Reviews For DAT Poker Podcast

Very entertaining podcast - keep up the great work!
It seems like you’re all living in a bubble of negativity.
I have listened to every episode for the past 12 years. They have been great. I have grown tired of the podcast. It’s not the same since Daniel has joined. His ego and schtick is too much for me.
Love the podcast, thank you. Also the whoop band daniel mentioned is amazing!! Ive been wearing one for almost a year straight
This really is a great show, I have listened to the original 2+2 show since 2014. Adam and Terrence are great hosts with very honest and upfront perspectives. Daniel can be really insufferable unfortunately but Adam Terrence and Ross more than make up for it


By 240KAR
Great podcast! You can gain so much knowledge and get a couple laughs here and there.
Not sure it gets any better than these guys!
I look forward to listening every week.
They start every pod talking for 5 mins about hockey, its awesome, what else do you want? p.s: Im Canadian.
Always a fun listen
Love the show - can’t believe I’ve been listening for ~10yrs. Keep up the great work!
Someone tried to cheat Bill Perkins? Oh the humanity Story for you. Friend gives me a Cuban cigar, I say I think it’s counterfeit? He says why? I say, because if I were selling counterfeit cigars, you’re the guy I would sell it to!
I see Daniel’s but no Adam or Terrance?


Great content but the audio quality is subpar other podcasts. I know there is a distance issue for the guys but I feel like it could be mitigated with higher quality microphones. Still great stuff though!
Love the podcast - all the hosts are good. D Negs needs to chill -Shaun Deeb, Doug Polk, A Negs and any 13 year old over 100 lbs would destroy him in a fight.
I used to listen to these guys way back in the early 2000s, Adam at the time was promoting rakeback and that was how I got into online. He and Mike were a blast and represented the Canadian contingency and CPT really well. After several years I discovered this podcast via Dnegs YouTube channel. So glad I did! Funny, educational, and overall very interesting behind the scenes take with Dneg in the house!
So glad to hear about this podcast. Was really sad when 2+2 went away. And with Daniel it is even more awesome!
One host sounds like he’s in a freaking cave. Annoying audio.
Love this pod cast. You guys are awesome
Been listening to Adam, Terrance, and Ross since the 2+2 days! Love the new format with Daniel in the mix! Keep the great content coming, and more Ross Report please!! - Scott
Look forward to this podcast every week you guys are the nuts. Keep it up!
Great Stuff
First I listened to Rounders. Then I never missed a Two Plus Two episode. This is the best ever! Perfect combination of the old show with more hand analysis. My only complaint is that the show is not long enough.
That Phil Hellmuth claims he invented it. #whitemagic