way they apporach topics in the classroom. We need more voices that are actually teaching - really fully in it - to be sharing stories and opinions. Thank you for making this so relatable and giving me so much to think about!
Antonia and Patrick are the teachers I wish I had growing up. This podcast takes the privilege and practice of educating young minds out of the classroom and into your face. Covering all things from the lens of educators, there’s truly something for everyone whether you’re a teacher, parent, or just know kids in school.
This is my favorite podcast! Love listening to it each week! I am a kindergarten teacher and can totally relate to everything they discuss. I especially love their critical lens on educational issues.
Learning so much from these two! Thank you for challenging me and helping me grow. Every educator needs to listen to this podcast!
A fresh take on the highs and lows of urban teaching. As a teacher, I’ve experienced just about everything that the hosts explore each episode. Keep the great content coming, and I’ll definitely recommend this podcast to my fellow educators!
Love Patrick and Antonia’s podcast and their honest take on current topics in education. They’re informed, thought-provoking, down-to-earth and interesting to listen to. Have been yelling “Yes!!” at my car speakers and have new ideas to reflect on and research about after each episode. Thanks guys!
I really appreciate the time these two educators are taking to discuss current topics in education. Not only do they make me laugh out loud, they make me question my current practices. Thank you for making me stop and reflect with new insight.
Even though I don’t always agree with the hosts’ opinions, I love how honest they are and how much they have given me to think about as I head into a new school year. Thank you for your thoughts, insights and commitment to all students
I never leave reviews for anything, but I had to for this! This is my new favorite much to reflect on! I appreciate that you’re both real teachers talking about real issues! I feel like this coming school year will be different in my classroom after listening to this.
I listened to the first three episodes of this podcast and it off to a great start. As a higher education professional I value education and these two hosts are inspiring and motivational. As a father of two young children I am ready to be involved in the education of my kids and this prospective from the teachers will be helpful in my preparation of their future educational endeavors. I commend the host for being raw and honest as well as informative on what the trends are in education field and I look forward for episodes to come! Keep it up!
This podcast is fun to listen to. It felt personable and relatable. Looking forward to more episodes. Keep up the great content, you two. 🙂
These two educators are fresh and relatable. They break things down in a way that pushes even non educators. I’m extremely proud of them. I’m going to keep listening.