Reviews For Parentland

I like the balance between anecdote / personal experience but love the experts (international) on parenting. IMO, above all - it's up to us parents to do with this information / insight as we please... after all the audience is international and multicultural, and the last thing I want is an universal approach to parenting... impossible... LOVED your podcasts on multilingualism (and biliteracy), THANK YOU!
They know to pick interesting topics. I am happy to hear what they say but often not satisfied with the depth. (More like they are chatting to each other, not discussing the topic scientifically enough with professionals). Agree with what other people reviewed, it is good that they provide the scientific aspect, but it is just not deep enough. I still listen to this to get some idea on parenting, if I have extra time. If my time is limited, this is not my top choice among parenting podcast shows.


Playground chatter for sure, too much cuteness. The introduction is never ending, I feel they have not enough to talk about. I do appreciate the science aspect but it’s just not deep enough.
I have listened to two episodes. It really requires people with some radio or podcasting experience. It just doesnt have the polish required for a successful podcast. Not to put down the hosts but really stick with your day jobs. Podcasting doesnt mean that any average joe can pick up a mic and do it. Have some respect for the medium and hire some professionals.
Interesting and engaging for this new mama.