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I drive. A lot. I’m also a history buff. I’m always struggling to find something lengthy that’s both excellent in content and quality, and this fits the bill. So much so, that I’ve listened to many episodes more than once. Due to the immense amount of information in every episode, I still learn something new when repeating. The narrator and various voice actors make this fun to listen to, and little touches like hearing native languages spoken, along with music and recipes from these civilizations just push this podcast over the top. Incredibly well researched and presented. If you’re looking for long form historical content, don’t hesitate to give this a listen. -You won’t regret it, and you’ll be surprised at how fast time seems to fly by as you listen. Thank you all for this fantastic content! -J
All of the episodes are well researched and brilliantly presented. For history lovers these episodes are incredible. Thank you for your outstanding work, Paul.
Incredibly moving, inspiring introspective insights rooted in history about the times we currently inhabit
I’m not generally a fan of podcasts whose episodes run multiple hours, but I love this program! As a writer of fiction I find inspiration in these accounts, which tell me things about these cultures I didn’t previously know. I had begun to despair that it was over when the Egypt episode appeared, and I am entranced all over again.
Great podcast.
The easiest way to praise this podcast is to name-drop from another podcast: The Director’s Cut - A DGA podcast. One episode features Oscar-winning director Barry Jenkins interviewing Oscar-winning director Adam McKay, and 16 mins into the interview they started to geek out on The Fall of Civilization podcast, they didn’t know the other were also a listener of this podcast and shared in that interview how much they enjoyed and learned from this fantastic podcast. Each episodes are detailed and well-written, and Mr. Cooper simply have the best voice and rhythm to present the material in a smooth and gentle way, like reading a good book. Every episode is like reading a good book. I think my biggest question is why Mr. Jenkins and Mr. McKay haven’t reach out to Mr. Cooper and collaborate for some content?
Love this podcast! Always learning something new. Worth the wait, but also hope to see another episode or two this year.
What joy in my heart when I saw the new episode on Egypt. Such an exceptional podcast…the writing, the music from those societies, the narration and voice actors. Everything is as good as it gets. First rate storytelling. Thank you thank you for the best historical podcast EVER.
I've heard each episode at least 10x. It is the best history content known 2 (wo)man
I’ve been listening to Fall of Civilizations Pod since the beginning, and I knew by the second episode on the Bronze Age Collapse that this show was truly a hidden gem. Not only is the production quality, narrative structure, and mixing great, the overarching trend/theme of the podcast stays on point in a way that many other podcasts struggle with. In other words, you can trace the implicit and underlying continuity that runs throughout all the episodes, despite their vast differences in time and place. This is one, among many reasons, that I am very excited for Paul’s eponymous book, which is set to release in Summer 2024. Without a doubt, the greatest virtue of this podcast is its ability to present these stories of decline and fall as stories, and whether for those who prefer to hear stories or those who prefer to read them, this podcast is truly gold!
You're back! I was concerned...from Iowa All our lovin' - you do good work
Can’t get enough of this. LOVE LOVE LOVE
Paul, you do a fabulous job at putting these episodes together and your voice is the best of any show I’ve listened to. Love your pacing and tone. Thank you for not interrupting each episode with blaring commercials! I have listened to every episode multiple times usually at night. Full of details, storytelling and most of all… my favorite subject-History. Please keep em coming. I look forward to the new one tonight-Egypt.


So excited to see a new episode. Truly a beautiful use of this new media. Your doing amazing work.


By Fjddidi
One of the best historical pods out. Rivals Dan Carlin.
I really enjoy these podcasts. You can tell a lot of work is put into them. I hope Paul continues to do them.
I like the format, narration, and voice actors and sound effects. Paul Cooper unfortunately tends to put modern day values up against those from hundreds or thousands of years ago. It’s hard to avoid it, but good history should attempt to empathize with the time period instead of condem.
I love this podcast!! It was recommended to me over a year ago. I greedily listened to every one that was available and waited for the next installment. That last one was April 2023 and I’m hoping this is a series that will live on. I appreciate the directness of facts coupled with a calming voice, the background sounds of ancient civilizations and the samples of music. I recognized links between Biblical stories and the ancient Persian world. I felt my blood pressure rise as I listened to records of conquistadors taking advantage of a newly discovered people. And I have explored more historical podcasts to fill in the spaces between episodes of Fall of Civilization. I think I’ll go back and listen again to the published episodes. Thank you for your knowledge and series.
I agree with other reviews that delight in the soundtracks evoking unimaginable lands. Sad that People’s hearts have not changed. What can we, what SHOULD we learn from other great civilizations before it is too late for America? Fascinating show.
From Paul’s perfectly measured, smooth, and soothing diction, to the most elegant and evocative musical soundtrack that never overpowers, yet always enriches and encapsulates the essence of the civilization at hand, to the perfectly cast, professional, voice acting of the quoted material, it is my favorite thing to drift into dreamland, or to listen to whenever I want to be immersed in the lives of the past.
Thanks for the great shows. Very entertaining and informative. Paul is an accomplished storyteller.
I discovered it two days ago, and Binge-listened to several, since then. As a History-buff, I appreciate how it is instructive, clean, and the Podcaster’s English is Gorgeously-spoken.
Each episode is an experience that I greatly look forward to. Incredible work, Paul.
Great work … my new favorite podcast
It perfectly overlays my pathetic, ever-failing, pointless existence. Oh, great pod
I’ve been searching and searching for a podcast just like this. Excellent storytelling, excellent music, excellent narration. As if history was told through poetry. No spin, no conjecture, no modern criticisms or grand standing. Only a speculative portrayal of the “how” and the “what” and refrains from delving into the “why”. This podcast puts history into context and will make you look around at your world with an alternative perspective. We always assume we are at the horizon of human civilization. That we sit on the throne of society. Never understanding that the ancient world assumed the exact same thing.
Great podcasts, very informative and in-depth. Love the Aztec/Mayan ones, and recently listened to the Khmer/Angkor Wat episode before visiting Cambodia, was very interesting to listen to the night before going to the actual Angkor Wat complex! 5/5!


By ImmeVu
Very well done in every way
Top tier. Thank you so much for the effort put into each and every one of these. I honestly wish they would never end!
This is one of the most engrossing and entertaining history podcasts I’ve found. Can’t wait for the next episode.
Masterful presentation. This has been one of my favorites for a while, he is very thoughtful about what he chooses to say, and clearly does a large amount of research. I learn something new every time I listen. Can’t get enough for this one.
The narration. The story telling. The ambient sounds. The amount of work that goes in to each episode is truly incredible, and noticed. 100% would recommend to a friend.
It captures your imagination, let you think and picture what it was like when the world was young. when civilizations flourished and fall and people died and lived in a completely different world. It is toled like an old and forgotten story. Sometime you remember that all these happened and it adds to the magical sensation of immersing yourself in history. The music augments the feeling and exceptional voice acting helps you to understand the context better. The creator of this podcast has invested immense effort and energy into this and his innovative approach to tell a better story is evident in each episode. I believe every history fan should listen to this podcast.
No other podcast is as detailed, as in depth, or as well researched. If you like history at all you must check this one out.
The host has an excellent speaking voice but it sounds like half the voice actors were found in the waiting room at a speech therapist’s office. Some people’s voices were made for blogging.
Mr Cooper, you are probably the best narrator of them all. I don’t love the voice actors that much because I can’t understand what they say. Your only equal is Mark Painter who does the History of the 20 th century podcast You both are great teachers and I appreciate your efforts
A good podcast. Lots of great information. The host calls himself a storyteller who wants us to feel what it was like to be a member of these civilizations, but he reads with no emotion whatsoever. Not that he reads poorly, he just reads like a historian. No story, no feeling, but interesting facts.
This series is unimaginably fascinating! Paul Cooper and his team are so good, I hold their work on the same level with Ken Burns. I highly recommend their YouTube channel: Fall of Civilizations. The cinematography shot for this series was done beautifully and is completely authentic and germane to the incredible stories being told. Too many of those YouTube “documentaries” will show pictures of Mel Gibson’s movie, Apocalypto while discussing the Mayan Civilization🤦🏻 His series is absolutely beautiful and my favorite historical series on YouTube and probably any other format. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
A little bit overproduced for my taste, but it’s informative and engaging. not much more you can ask for in history.
First found you on YouTube. I listen to pick some pieces of your episodes all the time while in transit. You’re amazing. Your research is easy to back up and well done, generally unbiased, and the stories you tell our fascinating. Thank you for putting your time and effort into this wonderful podcast.
At first I thought this podcast might be a bit boring by the serious nature of it, but I get completely lost in each episode. I learn so much, and feel like I’m better able to make connections across cultures and time periods.
Outstanding content. Well researched. Well organized. Interesting succinct overviews. Excellent audio quality with interesting narration interspersed with actors reading quotes from period writings. Grade: A+
I think this is my favorite podcast of all time….. and that is saying a lot.
These podcasts (and YouTube videos) are absolutely amazing. Incredible work. I’m almost embarrassed to say I listen to them most nights to fall asleep, not because they’re boring — the opposite, they’re so interesting and rich that I hear something new each time, and they’re quite soothing. No clue how many times I’ve heard each one now, but I love them lol. Way to go, Paul — keep them coming!
I absolutely love this podcast on YouTube or just audio. My favorites are The Sumerians Assyrians and Nabateans. I cannot get enough. I want more. I want more of Egypt and interactions between the cultures. Your voice is so peaceful I just let it soak in as I meditate. The voice actors are amazing. In one episode I believe with the Assyrians you have a poem read at the end that is so meaningful and heartfelt it reaches across ancient millenniums. Please please please make more.
Doesn’t seem like you learn much despite the narrator being very dry almost like he’s reading a book out loud to himself. If you are going to have people impersonate some of the greatest rulers of all time, maybe get someone who can actually project himself a bit with some ability to convey the characters’ personality. Sounds more like an ancient accountant recording supplies than a king or general. Seriously tho podcasts aren’t supposed to be audiobooks.
I love this show. The blend of facts and narrative make it a delight.