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Awful keyboard mashing destroys a great show. Knock it off!!!
These guys are great! Definitely know how to cater to pro players, as well as the casual ones like myself. Highly recommend!
New to the podcast. Love It!
I really injoy your podcast i play bf3 and it is my new fave fps keep on doing more i will also tell my buddys to lissen to ya all i know thay will injoy as i do
Iloove BFBC2 & BF3 and brodcast
Like Jesus at the resurrection, you're back. Thank you. Look forward to your podcasts. Please make your show longer and everyday. Bye.
Even though this podcast only covers the battlefield games, it's suprisingly interesting and informed me about many mods and features of the battlefield games.
This podcast is great. It's very informaive, with tricks tips and some humor thrown in there too. this deffinantly gets 5 stars, there is nothing like it.
Informative, exciting, awsome!!! Talks about stuff that I didn't know!
Guys Great job, Love BF2 and you guys are very well informed. I would like to hear more interviews with the top 10 players in the world, for tips and tricks. I listen to this at work on IPod and at home. I tech section would be great too, with console tricks and tweaks for video cards and performance. If you need anyone to help with that i would love to help
You'll be addicted to this and just be waiting for the next podcast... It's great!!! 5 thumbs up!!!
This is by far my most liked podcasts. I listen to some others more because this one isn't on but when I need my BF2 fix and I can't play then I listen to this! If you need BF2 information then this is the best place to go.
This is a great podcast for anyone who plays Battlefield 2, or is interested in playing. The hosts review official updates, upcoming releases and patches, and interview mod developers. Hands down, this is the best Battlefield related podcast there is.
i found this podcast to be very informative and actually helped me decide to buy the euro pack