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I was happy to stumble upon this podcast because this story has always intrigued me. Thanks for the in-depth research and pleasing presentation.
One of the best true crime podcasts I have ever listened to. Excellent production, research and story telling.
This podcast is incredible. Great production first of all. Lots of interviews, he went on site, press conferences himself and his podcast helped others who were investigating. The story is unreal and the investigative work that went into this is nothing short of amazing. That’s what I find the most interesting in this podcast and makes it one of my absolute favorites. Great job Jason and team! This is my first review for a podcast. I had to write one.
This was recommended to me by a co worker and I listened to it all over the course of 2 work days! The reporting is incredible, the sound mixing adds so much to the listening experience, and unlike many true crime podcasts this doesn’t leave off at a dead end (for the most part.) A must-binge!
I don’t even know where to begin.. I don’t think I ever wanted to listen to a story or get to the end as much as I did listening to this. So well done, so well produced. Amazing, riveting and felt so emotionally attached at the end. May they all RIP and I hope they solve the remaining parts of this story. Cheers to you all. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
I love true crime shows and podcasts... and this was unexpectedly one of the best I’ve ever listened to. The science was fascinating and I had no idea this case pioneered the technique fir the GSK. Hope this team puts out another show!
Thank you for this story. Well done. One of the best true crime podcasts I’ve listened to.
Organized so well. Keeps a perfect level of respect and mindfulness to everyone involved. Moon has a great podcast voice. Amazing. Would like to see images on the website of the sketches, victims,...and also the people who helped bring everything together!! They deserve some recognition.
I really enjoyed this podcast. It’s a true investigation from a lot of angles.
So well done! Insightful, factual, with many interviews! Truly one of the best crime podcasts I’ve listened to!!
One of the best true crime serial format podcasts out there. Very interesting!
This podcast is so good. not just the story, which is great, but content and quality of content. Just like a great novel, I wanted to ‘turn the page at the end of each chapter’. I had to know what would happen next! its so good I’m definitely going to listen to it again!
Clear audio. Very engaging storytelling. Sequence of episodes done to keep the interest. Hope you guys do some more.
I enjoyed it but didn’t find the hosts voice to be very engaging.
I’ve tried to listen to other true crime podcasts but often found that they were unprofessional and sensationalistic. I was pleasantly surprised with the high quality of this one. It was entertaining, interesting, thorough, and classy. Excellent job!
Good story… but good lord… too much “NPR whining” and “liberal judgement”… if only these folks could have told the story without all of the uber left political views…
Truly a chilling podcast. I hope we get a closure soon, but that may not happen. This was an incredible podcast and the host told this story so well! Give it a listen!
My absolute favorite true crime podcast (and I have listens to a lot!) an unbelievable story with an incredible ending.
While the story is interesting and comprehensively told, it’s almost inaudible at times. The sound levels are very low, especially when the host is talking. The long pauses used for dramatic effect are annoying. And there’s really too much detail that gets in the way of the true crime storytelling.
Thanks for sharing this story with us, amazing narration, great music, gripping story. Had to listen twice because there was so much to digest.
This podcast is one of the best I’ve listened to.
Jason Moon has the best voice for podcasting. This podcast was really well researched and a monster’s path of destruction was revealed. I was hooked after episode 2 and just binged on the full season. I’m subscribed so I can get the final update! Well done, Jason! 💥⭐️💥⭐️
I listen to all of these kinds of podcasts and this is so well done. Jason is not annoying or redundant like many hosts are. It flows perfectly. Sad its over.
Good story, great writing, but the background music sometimes drowns out some of the hard to hear audio from the field. Have to have my finger on the volume the whole time. Also, sometimes the transition pauses are so long, I find myself checking my phone to see if I accidentally paused the podcast. Hate the background music; the tones sound terrible on car speakers. This podcast needs to be edited again, it could be cut by 30% to improve the pacing.
I’ve listened to them ALL , and this is one of the best! Great reporting, fascinating story.
I stumbled onto this podcast after listening to all the other major true crime podcasts out there, and this one is by far the best! It was so good, I blew off my plans for the day and listened to every episode in one setting! Such an incredible story!
By far the best I have listened to. The story is alone compelling, but Jason Moon and his team transcend the genre with tireless research, reporting and how they honor the victims, friends and families.
This was the best true crime podcast I’ve ever listens too. The story arc was superb the detailing of information was phenomenal and best of all there weren’t 4 episodes at the end dragging out info that could have been conveyed in one episode. Truly a job well done at telling a sad tale but finding the stories within the story.
Love this podcast! I wish there was more! It was so so good
Similar to serial-easy to listen to- gripping- great music- and no deep dives into irrelevant side information that usually causes me to lose interest. Very well done. Wish it was longer.
I’m glad to have started this podcast after the update. I had a good cry at the end. What an awful, incredible story. Thank you for your work, never stop.
Ok, some may think it’s weird to listen to true crime while putting up Xmas decorations. But I can’t stop listening. So well done. Love it!
I thought this was going to be a simple story. It’s amazing and the host tells it so well. I really enjoyed it.
The way the story was constructed and the method in which it was delivered couldn’t have been more perfect. This is unlike the many other true crime podcasts out there. While most other true crime podcasts just give overviews of the same story time and time again, this one truly separates itself from the pack. You will not be disappointed. This is the gold standard of how all other true crime podcasts should be measured. What Jason Moon and NHPR have produced is special.... And there’s still more to come.
You cannot anticipate the twists and turns this takes - it is beyond fascinating!
It has very good audio quality and narration but the pacing is glacial. He interacts audio of locals commenting but much of the time that could have been cut, because it’s either repetitive or adds nothing.
Wonderful storytelling, and unraveling. I was hooked from the beginning.


By mkrispy
Super addictive. Moon is an exceptional storyteller


By JCimags
Amazing story telling that gives true science information that keeps you from wanting to turn it off. But most importantly, the humanity of those affected by this story is highlighted and honored throughout.
This is one of the best true crime podcasts I have listened to. Intriguing, engaging, dramatic, not the same bland information or sensationalizing as some true crime podcasts. It is also well-produced and seamless as I listened to the episodes binge-style. The reporter never brings himself or his emotions into the story, which I appreciate. I found the research techniques discussed are very thought provoking in their implications. Can’t tell you what they are and spoil it, of course! The story is quite astounding in how the facts of the case are revealed through the investigation. I look forward to more true crime reporting by this reporter. Not into the season 2 topic but will stay subscribed for future podcasts.
This is easily a 5 star podcast. You lost a star with the interview of Eric Rasmussen. This was totally unnecessary and was just a way to prolong the podcast which is basically on pause until new information comes to light. The host even said that most true crime podcast seem to glorify the murderer and not focus on the victims. And then goes on to do just that. I feel for Eric but he has nothing to do with the victims or their stories. So don't screw up a good thing. Please, no more episodes until you have new information or the victims are finally identified.
This is the very best true crime podcast I have ever listen to, and I have binged on more than a dozen. The case is interesting, but what makes it particularly compelling is all the new techniques that I learned about. This podcast is also very well done.
Wow. Another amazing true crime podcast. I love the producer and the way he tells the story. I hope Jason comes out with another series like this one!
I listened to this several months ago along with a bunch of other true crime podcasts in a binge podcast phase. This one stands out from the crowd! I keep going back to it over and over. It has been great to reference.