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How was this podcast? I'll never know. I put it on to go to sleep but the pleasant tones were broken every 5 minutes with "for only $15 a month..." Bite me. Deleted. One star.
There are way better ways to monitize your podcasts other than obnoxiously interrupting the music every few minutes. Get creative, do some research, work with the artists, and you'll stop driving people away so quickly. Getting people to pay $15 a month for free music is a big ask.


By apt342
It's not commercial free. Every five minutes they tell you that in order to get a longer commercial free listening experience you have to join now. Join now. Join now. Deleting now.


I like it a lot but please remove the comments with commercials - otherwise you're misleading with the details saying "no commercials". People download podcasts because they are free. if you want to pitch your sale you won't win here, there are millions of others who have great podcats but they are not pushy. Please change.


my opinion of this podcast is that the music is mostly awesome but the commercials are excessive ...way I have NEVER heard a PODCAST with a commercial between EVERY CUT... and even if I did want to pay for a subscription the prices listed are excessive too.
This would have been great based on the music alone, but instead the podcasts interrupts the "ambience" every 3-5 minutes to urge you to pay for a subscription. Completely ruins the point of the podcast and is impossible to listen through an entire episode.
Downloaded podcast based on reviews promoting the music. While the actual tracks are good, the podcast creator interspersed obnoxious sales pitches in between every one, making this podcast useless for relaxation or meditation. Stay away, or stay for a laugh when the announcer concludes with "We are not evil." Really, now?
I'm a really strong at critic reviews. I NEVER give 4.5/5 to something I like but WOW! Those tunes really get me down right mellow and feeling good about my life. Got to pump some more samples for your fans! And hears a tip, try layering your promo over the music so no one can edit it out. I hope to see more tracks soon! 5/5
there are too many commercials. You have to pay to get commercial-free podcasts.
This is an innovative and deeply textured audio experience. Try it, you'll like it! :-)
Very atmospheric and mellow. I love to relax and sketch while listening to this music...helps me to unwind.
True ambient!
actual ambient for a change. mostly the genuine thing.
This is a great podcast. I really appreciate that there seem to be no bongo drums or howling singers in the background! I will recommend to other listeners too! Thanks!
Excellent podcast! Look forward to new episodes of this one. Always good selection of good chillout tunes and variety!
I'm suprised that I am the first to leave a Review. I believe I have been listening to this podcast since its inception and I really enjoy it. I enjoy the ambient and down tempo sounds especially. Keep up the good work. I look forward to more podcasts in the future.