Find Money You Didn't Know You Had

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Nice to hear a succinct, produced finance podcast as opposed to a talk show-style one where you have to listen for an hour to get the same information. I learned a lot, and I appreciate that they consult women, not on “women’s finances,” but on money advice for everyone. Keep it up!
I really enjoyed listening to this podcast, great tips. I’m hoping, NPR and Chris Arnold will continue
I use a lot of these strategies but learned some useful new things and it gave me motivation to be a bit more active in keeping track of things.
This podcast has great tips and information that can be applied right away.


By hly876
Super helpful and I love how short and simple it is
I just loved this podcast for its clear and concise information in NPR style. Please create more!!!
I appreciate the tips...some of which I’m already using and some others that I will quickly adapt. Thanks!!
Short and to the point and incredibly useful! Sharing this with so many people!