Pretending to be People

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I’ve given quite a few actual play podcasts a try since falling in love with the Glass Cannon Podcast, and almost all of them have been unable to hold my interest. This one is different. The guys do a great job of creating an engaging story. There are no pointless battles for level grinding or other fluff like you find in a lot of other podcasts. Only the good stuff
I found out about this from the Glass Cannon Podcast subreddit. I’m a big pathfinder and dnd nerd and never played Call of Cthulhu or this version. But, they make it easy, make me want to play, and the story is absolutely insane. Amazing job, I listened all the way through in a week and will keep doing it. Keep it up!
This podcast is good. GM is good, players are good, theme song is good.
I found out about this podcast through the Glass Cannon Podcast community and love it so far. I’ve never played Delta Green or Cthulhu games but this group makes it very easy to understand. There’s great chemistry at the table that leads to great interactions and immersion. They hit a great balance between navigating a really deep and twisting story with lots of good lines and some really, genuinely funny stuff. Thanks for putting this out there!!
Really high audio quality, interesting story, fun system, great chemistry between the hosts, there isn't a whole lot more you can ask for out of a gaming podcast. If you are at all into Call of Cthulhu/Delta Green type games, enjoy comedy horror, or just like actual play podcasts of any type, you should really check this one out.
This podcast is up there right next to Adventure Zone. The episodes go by so quick, the worst part of the show is waiting a week for another episode.
The 19 episodes went way to quick for me I can’t get enough. The show's quality is high and they all play off Each other well. The story is good and has you guessing not having any clue what to expect. On several occasions they have had me laughing so hard I was either 1) crying or 2) my side hurt.
Currently on episode 9! The storyline is great, the podcast itself is done really well with amazing audio, and dynamic that these guys have with one another is amazing. Listening you really feel like you’re in the story watching as a fly on the wall. Can’t wait to listen to more.
Loving this podcast - really good quality editing and audio. The best part is the dynamic these guys have - they do a great job of recreating the experience of a great fun night of RPGing with a bunch of your friends.
A really great listen if you love DnD podcasts that have a strong narrative focus. Really fun for those of us that care more about the mystery than about the mechanics of dice rolling. This one has a mix of good humor and a pretty chilling storyline.
I downloaded iTunes again just to write this review. The mystery is inticing, the crew is hilarious, and the horrors are horrifying. It's early yet, but they might be giving Neoscum a run for their money when it comes to RPG hijinks. I've listened to the first three episodes and I'll be clamoring for more. Oh, and the theme music is some of the best around. Great choice, guys.
Excellent audio quality and backing music. Great for RPG lovers or anyone that just enjoys a nice mystery story. You make me want to do a Delta Green campaign with my RPG groups. I can’t wait to see how you guys progress!
Great chemistry and surprisingly solid production value with a collaborative story that’s shaping up to be very promising. Looking forward to seeing how both story and podcast grow in the future.
HOOKED. If you’re looking for a D&D-esque podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously, this is perfection.
Fantastic podcast! It just keeps getting better and better with each episode! Who needs Serial when you can have this! Listen to this and you won’t be disappointed.
Great combination of humor and horror! These dudes know how to riff on one another while exploring the slow build of psychological and paranormal torment. Can't wait for the next ep.!!
Best thing to hit my ears in years! So funny and great for people who have never played a RPG or people who love them. 10/10. Excited to see where the story goes!
This podcast is so fun. I love The Adventure Zone and The Glass Cannon network and thought nothing would ever compare. Now I have another weekly campaign to enjoy!
This may be the world’s preeminent mystery/horror role-playing podcast. As a listener, you’ll laugh at jokes, feel a bit nauseated by the descriptions, and be entertained overall. The music and sound effects are great, too!
This is the best podcast. I thought I knew what podcasts were. Then, THIS. Why would you listen to other podcasts? I just don’t get it. It’s got role playing. It’s got hilarious dudes. It’s got drama. Just listen to it!! Be cool. C’mon. Niiiiiiiice.


The most fun I’ve had wishing I was someone else