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I just found this podcast yesterday and I have Already listened to six episodes. I see there aren’t anymore for 2021 and I can’t find his website online. Are you okay, Simon?? You’re a natural story teller and i find that I can relate to everything you’re saying, even though I’m not in AA, but OA.
Gotta like this Britts outlook...
I am so happy I stumbled upon this podcast.
Love the content. Please turn music down. It’s tough to hear your voice.
Such great content, told in a really engaging way. I felt the week 1 feels listening to Simon and I’ve stayed with him catching up on the old episodes. My only issue is when there is music playing, I can’t hear what he’s saying worth a darn. Just can’t hear what he’s saying. And I want to hear it...that’s why I’m giving up 30ish minutes of my life. So. Great podcast. When you can hear what’s being said.
Alas, Season 2 has arrived. I look forward to every new episode, and in between I listen again to previous episodes because Simon has a meaningful message, speaks in a warm comforting manner with a garnish of some hilarious musings. Good medicine for my overwhelmed brain.
Please come back Simon! We miss you!!!
Really great podcast with a wry wit. Love it. Simon was on twitter in October and said he is still sober, has a new humanitarian job, and someone else with their own recovery story will continue Ominous —- so the torch is being passed!!!

By RlwJT
Good info presented in an engaging, humorous and heartfelt way. Does anyone know if Simon plans on continuing on with the podcast? It’s been 6 months since the last release.
There’s always a nugget in every episode and the host is honest and entertaining. It’s easy to listen to and very informative! Check it out!
This podcast was my first at the beginning of my journey. I binged through the episodes, then to my dismay.... nothing else... Simon?? Where are you?
I’m loving this podcast! So honest, so real! Thank you Simon
I was binging these episodes for a while, and related to the daily-going of Simon and his life in recovery. I connected on a visceral level that ran deep. A one-of-a-kind experience from a one-of-a-kind person. Anticipating another episode soon!
Simon, Excellent podcast! Lots of substance while remaining funny and entertaining. I was happy to find it addressed many questions I’ve had.
Hey Simon, your podcast is great man! I’m sober 3 weeks and your podcast has been instrumental in my progress. Keep up the great work! Mitch from Arizona
“If your an alcoholic you’re probably wrong about everything-except music and movies, that’s yours.” 😂 This guy is good and it’s fun to hear him talk about sober living and his experience with the 12 steps.
Love this podcast! Simon is living the 12 steps and his commentary, insights, and English wry humor are addictive and keep me coming back for more. Whoops - not supposed to endorse addiction! Oh well - Simon is helping me stay sober.
I thoroughly enjoy this podcast. It is my go to podcast when looking for some light hearted motivation to keep going. I always leave with some great insight, material to reflect on, and a smile. Keep em’ coming! Thanks!
I’ve split with my alcoholic partner this past fall, and this podcast is helping me put the pieces of my life and mind back together. It’s not obvious to me as a non-alcoholic what the hell is going on in the alcoholic brain. Even in Al Anon meetings— we just don’t always get it. Hearing honestly from an alcoholic about what good and bad healing look like is like is pure f’ing magic. Thank you for getting vulnerable. Someone get this blessed man a new intro song!
After having dinner together, I was helping my sponsor learn about podcasts. When we searched “Alcoholic” on my iPhone app this was one of the podcasts that came up. I’m not sure why I was drawn to this podcast, but I’m grateful I was. Each episode is a dose of good literature based sharing. (I’ve always preferred literature meetings to discussion meetings.) I also find it’s a fascinating mix of sharing from someone with some recovery and the freshness of the sharing of a “newcomer”. No, Simon’s not a newcomer, but as someone returning to the rooms he has some of the fears and blinding flashes of the obvious frequently experienced and shared in meetings by newcomers. (God! I love newcomers!) Highly recommend regardless of how many 24 hours you may have.