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Just started listening yesterday, so glad I found this podcast and insta page!
As a new mom I’m so glad I found this podcast to keep me company on my morning walks. Thanks girls!
I love these women . I love their instagram (not on fb but sure that is equally helpful) and I love this podcast. I am a FTM ; 9mo PP. I found momworthy a few months back and nearly cried . Every single new change,emotion,thought,difference in my body,"issue" with my husband , every single thing that is so different about my life since welcoming my son , that seemed lonely , that seemed personal, that made me feel as if nobody understands me anymore .. was right there & is in these podcasts. I feel validated . I feel stronger . Thank you ladies for creating a community & being so transparent and honest . ♥️
I love listening to these three because I love the topics they cover, the realness, and the diversity between the group. As a new mom, I have enjoyed this podcast and will continue to be a devoted fan! Keep it up girls!
Just found this podcast and I love it!! So relatable! I’m a momma with a 5 yr old and a 9 month old. Thanks!!
Well I’m a dad so these are fun to hear. Reality is this is a moms life. I loved the financial consulting podcast a lot. It’s near and dear to me and my wife to teach our boys fiscal responsibility. Keep crushing it ladies. What a great resource for women!


I feel like I am hanging out with girlfriends when I listen and it’s just the best!!


By NCD0611
So I’ve NEVER listened to podcasts but I stumbled upon this and I’m hooked. I think it’s so important to know other women are in the same boat because we’re almost too scared to show our true selves! Keep it up ladies!
I’m not a new mom, my kids are not as young as there’s, and things have changed!! Here’s the catcher I still love listening, why because there is so many new things that are happening when it comes to kids and I really enjoy hearing it all! I also really enjoy hearing that I’m not alone on certain topics! It’s a great podcast no matter how old or young your kids are! Great job ladies!
LOVE this podcast!! I’m a new mommy and sometimes just need someone to talk to and well these girls do all the talking I need to hear!
These ladies talk real mom talk and don’t hold back. I find myself laughing out loud and talking back with them like they are in the same room with me! Actually, I think we should just be best friends!
I’m not a Mom yet, but the girls are so fun and relatable! Great listen and feel like I’m learning so much for future motherhood.
As a young, new mom, it’s good to hear these things - feels like I’m hanging out with some girlfriends! I’m catching myself trying to chime in on the conversation, but then I remember I’m listening to a podcast 😹
I was so happy to find mom.worthy. I find myself agreeing with them out loud while driving to work. So relatable.
I’d never really been interested in podcasts until I came across Momworthy Instagram account. I’m a first time mom and I question EVERYTHING I do. It’s nice to know these mommas have gone through and are going through the same experiences I am. I continuously catch myself saying to myself “yes I can relate to that.” I look forward to new episodes and I appreciate all the helpful tips and advice from this pod cast!
I love getting to listen to all things mom’ing. Being a first time mom there are so many things I can relate to or not in these podcasts. So it’s so fun listening to these ladies’ opinions and experiences on all these things! I always look forward to seeing new episodes pop up. Excited for any future interviews that they do as well!
Cute podcast I actually love hearing the babies in the background! The girls seem really nice and are very open. Looking forward to more!
This is a great podcast for mamas - it helps you know you aren’t alone with the struggles of mom hood! Plus you’ll get a good laugh or two while you are at it ☺️😉
I might be bias- but I think this is the best mommy podcast ever. 😉