Reviews For Aquarium Drunkard - SIDECAR (TRANSMISSIONS) - Podcast

You just can’t say enough about Justin Gage and Aquarium Drunkard. Don’t know who the eff these people are or where they came from, but delighted they’re among us. Keep showing us the human race is still evolving!
Thanks so much for this awesome, groovy truly creative podcast that is a fantastic radio show for kernels and obscurities from 60s 70s grunge psychedelia with bits and bobs throughout, totally making great use of the format. Thankfully not your typical, bombastic, egoistic podcast. Greatly re-lives my college radio station so right on! Beautiful segues!
Always love the content of this podcast. But the audio levels fluctuate from soft voices to loud and music clips are not balanced. It’s an easy fix if they just have the podcast mastered professionally. Don’t force the listener to adjust their volume throughout the entire podcast. Otherwise excellent work! Thank you!
This is my favorite blog and podcast. Thanks for doing this.
Justin Gage lays it all down on the line for the general music listening public.
Tuned in for the Gillian Welch interview (good stuff, only wished it were a longer segment), stayed for the Marisa Anderson interview--I had somehow never heard of her. Deep appreciation for her level of artistry, overall approach, vision. Nice that towards the end she cites David Rawlings/Gillian Welch as an influence, bringing it back full circle to where the episode started. Oh and the middle section, a review by a "guest critic" (my term, for lack of a better one), of a newly released jazz recording, was worthwhile too and nice a change of pace to make the episode varied in voice and genre. I'm in.
Always great music. Guests and discussions are always interesting. Great addition to the listening library.
Loved the AD show and the music they play. But the only updates to this podcast have been interviews which I wish would be a separate podcast altogether. They stopped releasing music in over a year and I'm bummed.
Can't overstate my love and appreciation for AQD! The blog, radio show and podcasts are all a true gift to fans of diverse and expansive musical taste. I've gotten turned on to countless artists I'd otherwise never have heard.
As a big fan of Aquarium Drunkard, super glad to have these podcasts to fill my work day with awesome music. Love the blog. Great concept of bringing back the oldies but goodies.


I've been a fan of Aquarium Drunkard for years, and I am so glad the podcasts are back! (remember those old podcasts? still got a few) Thanks for keeping my tunes fresh, dude.
As I fan of the website I was super pleased to see this on iTunes. Finally a music podcast that isn't trance music. Nicely done Aquarium Drunkard