Restless Shores: A Podcast Soap Opera

Reviews For Restless Shores: A Podcast Soap Opera

Wow I’m so excited I discovered the show, it’s so fun and it reminds me of all the daytime shows that I’ve always loved —but no longer have time to enjoy on TV…Please keep going with this show I can’t wait to hear more stories!
I just started listening and I am so happy to have so many episodes to binge on. I love all of the characters but I think Miguel is my favorite. Keep up the good work!
Restless shores is a fun dramatic soap opera pod cast. The cast seems to have a sense of humor as does the writing. I love all the characters but Milton, Lorna and Rhonda have to be my favorites. I wish they were longer and I wish there were more to listen to!
Love this story but the music is terrible and the episodes are short. But, Please do not stop.
I am completely sucked in!! I have been binge listening all weekend. The characters are great and the twists and turns are fabulous!!!
Love listening to it every Friday. Lorna Roupp is my favorite character.
I’m hooked! Love listening!
I love the show! Keep it up. My favorite is Harlan the archeologists
Listen to the first two episodes and then try to stop listening. It isn’t possible. Great show really enjoying it.
On my third episode and I’m hooked
I'm already hooked, excited to hear the next episode!
I cannot wait for the next episodes! The suspense is killing me. Love love love the characters.
I wish the music at the beginning of the episodes wasn’t so long. Other than that, I love it!
Intrigued by this and will look forward to other episodes!
Ugh I love the billionaire intrigue. Let’s keep up the good story! 😍😍😍 I’m hooked.
Oh, dastardly things are happening in Gamote Point! Milton, Rhonda and Uriah are creating a web of blackmail and intrigue. Wonder where this will go???