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Always Not Funny. Has devolved into a ‘who’s not’ of the “comedy world”, if you can call it that. I’m a 30-something dude living in Santa Monica, and I vote Republican. Tired of Jimmy and the gang telling me to get a shot and wear a mask. Not what I came here for, Mr. Pardo. I found you here years ago after seeing your CC work. Loved the self-haircut bit there, but not much else lately. Guests are sooooo far down the comedy world list most don’t even register. I’m out.
I was a long time listener, but now have a hard time getting through an episode. All these years, I thought Jimmy was pretending to be stupid as part of his comedic persona. After he started expressing his sincere political opinions, I realized it’s not an act. Matt is still not funny or interesting in any way. Listening to him speak is the aural equivalent of eating dry white toast. Hochberg insists on inserting himself into the conversation, though it is clearly not welcome. He then acts like the victim. I’m sure he can’t help it, probably genetic. Garrett is ok.
Such a fun show. I can’t believe it took me so long to listen. Jimmy is the best and the crew is wonderful. Fantastic guests and tons of laughs.


By SDWater
You lost two stars for the past 6 months of awful shows and today for giving an hour to the incredibly UNINTERESTING guy… from Chicago??There’s no way to dance around this, and other people have said it better, Jimmy has some of the worst musical taste of anybody I’ve ever met in my life. And I am a musician, working in the music industry. Jimmy worked in the music industry in the 80’s!!? and only likes the garbage it’s shocking.
Listened since the beginning and the show has become so detached from reality/blue anon that it’s unlistenable . California sounds like an awful place to live , full of fear and misinformation.
I’ve been with Jimmy and the gang for ten years and plan on listening for as long as they keep podcasting!


By Kr1314
I've listened to a few episodes - it's ok. The biggest issue I have is listening to Garin talk - it's nothing personal but his voice makes me clear my throat 1000 times... Other than that, this show is a good time waster while I work...
NNF used to be great now it’s lazy and the host is constantly bringing his 12-year-old son into the show. The rest of the team just goes along with it despite the awkwardness!!
Listen I usually love the show and I don’t need everything to be PC (thus why I like the show) but as a Native American listener I audibly gasped when Jimmy used the word “Injun”. Honestly it threw me off and I couldn’t listen to the rest of the show. Dude, that’s messed up, it’s on par with other racial slurs.
This podcast is the best.
Used to be a regular listener - despite some peeves (Elliott namely, who is overly loud, pedantic, and seems to think he’s the reason for the show) - due to Jimmy’s obvious quick wit. Over the last year or two, it’s devolved as he and his team get more woke and alienate at least some percentage of their listener base. Instead of humor, it’s mostly rage with accusations of people whose politics they don’t like as being uneducated, bigoted cultists. Look in the mirror, guys…the same could be said about all of you of late. Also, Jimmy used to claim that he and his wife were extremely private in regards to their son; now he’s shoehorned into larger chunks of the show or discussed on end. It’s getting to where they’re happy with listeners walking away. No problem there. It’s not worth the rage, lack of humor, and the increased/worsening prevalence of the things that were just peeves but are now obstacles to listening.
nothing but mask talk somebody not wearing a mask and a commercial somebody else not wearing a mask who gives a Sh”@$. So much fun to listen to Jimmy being self-righteous about masks all the time. yes I wear a mask and I am Sick about listening to A holes talk about them
Hilarious and worth your time
Love him from Bob and Tom but abandoned ship after more than 4 minutes of the first episode I tried was a gum commercial...
Jimmy is funny but is way too politically retartded.
Hot snicker doodle! Love it! LOVE. IT!
Long time listener of this podcast. It’s at the top of my feed and it’s a must listen to when it drops on Thursdays. I’ve actually been blurt-out laughing more and more as of late. Has been and alway will be one of my favorite podcast.
Love it
If you love super long commercials this podcast is for you. Cute if you can get over the talking about stuff they are selling.
I feel like a piece of crap after listening to this tiny man. He hates people like me without even knowing me, and I can’t find him funny anymore. He takes the hatred to a whole new level. This guy still has a chip on his shoulder because he’s 4ft, and now we all have to suffer for it.


By Stoggs
Always entertaining


By tmcre
Keep your political views to a minimum and just be - - funny. I listen to pod casts so I don’t have to hear all the political stuff-
The reviewer that said this podcast has suffered due to the host’s personal politics is out of his mind. He’s likely a cultist in the Trumpette army. This podcast gets better every year.
I’ve been a long-time listener and a supporter of everything they do. Since Trump got elected this podcast has become a shell of itself. Every podcast is littered with political talk that is wildly inaccurate no matter what side of the isle you’re on. Getting carpal tunnel from hitting skip ahead 30s. Thanks for all the content but this has to stop.
Wow it really is the best podcast
I found Jimmy Pardo on Bob & Tom in the early 2000's, and I have been a fan ever since. Top 5 funniest person in podcasting! All these years and the show is still the best
For 14 years this show, these men have made me laugh , cry, laugh harder, feel safe when life is awful. I am Forever grateful to Jimmy, Matt, Eliot, Garvin, Mike, Dan, AK-47 (Gone, NEVER forgotten) Better than Serial.
I’ve been listening to NNF since 2010. It’s my go-to podcast. Over the years, my interests have changed and other podcasts have come and gone but NNF has always been tried and true and consistently funny. Jimmy & Matt’s voices are comforting and silly in difficult times and I often find myself listening to old episodes when I need an additional pick-me-up if the 2 episodes a week aren’t enough. Eliot and Garon round out the crew nicely and the rotating guests are always great. Thanks NNF for all the years and years of laughter!
If you want to learn what to do if a tree is blocking a sidewalk or challenges of having a electric car or challenges of being a city Council member this podcast is great for you.
I wish this really was the Jimmy Pardo podcast and not the Jimmy and Matt show. Update : Makes sense that Matt goes to a megachurch. He puts out that vibe.
Never Not Funny is the original comedy podcast and is still great after 14 years. Jimmy, Matt, Elliott and Garon keep bringing the funny with a revolving and interesting guest list.
Jim dog do some lines and then you would really be cooking with gas.
A free form chat podcast with a handful of recurring games/segments with a now firmly established group of guys. Find a guest you're curious about and give it a shot. I believe the show was first established around 2006 and has recently reached 1000 episodes. It's evovled over time and is a fantastic and funny show.
I discovered this podcast a few years back when I was going through a particularly tough time and was looking for anything that would make me laugh. Been a Superfan ever since. This show makes me GUT LAUGH on the regular; it’s like a group of smart, funny people have for some reason gathered in my living room and for some other reason decided it was cool for me to hang out and listen, lol. Gorgeous stuff.
Just heard Jimmy as guest on Comedy bang bang. Really enjoy the format
This podcast is the best it’s ever been right now, the combining of all seasons into one feed makes listening to the old seasons so much easier. Keep up the good work guys!
I started listening around Season 3 and this is by far my favorite podcast. Jimmy is one of the funniest people on the planet and makes me laugh every single day. The episodes are long but you can dip in and out without missing much and pick up right where you left off. It’s four guys and a guest telling funny stories and making fun of each other and I can’t get enough. Highly recommended!
The discussion of how cute baby otters are, and how possums get a bad rap had me crying. Luckily I had my office door closed
not funny
Then you have to listen to this HYSTERICAL podcast!!! You will NOT be disappointed. Do I need to say anything else?
I first found NNF during months of chemotherapy four years ago and never stopped listening. The offbeat humor of Jimmy, his guests and great crew always take me to a happy place. Thank you for all you do, guys!
Warm, intelligent, very funny crew. However, they can’t control their emotions enough to not offend/bore folks with political talk, they always go back to Take the cue from Conan and check politics at the door.
I’ve been listening since 2007. I feel like I know these guys. I laugh like an idiot at every episode and can not recommend this show enough. Why aren’t you listening to this yet??
I’ve been listening since day one and it is always the highlight of my podcast week. I’ve tried and grown tired of lots of shows, but am never not happy to spend time with Jimmy, Matt and the gang.
I love this podcast! in fact, I'm excited to go to work on Thursday, because I know that listening to this in the morning will make my day go better! It lives up to its name and I've always emitted and audible laugh while listening! the whole crew is great, and provide humor as well! I love it! Keep up the great work!
I really should join the Players Club. Sorry guys, yer worth it.
Listening for years, great podcast that has been around since the beginning. Keep it up guys!
Sometimes stuck in the 80s, mostly Liberal-ish, usually mean (but doesn't always mean it, unless it is Trump or Bernie).