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Episode Don’t Get Trapped! I love how it is applied out of romantic partners. Super honest and open conversations without sugar coating the reality of tension between relationships. Dope tips Thankyou!
I appreciate Lisa’s openness and positive energy. The information has been so very helpful to me. I feel I have been able to step back the critical self talk and have more self compassion thanks to these podcasts… it’s much less do, do, and do; more be.
This podcast has help me so much to open up my mind in many different ways. To change and adjust to life. Lisa is doing a great job! You’re inspiring a lot of women girl! Please have an event in LA soon, I’m begging lol
I love this podcast. Every episode inspires me to be a better version of myself. Thank you for all the time and energy and resources that go into every episode.
Good content but way to many adds. I feel like I am listening to make them money.
This podcast is revolutionary on various levels. Lisa’s infectious enthusiasm is my favorite!! Her excitement is a weekly dopamine hit! She has exceptionally intuitive questions that face hard truths. She doesn’t have a guest on for trend, but because she is genuinely interested. Her guests push the “boxed” frame of thinking society/culture programs into us, and I love it!! Even when I’m triggered lol. I also love Lisa’s honesty. Too much of life is glam, flash, and calculation but she shows up authentic.
An incredible podcast series that truly uplifts, motivates and features great guests. One of my favorite podcasts
Just finished listening to this episode with Lisa and JJ. It has a wealth of great information about our health. Thank you
I have recently found Lisa through Growth Day and I am SO DANG excited to follow & learn from her in 2023. Why?? I’m a business owner, leader and mother who loves to feed my brain and continuously learn to become better and be able to give more in life. 💥WHAT you learn & put your extremely valuable time into matters. Lisa’s lessons matter and hit my heart string today- thank you!!! I’m so grateful.
I feel so energized and inspired after every episode!
So fire!
I love when Lisa has her husband on or another women. I really appreciate the dating advice from a couple or womens perspective. HOWEVER, I don’t understand the dating advice targeted towards women from unqualified people (i.e. men), telling women how to date, because they have no idea what it’s like to date as a women. An example would be the repeated episodes with Matthew Hussey, who’s advice sets women up to be manipulated by male partners. Other than the episodes with men mansplaining to women how they should navigate relationships, I love the female-centered podcasts and how supportive Lisa is towards other women. It means so much to hear these womens voices and getting advice from women who have made names for themselves!
Very disappointed in my first attempt at listening to this podcast to hear Tom use the word retarted in such a casual way. How did that make it through editing? I hope they issue an apology to their listeners. I would be willing to try again but that was a terrible first impression.
Listened to this episode today and it was very refreshing. I am working on this 28 days self discovery journey and this episode definitely brought some light into my life. I felt like Cheryl was speaking about me as I go through the same things she has described. Took notes and will hopefully work on finding my truth. Cheryl, thank you for sharing your story 🙏🏾
Recently just listened to my first two episodes of this podcast & they were both amazing. Thank you for the information & continue blessing us with all your combined knowledge while being the best version of yourself. 🙏🏾
Love most love the content !!!😍 ✔️Lots of poor audio, so much so, I got to turn up all way still cannot hear , speaking. ✔️Way too many ads pretty annoying , stops from me from listening a lot.
Lisa not only addresses with her guests relationships with others, particularly intimate relationships. She also tackles the most important relationship of all - with ourselves. How to honor ourselves, our needs and our own voice. Absolutely worth tuning in
Lisa, host of the Women of Impact podcast, highlights all aspects of mental health and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
This podcast is NOT just important for women & girls to listen to and learn from - it is a great podcast for men & boys 16+ as well! There are too many ways for both males and females to learn disinformation that harms us all in adult life. Relationships with each other and with ourselves require honest & open communication 1st and foremost. Anything less caused disengagement, disharmony dis-ease and ultimately complete dis-connection. 🙏🙌👸🏻💞🦋
You are brilliant and have made a huge impact on me in only listening to you twice. Once on the goal digger podcast and then your relationship podcast today. You are a phenomenon and please keep up you!
Thank you Lisa for always bringing such powerful messages and guests on your show! I feel empowered to continuing growing while also being kind to my previous self and experiences.
Nedra Glover Tawwab unpacked so much for me 💗I too wish I had heard this year’s ago. The absolute first thing I did was send it to my 20-year-old daughter. How many times have we heard we are too sensitive. I never quite knew what to do with it all except swallow it. Nedra you have given me some real, meaningful strategies👍 So grateful, thank you


I binged listened for the last few weeks and I am hooked. WOI has become one of my favorites! Finally a podcast with great content and wonderful guests.
Wow, what a fabulous array of guests and topics that offer sound, practical advice to OWN our wellness. Lisa is an outstanding interviewer and delivers the value we all need these days. Highly recommend. I’ll be sharing with all my peeps.
Thank you Lisa.. Your podcast, spoke to me as a single, children (by choice ) woman and entrepreneur. Also hopefully shedding some baggage along the way. Love your power approach to seizing life. Thank you for sharing!
Lisa is pure power! Her courage to talk about things that most people won’t is absolutely incredible! Her passion, love and vulnerability is so impactful and so empowering. These episodes help me feel validated, uplifted, heard and understood. Can’t get much better than that! I am forever grateful!!!
Great guest selection.
Absolutely love it! Women is impact is now part of my morning routine. Headphones in. Trainers on. I am the hero of my own life :)
I start listening to Impact Theory about three years ago and one of my favorite topics is relationship theory with that Lisa & Tom. They have been overwhelmingly eye opening. To really focus and acknowledge on the internal dialogue that we have with ourselves is crucial for our lives betterment and others. The self love, the way we treat ourselves goes hand-in-hand with how we treat our loved ones. To Lisa & Tom. Thank you for being you for believing that the world can change for the better one mindset at a time. For empowering and providing the tools we need to become better selves. 💪🌎🌍🌏
I started listening to impact theory with Lisa’s husband Tom after hearing his speak on Jay shetty’s “on purpose” until I finally decided to give this a listen. The outpouring of generosity from this couple is incredible. I feel like I have been on a upward spiritual and self journey since listening to both women of impact, impact theory, and on purpose. I enjoy this pod because it doesn’t try to generalize what empowering women looks like but truly shows a wide range of nuanced women who are empowered in their own regard on a deep and spiritual level. Much love to everything you do!
Hey Lisa, thank you for creating this show. As a woman, I do not have a lot of exposure or knowledge about a lot of successful women out here, and if I do, they aren’t telling they’re story. Your show, Women of Impact, is so amazing because it tells the stories of a multitude of women who overcame life’s challenges, and how they did it, and are still doing it. I really appreciate you for creating a platform for these women to share their stories, and for other people to hear it and break out of the matrix. Sending you all love and positive energy!!! 🌟🌟🌟
Lisa not only creates and delivers the most epic introductions in honor of her guests, but she is incredibly open-minded, inspiring and non-judgemental. This podcast has quickly become my favorite way to start the day, and I love how Lisa empathizes with and supports her guests while encouraging them to tell their stories step by step so she and the listeners can fully understand the process and journey of each superstar featured on this show. Lisa, thank you for your constant work and commitment to share the best of the best, and in turn, inspiring us to be the best versions of ourselves! You truly have a gift and I am grateful for the immense impact you have on my well-being and the motivation you instill in this 44 year old mom and teacher to always “choose the bigger life”. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Your story, your beautiful inspiration, your real down to earth you shared here, motivates me to be the hero of MY LIFE! Makes me a better version of me!! I’m learning to avoid people who make me feel like 💩, do hard 💩, stop comparison game, & self care! ❤️ one day at a time! 👏🏻⚓️🤗
Seriously - there are so many helpful topics covered!! My go to podcast on all things self help! 🙌🏻
Oh. My. God. These ladies are my spirit animals! Where have you been my whole life @lisabilyeu @gabbyreece ? My first time listening Lisa’s podcast and I’m completely mind blown. So much of this resonates with me in so many different levels. I don’t feel as lonely anymore. Let everybody know that I’ve found more Wonder Women!!!
Absolutely love Lisa + Women of Impact and was so excited to see the latest episode with her and Tom talking about their insanely successful relationship!! I’ve been a huge fan of Relationship Theory, Impact Theory, and this show is no different - always dropping bombs of wisdom in every episode! Keep up the great work
Oh my gosh I’m so freaking happy relationship theory is back! There’s very little content of real, happy, long lasting couples sharing what works and the truths of relationships. I’m 26 and single so this is so helpful for my future intimate relationship. Thank you!!!


She is awesome and her energy is great. Love that she’s real and speaks openly and even cusses if she feels it. One downside is the background music that plays during the episodes. It’s loud and distracting and wish there was a way to either turn it down or turn it off so I can concentrate on her words better. Keeps me from listening to the longer episodes. :(
Lisa, thank you so much for this podcast! I get little bursts of joy and inspiration when I listen to you talk and share! You are such a lovable human and so open and real. I also listened to your interview on Jay Shetty’s podcast, and WOW! It was so inspiring, I can’t wait to hear the four of you! I’m a 48 year old woman recently married for the first time, and I’ve gained a lot of insight from this podcast and from your past relationship theory podcast. I love how tender and tough you are. I deeply appreciate the role model that you are for others in your relationship by not putting up with “BS” in your behavior or Tom’s. You are a role model and mentor for me and so many others, I’m sure. Thank you!!!
I first started my mental health journey a few years ago by listening to Tom on Impact Theory. Then Lisa came out with her incredible show and I couldn’t be more in love because for the first time in my life I have someone to look up to. I’ve been depressed most of my life because I didn’t have a vision of who I wanted to be, until I discovered Lisa. She’s loving, accepting, and compassionate with not only others, but also herself. She’s shown me how to love myself for who I am through the conversations she has with other women and by being raw and real with everything she does. I guarantee that Lisa can help others inspire change and happiness in their own lives through her heart and her words. ❤️ You go girl! ✊🏼
I love everything Lisa does. I’ve been following her and her husband Tom for a few years. So great to see Lisa spreading her wings and owning this podcast like the champ she is. Everything here is well researched, genuine, deep and actionable. Thank you Lisa. Keep up the great work.
Thank you Lisa Bilyeu for this podcast I absolutely love it. I think you’re so inspiring and I really enjoyed the episode with Brenda Gilbert that I recently listened to. You women are truly amazing.
I am new to the podcast community, I’m also a 37 year old mother, Entrepreneur, business owner. I wanted to say thank you to Lisa and all of the guests...for me, your podcast challenges me yet also more often than not I feel like “Yes, finally, someone is saying what I’ve been thinking for soooo long!” Thank you for the raw and thought provoking conversations on topics that are hard and uncountable and for making it real!! Thank you for encouraging me to be “The Hero of my own life!” It’s something I can share with my 15 year old Worrier princess of a daughter. Once again thank you and much Love! Alyse
I so loooove listening to Tom who in my opinion is one of “THE BEST” interviewers evvvver, he has introduced me to people I have never heard of and helped me see things in a different light. Here you have the other half of him in his wife. Excellent, quality topics, interviews, and content. Love me some Bilyeu’s ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lisa, I’ve been on quite the journey for almost a year now, and as I’m about to turn 40 I’ve realized how much I’ve missed out on life due to indoctrination of beliefs. I sooooooooo thank you and your wonderful husband for the work that you do; you have no idea the IMPACT you’ve had on my life. Thank You! 🙏🙏
WOWOWOWO the rawness of today’s podcast hit a very near and dear soft/guilty spot in my soul. I love y’all for being so transparent! And to know that I’m not alone in this is just making me tear up. I will meet all of you ladies in person someday and thank you in real life! Xo
When I first saw you had a podcast, I thought—“women of impact”—I thought this would be really feministic and I really wasn’t into something like that. I am absolutely blown away by your podcast and have loved the guests you have on!! I started out with your husband’s YouTube channel and liked when you are on. Thanks for doing what you do—inspired by both of you and absolutely love your podcast!!!!