Dancing With Elephants

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Yes, that was intentional. This show is my favorite podcast (sorry, Chuck and Grant). Keep up the good work! Hey, where'd you go? No hide-and-seek! C'mon, Greg! I have faith in you!
I missed u guys so glad ur back =)
Everyone big or small would LOVE this!
Greg, Tonya, Nikolai and Caleb are wonderful and letting us into their home and letting us participate in their life. The listener feels they are really there, experiencing life in all it's diversity. It's wonderful to hear the conversations and the friendly banter. DWithE has a very high production quality. The output of this podcast is consistently great.
I can now say that I am all up to date on your show. I love it. mary from MN
I love this podcast, you do a great job! Matt from Pizza Go Here told me about your podcast. I live in MN, I am 14 and my uncle does the Ericast podcast! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Brandon
This review is long overdue! I LOVE DwithE. It is just the best family podcast out there. You get to hear from all members of the family. Nick and Caleb are just adorable! Greg and Tonya have awesome chemistry. Their conversations are so obviously true and real, not contrived or planned in any way. I've tried out a lot of podcasts and this is on my very short list of ones that will never leave my feed list!!
DwithE brings us into their family and shares not only their lives, but their history. It's engaging and has excellent audio quality. The massive quantity of feedback they get each week is testimony to the engaging nature of the show. I get excited every time I see a new episode in my queue.
I have tried almost every genre of podcast out there now and this one has become one that I look forward to most each week. It's always interesting from the beginning to the end.
This show just gets better and better every week. Greg and Tonya and the boys are so much fun to listen to. Thanks for the laughs!
Life can be a circus sometimes and Greg and Tonya give us, the listeners, a great glimpse into their three rings. From a mom and dad straight from the heart, they share their family stories with a wit and charm that is so genuine you immediately feel like you are talking to friends. And honestly, once you become a subscriber, you are :) PDL
This isn't just another audio blog about a family and their adventures. Very well produced, humorous, and once in a while its educational. Whether you have kids or not you should listen. R U Listening?
Dancing with Elephants is a great family-oriented show featuring Greg and Tanya from Chicago. They produce two shows a week, a regular show and a feedback episode. My favorite parts are the “Story so Far”, the interaction between Greg and Tanya in the second half of the regular shows and the feedback episodes. They have a lot of great reviews and description of activities of what a parent could do with their kids. One-hundred thumbs up! R U Listening?
Fun show, love the "here's what's happening so far" segment. Great family participation. A must listen to. R U Listening
Greg, Tonya, Nikolai and Caleb are the greatest new addition to my insane collection of favorite 'casts. This podcasting family keeps me and my family in stitches! Quite simply the best family podcast out there. R U listening?
DwithE is definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to entertaining family podcasts. I cannot decide which part I enjoy the most: the story so far, Nikolai's reviews (he has unlimited thumbs, you know), and the banter between Greg and Tonya (yeah, she Rocks!) with the podsafe music song. R U Listening?
A mom, a dad and two kids and their adventures make for an interesting show each week. Listening to the segments with each member of the family makes me feel like I am part of the family. I have a three ring circus at my own home and listening to DWE makes me smile because I now know I am not the only one. Thanks for the Smiles! R U Listening?
These guys do such a good job! And Nickolai and Caleb are soooo cute! I listen as much as I can and you should too! Oh yeah, Tonya Rocks! : ) R U listening?
Where else can you get jokes, reviews and science experiments? It's a varitable "Laughapalooza!"
I really of the show... Greg and all the gang do great work... 10 THUMBS UP!


LOVE this show!!!! Go, elephants, go elephants, it's your birthday!!!!