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This is now my favorite podcast. I love the compassion and commitment that you can hear as they try to help. They do such a great job with interviews and helping recap the story. Thank you!!
Love how this podcast (both seasons) takes you through the thick of it as it’s going down. It makes me look forward to my commute.


Awesome story. Such gripping and suspenseful presentation. Clear that a lot of research and planning went into production. Just awesome. I’ll still keep it at 5 stars but after listening to most of season 2 it is clear that it’s not nearly as good. Not as much clarity in what they’re discovering. Which is weird because they hit it out of the park with season 1.
Best investigative pod I have ever listened to!! A MUST LISTEN!
Can’t stop listening. Excellent beyond measure. Very well put together. Brave and courageous fact telling.
Both season 1 and 2 of To Live and Die in LA are so well done. Stories are well told and presented in such a riveting way. Easily in my top 10 podcasts! Neil, you’ve done it again. Great research, writing and compelling stories.
This is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. It’s just unbelievable how immediate and raw and emotional and suspenseful it is. The best thing I can compare it to is Truman Capote’s masterpiece In Cold Blood. When I’m listening to it I think, this is better than any tv show or movie, this is the greatest medium for storytelling in the world. (Then I listen to a similar but lesser podcast and come back to earth).
My BF never listed to a podcast and on a road trip input this podcast on and hook and sinker he was addicted!
This was an incredibly interesting and well produced podcast. A tragic story of a young woman with bright future. Thoughtfully researched and told.
The commercial THAT’S GAME is that’s game and is that’s game which makes it hard to continue listening to the episodes which is that’s game. Sincerely, That’s Game


By bah644
Just found this podcast yesterday and I am binging. It’s interesting in that it is told in the order of the investigation’s findings, including when they chase leads that are ultimately found to be not connected but it shows how they chase down every avenue. Really well done and sensitive to the victims.


Well-told. Engaging.
Sad story. First four or five episodes were decent. Episode where they started accusing the mom of murdering her daughter…..lowest of low for content. Especially when they have copies of her passing a polygraph. Bad mothers don't deserve to be dragged like this for the financial profit of the creators of the podcast.
This is a great listen and how great is it that strangers are helping with this. I hope they find out what happens because It’s an important story.
I’m enjoying this but the “that’s game” NBA ads playing three times right in a row one right after the other is so grating.
Wow, just binged the Elaine story. One of the best podcast I have ever listen too. And I listen to a dozen of the true crime podcast on apple, weekly.. Outstanding, documentation, music, editing. All of it is superior to most of the crime podcast produced. To the Live and Die in LA team, you all are my hero’s for humanizing this poor girl and sharing her story with respect and dignity. I hope she gets justice.
If my child disappeared I wouldn’t let anyone breathe in their room let alone get rid of everything they owned. So sus it’s not even funny.
I got into true crime stories because I was stalked for years by an ex and when trying to find ways to cope came across these types of podcasts based on a YouTube suggestion .So although I love the first season , the second one is so insensitive . I think to myself if anything ever happened to me I hope my life wouldn’t be a hello fresh ad and speculations about one of my exes with a shady past . Please remember these people are not entertainment or a way to gain ad revenue . I hope the truth about Elaine’s disappearance comes to light.
Like we’re sitting on your shoulder each adventure! This is truly my favorite story telling type!! Unfortunate stories but holy wow!!!
Just recently tried listening to podcasts on my way to work and found this. Can’t wait for the net episode!
Why I love this pod: -clear compassion for and focus on the victim as a living person rather than a scintillating dead body -doesn’t add to the excess of man kills gf/wife crime stories -genuinely shocking twists -well paced — I disagree with other reviewers here about facts vs fluff, the smaller details help contextualize the larger ones to paint a full picture -impactful storytelling oriented towards helping bring justice to the victim, not just entertaining an audience for ad revenue -personable, endearing hosts who neither pretend at neutrality nor insert themselves too much into the story
The storytelling about Elaine’s disappearance is treated with empathy and care by the team and Neil. Neil uses his journalistic background to craft a story delicately in podcast form. A must-listen gem for anyone interested in LA, true crime, and artful compassionate reporting.
Great show, put together well, extremely well. ONLY thing I don’t love…at risk of sounding insensitive: The clips of Elaine’s “raps” are very….. bad (cringey) there I said it. Okay, weight lifted.
Just echoing a lot of the comments left here already but I love the work Tenderfoot does and adore Payne Lindsey’s work but this investigation and podcast has seemed extremely reckless. I am just as invested as other listeners in getting to the bottom of what happened to Elaine but the carelessness of how this has been produced is pretty wild - full name sharing, speculating, and shady journalistic practices- for real? The pod is worth a listen but the podcasters need to do some reflecting please
I’m so sick of how short season 2 is. 15 minutes of commercials and 15 minutes of an episode for a once a week podcast is garbage….
But the host, his wife, and the musician from Incubus come across as incredibly insincere and exploitative. There is also zero cultural competency in this podcast. The host lazily points blame with zero evidence and fails to consider any cultural factors (especially within season 2’s mother/daughter relationship). I honestly question the host’s motivation for doing this podcast.
I really love this podcast but I was way more into the first season than the current one. The episodes in the first season were much longer and allowed the audience to get more invested in the story. The episodes of the second season are so short that you don’t have time to get as into the story when the episode is ending. I wish the episodes would be 40-60 minutes like the first season because it slowed things to flow better.
Incredible podcast! On the edge of my seat every week and can’t wait for the next episode!
This podcast is awesome and I love to listen while working. I have looked for similar podcasts with this documentary style but nothing is as good as To Live and Die in LA. Hopefully more seasons come out after season 2!
For what it’s worth, I’ve listened to every episode in this new obviously I enjoy the podcast to an extent. So thank you. But this latest episode where we’re now following the plight of her cats? I mean I love pets, but this seems like a miss to me. Also, the strange shoehorning in of Billie Eilish’s chance connection to Elaine seems to me like it should have been a single line if it’s didn’t have any real meat to it. But hey, I’m not the one putting all the effort in that goes toward investigating and making a podcast so I’m in no place to criticize. Thanks for the good work overall.
I’m on the edge of my seat! I love the commitment to justice for Elaine, by brilliant and compassionate people.


Always late and not enough content in each episode. Every episode is filled with fluff - only the smallest amount of factual evidence that correlates with the case. There’s no need to incorporate snippets of the hospital room or anything about your personal lives. The Billie eilish piece was absolutely irrelevant too. None of this podcast makes sense.
I am absolutely blown away with this podcast, I anticipate every episode each week because I feel like I just can’t get enough. Everything from the audio, time, statements, and facts have been intriguing. I hate that I have to wait a whole week to be filled in 🤣 it’s sooooo good!
This is getting ridiculous. I actually really like this podcast but it's gotten to the point where you wait a week and then get about 5 minutes of content, a bunch of ads, then a cliff hanger. No Neil, you are not working for the victim, you're clearly working for money. Which is fine, everyone should be compensated for what they do, but it's so over the top. Especially considering they already said this whole thing took place before season 1. I really should just stop and binge it when the whole thing is released, but it really is good lol
I was a fan of the first season but I generally don’t like to listen to live airing seasons because I like to binge listen at work or while doing tasks. My qualms with this most recent season are the upload schedule and ads. There seems to be more ads than content this time around and the episodes are rather short and never released on their “set” date. The shows socials also don’t interact or respond much making it feel like a very disengaged experience.
Awesome podcast but please stick to the schedule you tell your listeners for new episodes!
I’m a huge true crime fan and I’m also very picky about which podcasts I listen to. Serial is hands down the BEST and OG true crime podcast, at least the trail blazing podcast and nothing comes close to it. Not even subsequent Serial seasons but THIS is GOLD. It’s in a very similar format without trying to be Serial. Well produced and laid out, the presentation is stellar and I’m eagerly waiting for more seasons. If you loved the first season of Serial, this is easily something you’ll appreciate just as much. Eat your heart out, Sarah Koenig (jk, ily still S!)
Major ethics questions here. As a reporter myself I can tell you there’s a reason there are so many voice actor recreations of phone calls and poor audio recordings that sound like a phone stuffed in a shirt pocket: people didn’t know they were being recorded (or didn’t give permission). This is problematic when the show is being written in a way to play up false suspicions. The disclaimer that no one should be considered a suspect feels like a cheap cop out when that is precisely what’s happening here.
These dum-dums think they’re in some kind of crime-solving movie. And I say this as a lifelong fan of Incubus.
Can’t stop listening, Neil is such a good story teller that you can literally picture what he’s saying. Binge-worthy for sure!


Literally binged both season and I want more. This saddens me how true these stories are…. You all are amazing with your investigations…. Totally recommend to al my snap chatters:) Can’t wait for all your future stories…
Show is amazing, however newly released episodes have no consistency. If Dateline comes on Friday nights at 9:00 pm, you know at 9:00 pm it will be showing. That’s what this podcast is missing.
Binged the first season and the second season episodes can’t drop fast enough!! Very addictive and well produced!
This is an epic story turned amazing podcast - my only issue is the amount of grainy, hard-to-hear landline phone interviews. You need to essentially be listening in total silence and still might miss crucial details. Would be great if these could be cleaned up for the sake of the story.