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I never write reviews, but this is one of the best audio dramas I’ve ever heard. In addition, as a lifelong fan of Lovecraft I can say that this is the finest adaptation of his stories I’ve ever heard/seen. Please give it a chance, you will be pleased.
Take 3 different lovecraft stories. Rewrite them to a modern period. Drag it out to 4 times the length by adding dramatic music, walking around with a flashlight, gasps, screams and connecting it to everything imaginable. Then try to chain them all together. All while muddying the base story. Basically audio clickbait that ruins the story. I wanted to like this. But a story needs a start, a plot and and ending that resolves the story. Like so many podcasts, this just tries to string you along forever.
Hope there is more to come the two leads are great and the story done in this format is believable.
While the acting is good and the music/SFX are on point, I can’t recommend it. I love the idea of doing Lovecraft as a “true crime podcast”, but honestly these stories have so little do with Lovecraft I can only be disappointed, since “The Whisperer In Darkness” and “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” are two of my favorite Lovecraft stories.
This has been a great bit of fun!! I can only hope that there are more to come.
This is the first Lovecraft spinoff I’ve really enjoyed
There aren’t any great Lovecraft adapted movies or tv shows out there and so many podcast dramas are poorly acted. I went into the show skeptical, but was very soon pleased. Great acting, great writing, and really sets the mood well. I blew through all three seasons in less than a week. Looking forward to more.
Seriously this was such a great podcast. Brilliant sound production and sound design, great suspense, great voice acting. Great storyline. Season 3 went a little bit out there but I still appreciated. I love the format of a podcast within a podcast and the cast are awesome. It’s wild because the actress that plays Kennedy sounds incredibly similar to Julia Morizawa (who I love). Highly recommend this podcast
An amazing blend of Cthulhu Mythos and real life docu-dramas in the style of Serial.
Get ready for deep, dark secrets and a riveting yarn. Endless plot twists keep you on the edge of your seat while skilled actors and sound design paint a complete horror gothic world that seems to rise up just beneath our reality. To me this is one of the finest examples of podcasting as it uses modern journalistic techniques such as calls and recordings on smartphones to give a snap of reality as well as the feeling you’re hearing the story develop in real time. Well done and thanks to everyone involved. Bravo.
This is easily my favorite horror audio drama out there. The story, the voice acting, the sound design, the arcs between seasons, the integration of real world mythology and folklore. This is the gold standard for audio dramas.
This is a freaking gem! It looks on the surface like a crime-style podcast, but goes off the rails. Lovecraft, but with its own added mythology. Brilliant!!
I’m very impressed with the quality and effort put into this. Really gets your attention and holds onto it


Bearing in mind there aren’t any female characters in the actual story, the cover image they’ve chosen makes me somewhat skeptical as to its faithfulness.
Updated version of some H P Lovecraft stories. I went through both seasons with n a week I liked it so much. Check it out.
The problem I have with Lovecraft is that his stories are all atmosphere and no action. This podcast has a similar problem. There is action, but basically it is all atmosphere and no resolution. I find that ultimately unsatisfying. Plus! In one of his tapes Akeley said he’d sent a written account to someone he trusted. The only person he trusted was Albert the vicar. When Kennedy met the real vicar why didn’t she ask about this??? Or will this be the mystery that Season 4 explores? 🤦🏼‍♂️
This show is so good that some people didn’t grasp that episode 9 was intentional and apparently couldn’t wait a week for an explanation.
This is one of the better mocumentary stories out there right now. Retells The Case of Charles Dexter Ward and The Whisperer in Darkness in the modern day in the style of a true crime podcast. Really good and suspenseful, any Lovecraft fans should check it out.
I just found this podcast and I’ve binged it in an entire day! Please make more!!
This show is amazing! I haven’t been this obsessed by a show - radio, tv, whatever - in a VERY long time. Well done. Please make more!
I love the show within a show format. What’s real? What’s not? Hmmm. From at least one reviewer’s comments, I see your left some listeners perplexed. As it should be.
Amazing writing, well produced and acted. My only complaint is I want more! I loved the modern day take on Lovecraftian classics while keeping the integrity of the story in tact!
Waiting on tenterhooks for the next installment!! The best horror/mystery podcast I’ve ever heard! Love Radio 4 and can’t get enough. Brilliant. Highly recommend.
An incredible retelling of a classic... please do another season!
This is a must listen for Lovecraft fans, or fans of sci-fi/ horror in general. Superb pacing, slick sound design, a theme song that burrows into your brain like some Eldrich sound worm and stays there. The plot does a great job balancing staying true to the source material and updating the story to modern day setting. The first season functions as a mystery/ thriller then slowly shifts into the cosmic horror pioneered by the original author, and ends with hints of global conspiracies with sinister implications. Season two expands these elements to make a head spinning tapestry of true and fictional events including secret societies, real life ufo sightings, historical figures such as Alistair Crowley and Nazi Occultists. I can not recommend this podcast enough, you won’t be disappointed!


By ktp727
Great content, however someone needs to give the voice actor playing Dr. Eleanor Peck a mint or something because the smacking mouth sounds she makes are a huge turnoff!
I basically NEVER leave reviews on podcasts, even the ones I really love, but I had to leave one for both series of these great updates of Lovecraft stories. All of the actors were just great, especially the actress who played Kennedy, and the writing was solid all the way through. Can't wait to find out who knocked on *******'s door at the very end and what happens in ******** (ha, no spoilers here!). Great audio production, too, of course. Really glad I stumbled upon this one.
Oy! Too much explaining of the show BEFORE the show instead of just getting to it!! Then the lead narrator cuts in to explain some more just as we’re introduced to main character. Disappointed. Pass by this one.
The BBC has managed to update the form of Lovecraft’s stories while maintaining their essential creepiness. Season one is a close copy of the original and Season two has a more modern sense of paranoia. Looking forward to Season 3 and Innsmouth.
With the exception of Kennedy’s charater saying, “...and whatnot”, and “...or whatever” a bit too much for an investigator, a suspenseful dramatization of a creepy classic.
Really well-produced, interesting characters and storylines. If you like listening to a great story with well-managed suspense, you’ve found a couple of them here.
Incredibly smart and well produced adaptation of Lovecraft’s story. The podcast conceit really works and the updates and adjustments to the original story do it justice without being weighed down by, the at times, clunkiness of the original (I love the stories regardless, but Lovecraft fans know what I mean.) I can’t wait to start the next one. I hope they counting with Dreams in the Witch house or The Dunwhich Horror.
I stumbled upon the Whisperer in the Darkness and binged it in a day. Then I found the case of Charles Dexter Ward. Yep - I binged that too. The stories are enthralling. The production quality is top notch. If this were a book, I wouldn’t have been able to put it down. Thankfully I could still do my housework and errands with headphones otherwise my house would be a mess!!
This is the kind of story that will make you drive more slowly if you think you might arrive at your destination before the chapter ends!
Great podcast! Voice actors are amazing!
I love BBC radio dramas. This really is an amazing, contemporary retelling of a Lovecraftian story. The editing, soundscapes, voice acting are all top notch. I’ve bunged it all in two days. Don’t miss this series...Now I have to wait for more. Sigh.
I absolutely love this! As a long time fan of Lovecraft’s stories, as well as the Call of Cthulhu RPG, I think these are fantastic! Perfect sitting by the fire “ghost stories”! Hopefully many more seasons to come soon!
I listen to podcasts on my evening runs. Definitely gripped with this fantastic adaption, kept looking behind me every few mins. Congratulations BBC on an amazing job, only complaint ( hence only four stars) was last episode was a bit of an anticlimax and felt it skipped over some meaty stuff. Looking forward to next season. Thanks
This is pretty much the platonic ideal of a modern update of Lovecraft. I love the skeptic professor who sideeyes all the conspiracy craziness. Please keep her.
This is a very special podcast. I’m usually not a big fan of fictionalized true crime/supernatural podcasts but this one knocks it out of the park! The acting is natural and realistic, the sound design is amazing and the stories have be interpreted in a really clever and engaging way. I’m super excited for season 3!
I listen to a couple of different podcasts that try to tell Lovecraftian horror mysteries under the guise of investigative journalism (tan is, the black tapes, etc.), and while I enjoy them they always end up pretty messy and frequently have writing and voice acting problems. This podcast for the most part avoids these issues (the last episode of this season got a little jumbled but over all pretty solid). The writing is great, the voice acting, for the most part, is wonderful and the adaptation of Lovecraft’s work to modern times is fantastic (including working around the more problematic aspects of his stories), folding in real world, related stories and broader Mythos stories creating a more fleshed out version of the world Lovecraft was building. This show is great and I’m super psyched for shadow over Innsmouth.


By ice6996
For real what’s up with episode 9? Just a bunch of noise? Love the podcast
I really enjoyed the story. This is a quick listen and very fascinating. I found the dramatizations a bit distracting but overall a good podcast.
What is up with episode 9?
Great sound production, and voice acting. I love the story and the characters, they present an interesting mystery to the audience, and it really stands out from other podcasts
This is an amazing audio drama! For me this has been the most frightening adaptation of HPL I’ve encountered in any media. And honestly I think this adaptation scared me more than reading any HPL originals. Bonus: I’m from New England and actually write about the history of magic professionally—and the New England setting and guest academic both rang true.
These guys do a fantastic job of updating Lovecraft for the modern era, including some much-needed cultural appreciation for the “mad Arab” and other problematic elements from the original. It’s gripping, really fun to listen to, and all-around well done. Listen to it!
Amazing podcast. I was hooked on the first episode and binged the series in two days. Fingers crossed for more!
Beware of light Spoilers. Being a big fan of the original SCoCDW, I was slightly optimistic about this adaptation and while I don’t feel that optimism was betrayed, I do feel that “slightly” was a good amount for this story. Now, the acting and production values were stellar and I hope we get to see this cast and crew on other projects but I found the writing in this new version takes away what made the original such a compelling story. Namely the human tragedy of the Ward family. In this adaptation, the father is negligent, the mother is dead, and Charles is doing his best Damien impression. In the original, Mr and Mrs Ward are living parents who encourage their son’s interests until it becomes dangerous while Ward is portrayed as a good-willed researcher who finds himself in over his head and drowns. It makes the ultimate fate of Charles a tragedy as his parents are forced to live with the aftermath. There are other critiques. The introduction of more traditional Lovecraftian elements (the vast occult conspiracy that worships an unknowable entity) doesn’t have as much personality as the original’s smaller conspiracy of ancient Mafia-like Necromancers planning to use their abilities to accumulate enough knowledge to take over the world. The removal and alteration of the original Curwen and his background robs the story of one of its great set pieces. The story of the FBI raid on the cult house just doesn’t have the same ring to it as a group of Revolutionary War era vigilantes deciding Curwen must be stopped. There are other smaller writing fumbles that make this less of a good ride than the original but I do appreciate the effort the cast and crew to bring this story to life and felt they did the absolute best with the script they were given. Overall, recommended as a good Lovecraftian story but not as a good adaptation of the source material.