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Love how you and your wife describe how you guys have differences but still truly love one another. Your guys relationship talks are great and definitely telling me where I’m struggling and where I’m doing things right. Thank you so much
First of all thank you, so so much from the bottom of my soul. Thank you for making the decision and taking the steps for sharing your knowledge with the world. It’s been about a month I have been religiously listening to your podcast, new and old. It’s been a transformative, life changing experience, after going thru panic attacks. I have found a passion in your work. I wish to one day follow your mission and teach others.
I would say JAY is the only person capable of creating such a huge impact on people's lives. First time I listened to his podcast I was feeling lost and scared of everything. I was getting through the harder time of my life and he just makes a line, before and after. He switched my mindset. He helps me to start to reprogram my brain and life. His talks and interviews are coaching classes, take your notebook and pen and start to learn. Be curious about all the good and clues he offers in each product and be honest. The path to knowing yourself better and becoming your best version is not easy and perfect, instead it has a weird taste, a thousand steps to take and a good amount of forgiveness with yourself and your past. Jay if you read this thank you! Thank you for helping with my anxiety, for guide me through my darkness and show me the way to light up my own road, to make questions no one made before. Thank you for giving so much good to the world. You rescue one part of me I thought was broken and done. Thank you a hundred times.
Jay. You are an inspiration to me, and all your listeners. I have been following you and listening to your podcast since mid 2019. Your passion and energy is infectious and you remind me to be more present on a daily basis. You are changing the world and helping make it a better place. Thank you for your service to the world brother.
I discovered this podcast a few months back as I started the journey of raising my level of consciousness & getting reacquainted with myself. I listen to it a few times a week & always find it to be extremely insightful! So happy Jay is sharing with all of us & can’t wait for his book!
Jay always seems to have the best timing on what topic to air. As if he just knows what one may be experiencing. He genuinely takes his time to study the community and bring together subjects that matter. He brings forth his own experiences but also levels out all corners of the world. I can’t get enough of his podcast. His humbling and generous advice and words of wisdom is much needed. If you haven’t pre-ordered his book, DO IT! And if you haven’t heard an episode yet.. DO IT. Amazing job Jay. Thank you for being you.
Jay your podcast are the best! You are helping me to develop my own content and the steps to overcome the procrastination of it all. Keep it up and I'll share it with anyone who will listen. I getting the book also
I love this podcast and am so grateful I came across it. There are so many important messages shared - ideas, insights, and fundamental truths. Thank you for your mission of making wisdom go viral! I have one small critique; the placement of the ad breaks is very distracting. They tend to occur right in the middle of when you or your guest are sharing a thought, and they're long enough that picking up the thread of that thought when you return is sometimes difficult. If there is a way to pay better attention and place those ad breaks at more natural breaking points it wouldn't be as disruptive. Again thank you for everything you're doing, it makes a difference!
Jay, thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with the world. Just heard your podcast about Procrastination and I loved practical suggestions that could be put into action. You do a great job of mapping out the necessary steps to take in order to overcome procrastination. This is empowering and educational. I also appreciate the examples you provide from your own journey when you started making your content. It helps to realize that everyone starts from the same place and everyone has a chance to create impact. Sometimes this encouragement goes a long way for people to understand everything takes time, consistency and a lot of effort. It definitely puts things into proper perspective for me. Keep it coming my friend. Much love and respect.
This is my first and only podcast I’ve ever tuned into and I love it! The content is so good that I come back and listen to the episodes multiple times to get all the advice/tips noted. All the different topics he covers are amazing! There’s all types of advice for self improvement, inspiration, healing, relationship, transformation, motivation, entrepreneurship, etc. I’m really happy and Jay shares all his knowledge with us and I’m happy to be contributing to making wisdom go viral!
Truly Jay’s ON Purpose podcast gives the right triggers that makes the concepts that I absorb through my mind connect to my heart in a natural manner. The end result is me immediately applying the learnings to my own life and it has been really transformative in me having a better zest for life.
Jay is equally as calming as he is inspiring. The parts of my life that give me the most grief are broken down into simple and manageable steps. Putting his wisdom into practice has enriched my daily life in so many ways.
I am an academic so sometimes due to my ego, I don’t love listening to people who act like they know everything. Jay Shetty is a breath of fresh air in the podcast world. I’ve listened to every single podcast and I love his outlook on life, his humility and his ability to ask the interesting questions. He’s able to get depth out of anyone! He doesn’t dominate the discussion big enough of him comes out in each podcast. The topics are applicable to everyone, Jay’s accent makes it nice to listen to and his mission is one that has inspired me already. Thanks for doing so much good in the world Jay.
I’ve been following Jay for a few years now and I must say that he has helped me through so much from the inspirational quotes to the building yourself and thinking like a monk. I highly recommend listening to each and everyone of these podcasts. It is most defiantly going to help you with anything and everything on how you’re feeling and how to else elevate them.
I found you on Instagram just when I needed to hear what you speak about in my life... I know that everything happens for and has a purpose in our lives... Thank you for being brave enough to see through with your dream about helping others. You work might never be truly understood to the depths of how much and how many people you have helped, but I thank you on my behalf... I use what I learn in turn to help those in my life that I love. Keep holding up the light so that so many more can find their way...
Love your temperament and soul. Thanks for all the teachings Please review my podcast too “ back in charge mindset podcast “ Thank you brother!
Every episode seems to be better than the last. Just listened to the interview with Jim Kwik, actually twice. Thanks Mr.Shetty for bringing thought leaders and teachers from around the world including yourself. Listening to your podcast brings me clarity and perspective. Simply... Thank you!!
I have learn soo much about myself and how to be better in life with these podcasts. I’m grateful.
I listened twice because it was that good
So generally, I listen to Jay while falling asleep, as his voice is quite soothing and content generally feels a bit fluffy to me...but when I listened to the episode with Jim Kwik, I had to put it on pause so I could listen when I was fully alert!!Awesome episode!!! Wow!
Haven’t missed a single one of Jay’s lessons. It guides me in every situation I need mentoring. 💕💕


By nicolec
Jay Shetty, thank you! Even though I’m 36, I’m new to podcast. I’m now a week in listening to your show and I’m finding these moments where I’m hearing information on your show that I need to hear in my life at that moment. It’s relevant. It’s life changing because I’m curious now, learning about new people, ideas and it makes me really think about who I am and what is my purpose. So with the my deepest gratitude, thanks for your work. You are a definition of a change agent! I’m authentically inspired.
I love how real this gets. Life is brought to the forefront; good bad, it’s all there. We all go through it. We need more Jay Shetty in our life! Thank you.
Hi Jay, we all love your outstanding podcast and learn a lot from your interviews with your amazing guests. I’m so proud of you! I would love you to interview these extraordinary people, in case you run out of ideas, so I have some suggestions.😄 Here is my list: 1. Dr. Joe Dispenza- renowned neuroscientist that teaches how to rewire our brain and manifest from quantum field. People need to get out of victimization into creation mode to heal from inside out. 2.Marisa Peer- famous hypnotherapist teaching RTT all over the world by addressing the root cause of disease and reprogramming the mind. 3. Dr. Jean Houston- teaching how to unlock your quantum powers, co-create with the Universe and change our perception of reality. She’s gonna blow your mind! She’s funny too! 😁 4. Sarah Prout- the manifesting coach has a different, more approachable way how to manifest in our lives and create partnership in creating with the Universe. 5. Dr. Mark Hyman- the functional medicine doctor that has a healthier natural way to treat all kinds of ailments with food and holistic medicine. 6. Danette May- weight loss transformational coach that includes meditation, diet and exercise to address the mind and body all together to help women achieving their weight loss goals. 7. Natalie Ledwell- the australian Mind Movie creator that coaches lots of people by using mind movies with subliminal suggestions that reprograms the subconscious to achieve health, wealth, happy relationships, abundance and so forth. You’re gonna love her! You’re number One podcast for a reason! Thank you for your humbleness, kindness and love, putting your heart and soul to show people that’s a better way to navigate this given life, to guide our creativity and growth, that we are connected between each other and the Universe and it’s never late to wake up from the dormant sleep, be the Universe in human form and becoming beaconing souls like you and living in the Light. 💞🙏
I truly love this podcast thank you Jay for what you do! Your changing lives! The best podcast I have ever listened to!
Hi Jay! I really loved Lisa Bilyeu so much! She’s an amazing human being. I can see why you love her, and why you became instant friends with her! Her personality just jumps out at you, and she just seems so grounded, and so kind. I never write reviews, but I just had to after listening to her! I have followed her and her husband on everything, since listening to the podcast. Where have they’ve been all my life?! If you could show this to her, that would be amazing. Thank you, Jay! Love you, your podcast, and everything you do.💗


No matter how bad my day is, the moment I listen to your podcast, it just lightens up my hope in every aspect of life. Thank you so much for what you do for us.
I am a big fan of podcasts and this is one of the good ones. I like most all inspirational, motivational podcasts and in my opinion, what usually makes or breaks them is the host. Shetty is a great host and interviewer and seems genuine. I’m sure his guests feel like his asks them questions that they haven’t been asked in the millions of interviews they’ve already done. To Jay: one thing I’ve noticed (I’m still listening to your older podcasts so maybe you’ve corrected this) is that a lot of times your guests talk about their books but never mention the name of them ! Or maybe you/they mention the name of the book once in the beginning and by the end, (when I’ve realized I want the book) you’re just saying “in the book”. Maybe put the book titles in the show notes or have them mention the title at the end of the interview also! Thanks for the great content Jay
Jay, and everyone else who works on this podcast, thank you. Your energy and passion is contagious and helpful. Thank you so much ~
“The world we see is what we give it, nothing more than that. As a man thinketh so does he perceive. Therefore, seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world.” So far I would say the above quote from “A Course in Miracles,” sums up Jay’s podcast the best. If you want to live a purposeful life in service of others, as I do, you need to change your mind - your perception; not work to change others or the world. Work authenticity in what you are. Jay does this extremely well. Fantastic messages for a purposeful life. I will certainly listen to every episode.
Jay has an amazing gift and an even more amazing heart! I love what he is doing in the world and has made me a better person through his insights and kindness! Thank you Mr. Shetty
I have been listening to ON Purpose daily for the past few weeks and man am I loving it! But I really loved this episode MOST OF ALL because you guys went in real deep with all the metaphysical talk it's truly amazing! The whole time you guys were going META I was screaming YES YES YESSS in my mind!
Grateful for this podcast! I feel better already and ready to improve myself!
We human beings come across those souls so fortunately, yet so rarely, that generate a spark within us to see what the naked eye cannot. You have changed the rarity of such meaningful friendships by instigating that self-love, self-awareness, and self-care in every person who’ve had the chance to hear and see you. Knowledge is power, but when shared with others it becomes powerful. Thank you for sharing with the world your lessons and your insights. I’ve embarked on this journey of self discovery and your voice has been a powerful guide. I’m hoping to have a chance to connect with you personally some day, but until then I look forward to hearing from you every week to inspire me to make an impact in my own life for a better present 🙏🏾
Thank you Jay Shetty for your spiritual wisdom and insight. I am on a spiritual journey currently and I’ve been searching for answers and teachings that are deeply connected spiritually. There’s a higher calling on my life. I thank you again for all of your teachings.
The episode I just listed to sounded like it was recorded inside of a tin can. So distracting I could not finish the episode. Very disappointing!
This podcast is by far the best I’ve ever listened to. Jay goes deep into what it means to live a healthy life in all aspects and causes you to truly reflect on your own life and where you’re at. Thank you for the life changing content, Jay!
You nailed my life!! My last 3 relationships especially. Thank you. This podcast for me has me thinking, writing and realizing I ve been holding myself back for closures I will never receive and must let go. This podcast was awesome!!!! Do you have any meditations to help heal after this podcast?
I have seen snippets of your content in social media for some time, but have not found your podcast until just now. In listening to “3 Reasons I Became a Monk” I can say I have found my first true mentor and I am so excited to immerse myself deeper into your teachings and wisdom. Thank you!
Thank you for inspiring every soul who listens to you and your well thought out guest Jay! My husband and listens to you often and share to whoever is ready. Long drives feels like a retreat for me because I get to listen to your podcasts. Your message transcends generations and are very uplifting, relatable, applicable and most importantly helps everyone understands the truth and purpose of our existence. Thank you again! Blessings and love❤️
Great pearls of wisdom in each episode. Always motivates me to make changes in my life. Finally consuming content that increases your emotional intelligence and asks you to be better for your community. Keep a pen and notebook handy while listening. Lots of helpful and actionable steps for you life.
Thank you so much for your enlightenment. It is so easy to listen and realize what direction I wanted to go but didn’t know the steps to take. The podcast on how to not fall in love fast hit me like a brick. Words and their definitions such as what love means to me, values, priorities and preferences, etc. All of it is pure gold!!! Thank you Jay!
I love how Jay makes a point to always give something practical to take away from each episode. My favorite piece of advice is his bit about “single-tasking”. I’m a horrible multi-tasker, so that made me more aware of the quality of whatever I’m doing. I’ve been trying to be more deliberate and intentional by single-tasking, and it’s been a great challenge.
Amazing content and one of my favorite podcasts to wait for new episodes to come out each week! 3 stars though because I feel some of the content is reduced because of how often ad breaks are given. Seems to be so frequent and half the show. Just when I get into the discussion there’s another ad.
I was excited to find this podcast to get some inspiration but I found this to be a bit too self promoting and gimmicky. Touches good ideas and topics of interest, appears to be nourishment but it lacks of real depth. Too much build up to get to the point and a lots of ads. Hope it gets better.
Listening to Jay Shetty during my commute early in the mornings has changed my life! He’s wise yet so simple in delivering his message. I’m a fan and I’m so thankful for his insights in life, love and everything in between! 💗
a podcast on esoteric ideas delivered very masterfully, how its directly aimed for those that are above middle class. nothing here is so enriching that a min wage worker can turn around and be a millionaire tomorrow nor in six months or in five years. i wish his content would take into account how limited options are for people working two jobs or stuck in rural regions without living wages or family to help relocate. its nice to have a fantasy land to visit and its not that nothing here is entirely inactionable but its definitely aimed at entreprenuers with more money than sense or other dissatisfied with their millions.
He has some much good interesting information. I like how he uses facts and information behind what he talks about. I am glad I found him in 2020 because he was just what I was looking for. I would love to meet him and keep up the great work. I am looking forward to your book. Not sure what to expect but listening to everything you said so far has been great. I can’t wait to see what it has in store for us. Thank you for being a positive person and shedding light on things. I’m glad your not a lawyer or doctor! I’m glad you found your passion and helping others. I am looking for that as well. I feel stuck and hope your content gets me passed that!
Happy down into my soul. Thank you, Jay Shetty.