Reviews For Blackout

Loved it
This podcast was so good until season 2. They started writing in twists for the sake of twists, and turning “heroes” into “villains”. I guess this was for the shock factor, but it was entirely unbelievable. Really sad about this, because I did love the first season.
The story is great but there are so many ads, even with the ‘subscriber edition’. Doesn’t happen with any of the other qcode shows I’ve listened to. But even for the ‘free edition’ there are a ridiculous amount of ads, more than any other show on any channel I’ve listened to.


This is my first review and I needed to do this. Please make more, this was excellent and I love that the energy you put into this shows. Great great job. Please more
Really takes me out of the story. Why pay for a subscription if I still have to listen to advertisements for other shows? I’ll find those on my own— let me enjoy the story I’m listening to, please.
Season 1 is outstanding. Rami Malek’s performance is really compelling, the story is suspenseful and well done. Season 2 is a bit rougher and less convincing but still a good story and an interesting expansion of the initial concept. One of the best stories from QCode.
Love the story line can’t wait for more!
Season 1! Holy moly I LOVED IT!! Incredible! I really wish they would’ve stuck with the Itani family on season 2. By the end of season 1, I was really hooked on the whole family. I loved them. But then in the 2nd season, it’s an entirely different family with the Itani’s here and there in the background. And although I don’t mind other characters, it was too soon to switch to another story and character viewpoint while also introducing new ones. I found myself forwarding to the parts of the Itani family on season 2. Rami Malek is is an incredibly talented actor. I could’ve listened to him the entire time. And what they did to him in season 2 just made me stop altogether. I had high hopes. Silver lining, it’s a really good story with exceptional acting and sound effects, so it’s not a waste of time by any means. I know that Rami is one of the producers so he maybe had a hand in it, but if I had him acting in my fiction podcast, I’d use that opportunity to the fullest. Too bad.
Season One was incredible, nuanced, believable and new. LISTEN TO THAT! It is as good as the podcast series “Homecoming” was. (initially anyway) Then the slog started, Season Two of Blackout begins with a new character jumping back and forth in time. Not horribly confusing but annoying. New characters, voices and names to learn, ok. New locales, also. I felt like I needed a map. Soon the teen voices and dialogue became grating. The script weakened as the characters at times seemed to be reading in search of verisimilitude. And spoiler alert- ah never mind, but for me it ended then in S2. With all the other apocalyptic series consumed now this one just faded in. The standard for any series, any format, should be The Wire. Stick to a tightly scripted story that gets somewhere and then ends, leaving the viewer or listener wanting more.
I made the mistake of reading the reviews for season 2 before i listened and i’m so glad i listened anyway! I don’t understand how you could not like the second season. It expanded the story incredibly well and included experiences that more Americans can relate to. There is no reason why a story about a national blackout would have to stay in small town USA. I lived the second season. Give it a listen and decide for yourself. Also Colman Domingo and Aja Naomi King in the same story!?!!! We should be so lucky. Great job everyone.
I bought a subscription but I’m still getting ads. What’s up with that?
i subscribed to the membership for a separate qcode podcast and have listened to quite a few without any issues. for some reason though with blackout i always get the same annoying ads it’s very frustrating and distracts from the story.
I absolutely loved this story. But need more…
I enjoyed Season 1. Season 2 reviews have inspired me to move on to other shows. May circle back later. ****** UPDATE: On 3rd episode of Season 2. I am enjoying it so far! It’s a new season more characters and locations. The location has changed from a small rural area to the city - different characters with different personalities and motives - like real life. BUT they do switch back and forth between locations.
Amazing first season but the second season has been a mess. I can only overlook the woke propaganda to a limit. The characters got very annoying. And the plot feels empty. Such a shame. Also they dumped a lot of the reviews because we are speaking out against the woke plot. The average rating was down to a 3.6 and raised up a whole point the next day.
Season 1 had me hooked in immediately & I couldn’t wait for the new season. Now that it’s here I’ve tried listening, stopped, and tried again to just find it boring, again.
Season one is actually five out of five for me, I felt compelled by the tiny town and the family we follow. However, my overall rating has dropped to three out of five because of season two, mostly for the character development. They’re one note characters and while that might be because we align (or at least should) with the protagonist Wren. However being an audio drama where we follow these characters independently, it gets old following these characters that don’t learn. Frankly the last couple of episodes where everyone decides to finally learn doesn’t seem rewarding but more of a choice of a rushed story arch. I’m on the fence about unfollowing the show. I am curious about Season 3, especially being a Texan, I’d like to see where they take the commentary especially in light of our recently power grid issues, but if they follow these characters OR if they regress or introduce characters that are one note again… I’ll pass.


By Rell118
I’m loving the show being born and raised in Boston and knowing an authentic New England accent these accents are comically horrible 😭
Hated these series and was only able to listen to a couple of them. I was very interested to listen to a podcast with life during a long term blackout, this is not it. The plot is unbelievable, the main character is annoyingly weak, leaving his family alone to run around in what would be a very dangerous time. Gasoline doesn’t seem to ever run out, even after a month? No one wonders from where the radio station is getting its power? How about natural gas? If natural gas production and delivery is helped by electricity then where are they getting all this from? Defies belief to them point of insulting my intelligence.
I devoured this narrative. The production and immersive sound makes the story enthralling. I can’t get enough of Rami’s voice. The characters are complex & the story makes you question the idea of good/evil, binaries in society, & helping your neighbors. Also *lol* at the Texas subplot (too real).
Each episode keeps me wanting more. Great storyline and producing. Can’t wait for Season 3 🤞🏼
I am absolutely loving the discovery of Qcode! I walk dogs everyday and have discovered a new fun activity to take with me!
I noted no true conservatives in this. Great job.
Season one was engaging and entertaining. Season two is a big disappointment Dash the two bratty teenagers and the entitled main character do not seem to be living through any sort of hardship whatsoever. It’s difficult to follow the characters. My biggest complaint is that Rami Malek is still on the cover art, but his character is killed off very early in episode two.
Basically, the first season is completely tangential to the main story. The second season is essentially rerouting the series so that it revolves around Aja Naomi King. One may as well start by using Wikipedia to read the synopsis of season one, then starting at season two. Congrats that the producers were able to contract Aja Naomi King! I wish they were able to do so at the beginning of season one so that it wasn’t a waste of time. I appreciate the background noise, but, it would be great to be able to devote actual cognitive energy to a compelling story.
All the sad, pathetic conservatives can’t handle this one. Well done!!
Does anyone else notice how they make the old timer patriots the bad guys in this podcast? This would be a great story without the wokeness. I am very disappointed
What happened? Season 2 is just privileged woke nonsense. Very disappointed.
Season one was compelling. It kept me engaged and I finished it within a week of discovering it. Season two…what have you done. Way to ruin what could have been.
I love this podcast. I have binged the first few episodes. So suspenseful.
Looking forward to more seasons.
I was so PUMPED to find out they were doing another season! A create binge listen!
Spoilers Included: Season Two is not “woke” like some other reviews are complaining, it just follows different characters and a different perspective. Unfortunately, the new story lacks in the same convincing acting, writing, and direction. Season One was groundbreaking in its sound design, and that shows up occasionally in season two, but the writing is so bad it’s not really worth it. Our new heroine, Wren, is an annoyingly one note character ineffectively written to be an anti-hero who never gives people second chances. Her lack of dimension is carried throughout the entire new cast, full of tropes, cliches, and strong/wrong choices. There isn’t enough character or story development. Season one worked because we got to know people, we got invested before they switched, but season two doesn’t give us the same slow build. There’s too many characters flipping between too many opposing motivations without any explanation as to what’s driving their motivations. Two terrible choices that highlight the ridiculousness of season two: the main antagonist having a comical speech impediment. Sure, all people can be all things, but when you’re creating an AUDIO show, every detail of the sound is important. Audiences have preconceptions, and I couldn’t help but compare him to the befuddled Elmer Fudd. WHY does that character have that affect, why is it important? Never addressed or answered, just a professor who is up to some ‘willy bad things fow no weason in his spawe time.’ And the most annoying choice *spoiler* is killing off Simon (Rami Malek) for no reason with a fallen branch. Even if your billboard lead doesn’t want to continue working on the project, but agrees to record himself getting killed off so the story and project can continue, kill him in a better way. It’s also hard to say he “stars” in season two when he’s in all of 10 minutes of the entire season. Clearly there was a contract dispute or something, but a fallen branch in a storm after surviving so much in season one is insulting to the audience and the integrity of the storytelling. If I wasn’t on a long drive with the whole season queued up I would have stopped there. Finally, some of the other reviews were complaining that the finale was behind a paywall (out for free now), but it’s just a bonus episode. And, if you’ve made it this far in a Podcast review, that goes to show you the quality of the writing this season. The finale is so lackluster and inconclusive several other reviewers didn’t even realize it was the finale because nothing significant enough for a finale happens. You have characters switching motivations for no reason and helping their “enemy” with no sense for “why now.” I wrote this long review because I’m bored and on vacation, and while I know it takes teams of people to build something like this and this changes nothing, I still hope that season three might be able to course correct. Season one was the first fiction podcast I felt matched the quality we see on video streaming platforms, it was great to have something so captivating and transporting I could listen to while driving or out on a walk, or listening to on my sound system (maybe repeated listening because I wanted to hear the sound design properly). I felt like this Podcast was really raising the quality and standards. So I’ll give season three a listen, but if the characters are just as flat, I’ll probably only give it an episode or two.
Why does it keep saying new episodes and there are none ?
Another great thing that goes woke! Shove it!


By EZ vibe
I love the show. However, if you're going to kill off a major character, it should be EPIC. The death I'm referring to was seemingly pointless, and very disappointing. Almost made me dump the whole show 😕
I’m new to this pod and I can officially say I’m HOOKED. I’ve streamed both seasons in a week….I can’t wait for season 3. I keep hoping that what happened to Simon will be a fluke.
Loved loved loved it. Ii was enjoying this but not interested in thee q code thing so will not be listening any more
It’s simply introducing new perspectives and stories from a different point of view. It introduced black people…Well done.
I really wish I’d read these reviews before getting invested in this. Season 1 is awesome!! However I couldn’t even make it to episode 4 of Season 2 it is so awful. Did they fire the S1 writers? Really disappointing…
Spoiler— Season one was amazing and was building to something great, but then season two went woke. They even killed off the main character. Someone should tell the writer that equity and representation has no place in fiction. It’s made believe. The writing sounds like a Tyler Perry script. Only thing missing is a weekend getaway, booze, and cheating couples.
I loved season 1 and was also liking season 2. I have been waiting for the release of the Vale episode for weeks now. Looks like it won’t be released for free. Really not happy about that.
Immediately below is my original review of season one. I’m five episodes into season two, and though the caliber of the season is a bit disappointing, I had planned to see it out. Someone just told me that the finale is behind the pay wall. Is that true? If so, I see no need to continue on what is already a mediocre season. So disappointing. My original review of season one follows: A brilliantly written and performed story of a world gone mad… a world very much like our own. Give it a try, and if you enjoy it as much as I did, give it five stars, and a review if you want. It would be fantastic if more content of this caliber was made.
Loved listening but got turned off by the qcode membership shenanigans for the last episode. Im too cheap/lazy to subscribe/pay for more things. Im sure the latest episode is great but i will never find out.
Just finished Season one. Great story line, very riveting. I made sure to tell my friends - starting season 2!
It’s been real nice to listen late at night taking care of our new baby. Entertaining. Give a listen!
The way Season 2's plot move the characters to the heart of the local conspiracy was completely unbeleivable. Also the frequency of commericial interluds has made listening a chore. I'm giving up.
I feel terrible even writing this but Juliens voice/accent drives me insane. I wish they would’ve picked somebody that spoke clearer.It’s also frustrating to hear the same credits at the end of every episode. I think if we are listening to this as a series we should either get it in the first episode or all at the end 😬
Just finished Season 2 Episode 8. Can’t wait for Season 3. Hopefully it comes out before the power goes out.