Never Not Funny: The Jimmy Pardo Podcast

Reviews For Never Not Funny: The Jimmy Pardo Podcast

I’ve been listening since 2007. I feel like I know these guys. I laugh like an idiot at every episode and can not recommend this show enough. Why aren’t you listening to this yet??
I’ve been listening since day one and it is always the highlight of my podcast week. I’ve tried and grown tired of lots of shows, but am never not happy to spend time with Jimmy, Matt and the gang.
I love this podcast! in fact, I'm excited to go to work on Thursday, because I know that listening to this in the morning will make my day go better! It lives up to its name and I've always emitted and audible laugh while listening! the whole crew is great, and provide humor as well! I love it! Keep up the great work!
I really should join the Players Club. Sorry guys, yer worth it.
I’ll never understand how you have Jimmy Pardo, one of the funniest minds in comedy, next to a mic for hours at a time, and feel like the world needs to hear your generic “white dipsh*t on the internet” hot takes on movies for 90% of the episode.
Listening for years, great podcast that has been around since the beginning. Keep it up guys!
Sometimes stuck in the 80s, mostly Liberal-ish, usually mean (but doesn't always mean it, unless it is Trump or Bernie).
the best podcast around
As tall as a baby’s arm holding an apple!!!! 😛😛😛🤪
I get nothing but joy from listening to these gentlemen every week. This is a very underrated podcast. It deserves to be mentioned in the same breath has the top rated podcasts. If you’re a first time listener please stick with it, they try to explain most of the inside jokes. Just hang on and enjoy!!
Required listening for fans of comedy and/or Joyce DeWitt. Join us in the Players Club and at Pardcastathon every year. You’ll learn to love the Foursome like close friends.
I have been listening to this show since it's 33rd episode back in '06-'07. While my interest has shifted and I have started abs stopped listening to countless podcasts NNF has always been must listen. I have yet to miss an episode and lord willing and the Crick don't rise I never will
Great show, great hosts, great guests! Love it! And jimmy and Matt are great live too! Check it out!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for 10 years, and never left a review because I’m a selfish person. So let’s change that - this show is awesome. Very funny, very earnest at times. It is strange but the guys just kind of become a set of friends you check in with once or twice a week. That sounds like the lamest podcast review ever, but the insane thing is it’s actually true. You should listen. And go back and listen to the Todd Glass episode where they do the crazy ad read for a snack company.
I am from the middle of America. I believe a lot of your listeners are too. You guys are for sure funny. But the more you slam conservatives and there ideology, with your better than attitudes, and look down your nose at them. You will continue to loose support. I will still listen and roll my eyes when you start crapping all over everyone that doesn’t believe exactly in your ideas.
Finally joined the Player's Club. Totally worth it.
I’d have baked a cake
Long time listener, first time reviewer. Can't recommend this podcast enough. Great cast. Great conversations. (and great audio quality). Give it a listen.
I spend 3 hours a week listening to these guys. Worth it.
Jimmy is hilarious and he has assembled an excellent cast of characters. No matter who the guest is, this podcast always delivers. Listening to Jimmy, Matt, Elliot, and Garon feels like hanging out with your friends. Started out listening to the free ear wolf episodes and have now been a players club member for a couple years. Consistently a great show.
My favorite podcast. Ever. I was late to the game (learned about it on CBB after Mr. Pardo made an appearance promoting Playing Games), and I haven’t stopped listening since. Keep up the great work, gentlemen!
Five of the most fun hours I spend each week is watching/listening to NNF. Getting my finances in order and upgrading to the Players Club was my smartest idea. You should do the same.
Jimmy, Matt and the gang deliver a refreshing and hilarious take on all things pop culture, from music to movies and everything in between.
Seriously, I’m awesome and I gave you a review as requested.
Well oiled machine, never disappointed with an episode! Hilarious!
I've been listening (and watching) for several years now. Some of the episodes I return to again and again - they're classics. Every podcast has something that's going to make you laugh out loud. If you haven't listened to this yet I recommend any of the Conan appearances, Chris Elliot, Andrea Savage, Rachel Quantance, Paula Poundstone, Jameela Jamil and many others.
A lot of fun
Started great in 2006 and still great. Every episode has made me laugh and there’s been 1000+ so that’s saying something.
One of those podcasts that feels like you have to listen the day it comes out. Even when I don’t care about the guest Mr. Pardo makes everything entertaining.
Love this show! Got turned on to it by my other favorite show The Free Beer and Hot Wings morning show. Someday hope to become a VIP! The chemistry of this cast is great!
Jay Mohr MAKES your show GOLD gentlemen! MORE MOHR!!!
On the Inside Conan podcast Jimy Pardo was funny and entertaining. I heard that his podcast was too. So I searched found an episode with Jaye Mohr, and started lisitening. It's now 35 minutes in and I have heard about yuor sidekick's mustache and the producer's bike tire problems....first season of some TV show.... should I wait for Jaye Mohr? Yeah I guess. Will I subscribe? doubtful
—- wait, do you like weird 70s rock and you didn’t like Poppy family Susan jacks? The show is great except every phone sounds like garbage and it effects each contest, every ep suffers from communication problems. Jimmy thinks its the players fault
Jimmy, Matt, and the Gang have helped bring joy and humor back into my world over the past 8 years after a really dark time. I fully credit Jimmy for making me laugh when I thought it wasn’t ever a possibility again. These men are like family to me, and I am thankful for every second they spend on this ridiculous and very needed podcast.
Go Jimmy Pardo!
Look forward to every episode!
Been listening for years. Finally writing a review, mostly to offset all the folks mad about their political opinions. I feel like I know these guys.
Jimmy Pardo makes me laugh 3 times a week now. Love all the content he and Matt produce
So is Matt, Eliot and Garren. The Best! #one 4ever!
Can’t wait for the new episode to drop each week.
One of the original comedy podcasts and, 14 years later, still one of the best. If you want to hear a conversation betwaeen some hilarious people, then this is the podcast for you.
I love listening to these four knuckleheads (said with all the respect in the world) banter back and forth. 100% transparency, I have had some serious knocks lately and the simplistic fun of Never Not Funny has gotten be through it without losing my sanity. I feel like I’m listening back to discussions I’ve had with my own best friends. It’s candid. It’s real. It’s amazing.
Heard an advert for this podcast on Gilbert Godfrey’s show and I decided to try it. Imagine overhearing yuppies talk about themselves in a restaurant.
I really enjoy the group around Mr. Pardo but they suffer from the same brain disease that is really going to destroy our nation. We are given rights many in this world can’t imagine and people on the west coast are the ones who act like nazis. It’s extreme but so is picking on people without looking at the actual good things they have done, if you have a platform that you are confident enough to knock down your president maybe you should educate yourself on things that have been improved and changes made for the betterment of all, yeah, even the black people. I am disappointed in the discussions that continue to separate us rather than consider us as one and nobody’s perfect.
Jimmy Pardo is funny, sure. Belknap drips with charisma, admittedly. But this show, Never Not Funny, is really all about the stars: Garon and Eliot. They truly are the Lennon-McCartney of podcasting
I feel like a piece of crap after listening to this guy. He hates people like me without even knowing me, and I can’t find him funny anymore. He takes the hatred to whole new level. This guy still has a chip on his shoulder and has to hate in order to feel better about himself. It’s sad at his age.
Never Not Funny is one of the original podcasts and still going strong 12 years later. Jimmy Pardo is just a wonderfully funny and genuine comedian and the chemistry in the room with "Silent K" Matt Belknap, the "Pop Culture Beast" Garon, and "human ottoman" Eliot and special guest every episode is pure podcast perfection. Plus, with 12 years worth of episodes, fans really get to know and care about everyone on the show.
One of the pioneers of podcasting, Never Not Funny is the best! I have listened for almost 10 years now and it is my "go-to" podcast. Love it. Love everything about it.