Reviews For Wireframe

As a graphic designer working on a small team, freelancing, and not having designer co-workers to get into the types of discussions that are covered on this podcast with, it’s a great resource and inspiration to listen to this while working. Thanks for the great conversations.
my ONLY complaint is that the episodes aren't longer and more frequent. i love this show.
Great conversations about the impact design has on so many aspects of our lives. Binged all 3 seasons in one night. Can’t wait for more!
Out of 20 or so design/UX/AR podcasts on my radar Wireframe has made its way up into my top 5. Nice tip about Scener- can't wait to try it! Pleasant conversational style and a good listen to ease into my Monday morning
Whether you’re well established as someone who can translate creative energy into the impact you want to have on the world, or just getting started as a catalyst for change - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Khoi does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving career in design - and life you can be proud of - from leaders who’ve actually walked the path. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
I’m not sure who this podcast is made for. It seems like the only people who are interested (in my experience) are people in UX, product or related fields. The content, at least for me stays at the 30,000 foot view, like a really good introduction l, but as a UX designer I have more questions and want more information. It just misses the mark for me.
This show is tremendous. I love to listen to it. It makes me smarter and the guests are great. However, sometimes it’s far too obvious that Khoi is reading. And if he’s not, then he takes on this ‘reading’ voice that’s very contrasted with the conversational speed, tone and sound of the other voices at other points in the podcast, and even very contrasted by how he sounds when he’s just talking. Hope this helps!
Well produced and informative show. I look forward to listening to it every week. Topics are varied and the experts interviewed always have something on point to say. Personally it’s been helpful as I take on more design responsibilities at my company. There a couple of things I’d like the see the hosts improve. Enunciate clearly; sometimes it’s hard to clearly the name of an expert you’re referring to. The show notes on the Gimlet website should be more comprehensive instead of linking to the Adobe blog. And don’t ask your audience to fill a survey about the show when really it’s a survey about Adobe products...
Just listened to the episode on electronic health record UX design, and I just want to point out how lazy this reporting is. Clearly they found a few squeaky wheels, did 5 min of research, and assumed what they were trying to prove. Suggesting that EHR vendors only think of billing depts, not physicians, is naive and simply false. It's an easy, pot-shot narrative, but the shame is that there are very interesting things you could say about the design of EHRs - clicks matter, physician burnout is real, UX is a critical challenge. But this isn't that story.
In the first episode, the host says if you need a manual it is bad design. Ironic coming from Adobe, whose products I have never used regularly because of the overwhelmingly complex interface. And it sure seems like the “host” is doing a lot of reading, while the “producers” do the real work. Give them the credit they deserve.
To a point that all conversations feel inauthentic and the over emphasizing of the host is all tell no show.
I love the thoughts and information Khoi brings to this ongoing discussion of UX design. The one little thing that makes it a bit of a cringy listen at times is the overly scripted dialogue between Khoi and his guests. It would have a much better feel if it had more natural conversations.
I put off starting to listen — will it be too basic? too dorky? — but Wireframe is on-point and well produced, as expected from Gimlet. I agree with other reviewers that the Adobe branded-ness doesn’t feel like an imposition, and that the scripted dialogue is my least favorite bit. I’m casting my vote that the show’s audience can handle a bit more complexity. Two instances that illustrate what I perceived as missed opportunities: 1) In the Civics episode (#2), the point was well made that good design is iterative... but I was sad that they didn’t quite land a key point about the Boston 311 solution: between the users, the city employees, and the technology, the processing effort of matching ‘what is the user asking’ to ‘what can the city do’ has to go SOMEwhere. Each solution they covered put that burden on a different one of those 3 components. Only recently has machine learning gotten good enough to shoulder the processing burden, allowing users a natural input without overwhelming the city employees. That part of the story is interesting to me and was elided. 2) In the AR episode (#4), I was really surprised that Pokemon Go — perhaps the only use of AR yet to crack the mainstream slightly — wasn’t mentioned, even after teeing it up with a mention of an AR graffiti “scavenger hunt.” Games are often conceptual test beds / vectors for social acceptance, and it would’ve been nice for that idea to get a nod. Overall, I will definitely keep listening!
Initially, I was disappointed by the first episode which was essentially Design 101 and pretty simplistic. I don’t think you need to be a designer to appreciate ideas and questions about design, but I was hoping to delve into new territory and new voices from the design community. By episode 6 it’s starting to get there. While I’m still familiar with many of the guests and their work, I am hearing some new voices and perspectives that go beyond the already well covered stories around ethical design and emerging technology. I’m looking forward to future episodes of Wireframe if they continue on this trajectory. I could also do with a bit less of the scripted dialogue which feels out of step with the Gimlet style, but I will continue giving it a chance.


A pretty entertaining add for Adobe
There’s already a podcast about design - it’s called 99% Invisible and it’s pure perfection. They did your 3 mile Island alarm story 9 months ago. Come on, Gimlet, you’re better than this. Don’t steal someone else’s podcast concept and story ideas and claim it as your own.
Interviews with designers can be fantastic, but the storytelling style that makes for so many compelling Gimlet podcasts is in full fidelity here. Khoi and his producers shepherd us through well-curated deep-dives on how ux design permeates our conscious —and subconscious— existence. Thoroughly enjoying this by-designers-for-designers-and-everyone-who-interacts-with-human-centered-design approach to the content (hint: it’s for everyone.)
I love the DESIGN of this show! Really easy to listen to. Great job guys!
It was a well produced podcast, but like other commenters I feel that they did not dive very deeply into design. It was a good high level description of what user focused design was, but I wish it had been more in-depth. Also the music was not well balanced with the podcast, it was overpowering and distracting at multiple points in the podcast. I’m excited to hear future episodes. This podcast is covering a very interesting topic and has a lot of potential, I really hope it is able to live up to it.
Technically flawless as you would expect with these participants. But is there no alternative to the fake — i.e. scripted — conversation? Amy: "Have you seen it Khoi?" Khoi: "Yes, I've seen it." Amy: "That's good, because otherwise we'd have to stop the podcast while you did your homework..." (OK, I made up that last bit.) It's what makes NPR unlistenable to me now. Maybe I just have an allergy...
Engaging, great pace and neat information. Can’t wait for the next episode!
It's a branded podcast produced by Adobe, but other than the one explicit commercial break, it does not feel like one. I really enjoyed the point of view expressed in the first episode about how people tend to blame users for mistakes instead of blaming the bad design that lead to those mistakes. So far I am really enjoying it and am looking forward to more episodes.
Fantastic! Truly engaging stories of how the craft, execution and consequences of interface and user experience design impact our everyday lives in ways big and small. Khoi Vinh is the Ira Glass of human centered design!
Very high production value, but it's definitely geared towards those new to design as they discussed basic topics and examples. I'd hope they venture in to less saturated areas of design in the future, but seems promising.