BDE (Big Dyke Energy)

Reviews For BDE (Big Dyke Energy)

Rose and gala make the topics of doom and political strife almost enjoyable to hear with their witty humor, amazing pop culture weave-ins and Astro games. I love that y’all are doing this! I look forward to each episode, thank you! I recommend this to friends all the time
This podcast is great because the hosts are super knowledgeable and their voices are so incredibly calming. As someone fairly new into astrology and understanding my own birth chart this podcast is incredibly interesting to hear about the hosts themselves as well as pop culture. I find a comfort knowing that the hosts are dykes themselves. It would be nice to include trigger warnings on things as well as going into more of what a birth chart means. All in all, I love this podcast! Keep it up!
I love everything they have to say!!! I do think it would be cool to include trigger warns at mentions of things like self harm or ed at the beginning of episodes though 💕 5stars nonetheless 💕
I'm so excited that this podcast exists, and I can't wait to see where it goes.


By @etosha
I loved this podcast, their banter is smooth and smart. Excited to hear more episodes!!
This podcast is easy to listen to, fun and super gay. I’m excited for future episodes