Tilted: A Lean In Podcast

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The most outstanding podcast I have ever listened to. Experienced and intelligent experts share their research and concrete ideas how we can each make a difference in our lifetime and make life better for the next generation.
I hesitated to listen at first, expecting a heavier lecturing hand. I like to be in 'the mood', the right 'headspace' for some podcasts. However, this was surprisingly light! It really is a 'soft rock' kind of podcast. I turned over the first few episodes in my head and couldn't see how you would come out of it in a worse mood than you had when you started. btw, Is this what a healthy workspace feels like? It's wonderful T_T


By Magen W
Great insights into how we can work together across industries and around the world to level the uneven playing field women face 💪🙌
I’ve been struggling with ALL of these issues while working in tech. I’m a co-founder and the only woman on the founding team. When I try to argue my points, it forces me to argue even more, speak louder, which leads to the men on the team asking me to calm down. I’m constantly being interrupted, talked over, and when the topic of hiring another female is brought up the men are flabbergasted. Why hire a female? Why not hire the best candidate (implying that it must be a male). When it comes to important emails I’m often not cc’d. In remote teams, how do you establish respect?
Nothing but banal platitudes in the latest episode on likeability. Also why the host chose to interview a Republican strategist, when this party has thus far taken a cowardly stand on women's rights, equal pay and issues of gender, is beyond me.


Has a biased agenda
I am so excited about this podcast series!! It was inspirational to hear about Eva Longoria’s story in the film industry! & refreshing to hear book authors, leaders and Sheryl answer men questions. It’s is not enough to be respected but to also be liked/noticed! Can not wait for more!!
Important discussion! From the #MeToo movement not making men feel fragile, to understanding the dualities of perceptions that exist when women and men reach high levels of success. We need to have these conversations as society moves forward to embrace new paradigms of BEING HUMAN fully for everyone.
A very insightful look into the current state of women in Hollywood. It was so refreshing to listen to how these women work together in such a positive way and persist in the face of any type of adversity.
I thoroughly enjoyed this first episode. It was an inspiring look behind the scenes in Hollywood. Can’t wait for the next installment!
Engaging host and important content!
Awesome first episode! Can't wait to hear more... Just subsrcibed.
Great discussion on women in Hollywood. The good, bad and ugly. Candid and honest discussion about the roles women play in making Television and Movies - and how those choices effect perceptions of people in the real world.
Love the first episode. Can't wait to see what's next!
CANNOT WAIT for the first episode!
This podcast sounds like it’ll have a great approach at busting gender bias, especially in today’s society. I’m very excited to be enlightened by such an amazing lineup!
An important podcast everyone needs to hear! I can’t wait to share it with friends and family.
Yeah! Great initiative.
The times are a changing. So glad you’re shining a light on how the decks may be inadvertently stacked against women.
Really looking forward to the thoughtful conversations promised in this podcast - can’t wait!
This sounds completely awesome — I’m really looking forward to when it’s live.
Can’t wait for this to launch!
Great trailer! Can’t wait for the first episode.
This sounds great and I can’t wait for the rest of the episodes!