Higher Things Daily Reflections

Reviews For Higher Things Daily Reflections

A good way to start every morning. A simple straightforward reminder of who I am in Christ.
Brief, to the point and comforting.


By rjerney
Sounds like a robot reading.
Best Lutheran devotional for all believers. Christ centered and cross focused.
I'm a Newtheran (confirmed just 2 years ago). This has been a tremendous blessing since I found it. I never knew how to make a habit of saying the prayers in the morning, per the catechism. This has helped tremendously with that, as well as with memorizing the Apostles' Creed and Luther's Morning Prayer. Plus hearing the Gospel every morning is terrific. All in all, this has been an invaluable blessing as I'm growing in the Faith and learning how to start each day. Thank you for this podcast!
I listen to these each day. Great way to stay grounded in God's Word.
Good daily bites of God's word. Great for every person who is searching for truth.