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TERRIBLE attitude from the mom 🤨
Great podcast tho!!!
I really think they need to check Mom and Boyfriends cellphone location history. You could probably find her, and/ or corroborate their story. I don’t remember hearing about that being done.
I truly enjoy the podcast! I think the case is expressed very well (in both seasons). The episodes fit in a way that tells a story, and keeps you interested/invested until the end. I also like the fact that the host (Neil Strauss) has a way of reminding you of the facts, as you listen along, without being annoyingly repetitive. I am impressed with his heartfelt reporting. He truly becomes involved & invested in advocating for the VICTIM. I can greatly appreciate that! Most of the time the reporter becomes overly attached to the family left behind… which is commendable, absolutely… but it can sometimes hinder how you assess a case… doing so can facilitate in missing facts, or over-looking key pieces of evidence. In the end, a case is about find justice for the missing person. It’s about telling their story to the best of your ability, representing THEM… all without them being there to do it for themselves. I think he achieves that! The only thing I can say… the thing that bugs me TREMENDOUSLY… the ADs! The first season wasn’t bad at all… probably has the least amount of advertising I’ve heard. However…. Season 2 is ate up with Ads that REPEAT & takes up 15-18 minutes from each episode! It’s actually RIDICULOUS! I almost wanted to take a step back from listening because I had to constantly watch the timeline progression… that way I could “fast-forward” by hitting the 30 Second button several times! It’s irritating!
Thank you for covering this story. Great presentation!
Way too many commercials. Probably like 100% more commercial time than other podcasts in the genre.
Season 1 set a high bar with its captivating storytelling and engaging content. However, Season 2 unfortunately unfolded with a pace that can only be described as languid, stretching out episodes with minimal new information or developments. This approach led to a listening experience that felt more like a prolonged wait rather than the compelling journey. The charm of a podcast lies in its ability to weave intricate stories and present insightful content within a limited timeframe, a balance that Season 2 struggled to find. In its pursuit to build on the success of the first season, it seems to have misstepped by diluting the very essence that originally captivated its audience.
Hey, you keep saying was all laid episodes now season three but no season three is available.
Chris was garbage cheating on his fiancé and living off her but adea seems like a mentally I’ll psycho too who was ok being the side piece of a married man and who said her self “loves all the drama”
You lost me when you called the accused’s best friend and fiancé the day he died. They didn’t deserve that.
Absolutely love the way you handle this case. You literally had and have me on the edge of my seat. I cannot wait for the next season. Thank you for caring especially for those who seem to be absent the love of their parents. I lost my only child, he was 13. This mother is going to live with much regret for life!
exploitative, self serving and the podcast equivalent of ambulance chasing. a prime example of unethical true crime coverage 👎
When is the next season coming?
If you’re only going to read the first sentence, please go look up his book The Game 🤮 Started this podcast because it was recommended to me (I like true crime) and didn’t recognize the host’s name at first. Immediately was turned off by the host — gave me the ick . His whole approach was very self-centering, unethical, gross, and it’s completely transparent this man is portraying himself as “the good guy” for self-serving purposes. So, I went to go look him up and then realized he wrote the misogynistic, desperate book The Game, which is basically the Incel Bible. Do yourself a big favor and skip this trash, and go listen to If Books Could Kill podcast episode about his book.
This podcast is overall amazing and ethically perfect! Keeps you on the edge of your sit, honors the victims, and great story telling. But can we all agree Jayden is our fave?!😂
Great story, the way the story is told and Chris’s personal involvement makes this a can not stop listening tale.
This is one of those rare podcasts that are so riveting that I keep listening well beyond the time i designated to listen. I walk and listen, then get home and find busy cleaning work so I can keep listening until I absolutely have to stop. TRAGIC - BUT CAPTIVATING
I’ve listened to the shows twice already. If you’ve ever sat in your car in the grocery parking lot riveted to a story, these are them! The clarity of Neil’s voice, intonation, and thoroughness of the reporting is award winning! Congratulations Neil! I am sad there are only 2 stories. Even the mixing of music, narration and real conversations is noteworthy. I hope a new case is in the works and now plan to follow the other related podcasts. I do not know any of the people involved with either story but Susan sure seems to have trouble with the truth, big time! ( did she ask about the IRS involvement with the reward money thinking she could be clever enough to claim it? I think yes! She is clearly money driven.) Thanks to everyone involved in these productions
Loved and hated hearing this sad but amazing work
I’m on the edge of my seat! Great show!
Absolutely captivating journalism immediately following the disappearance of an aspiring actress. If you like CounterClock or any form of deep dive investigative journalism you’d LOVE this show!
This is a great podcast and will really get you into the lives of those involved! Don’t pay any attention to the idiots mentioning Neils former book. It was his research into the pick up artist community! People should get their heads out of their a**es!
Incredible story telling. Feel all the feels. Wow. 🙏🏼
The insensitivities should to cultural differences and painting an immigrant mother as a monster is truly disgusting. I was fascinated about this podcast, and was SHOCKED by Susan Parks rebuttal. Please google her rebuttal to this podcast before you listen. These podcasters should be ashamed of themselves. My heart goes out to Elaine Park and I hope Susan can find a way to sue Tenderfoot for some of the most vile and racist slander I’ve ever seen on a requitable platform.
It’s some of the best story telling I’ve ever heard


Considering Neil’s past behavior, exploiting women, cheating, his awful books, I don’t buy into this pretend concern for these missing women. I had no idea until I looked into him. Just gross! I’m out !
Update: Why are you releasing old episodes? Weird. I think this was a really, really good podcast. Compelling story that was wrapped up neatly in the end. I did think at times the host was more interested in “the story” than the people but it’s still well done.
Exactly what a true crime investigation docu should be!! These aren’t cold cases so Neil (journalist) and Jayden (private investigator) are pretty much involved from the beginning. They get incredible access to, and even develop their own, witnesses and evidence and insider info from law enforcement contacts. And STUFF actually happens!!!! And we get an all-access pass to experience it going down….
Wonderful reporting. Wonderful production and editing. Great storytelling to help bring awareness to the cases. Season two was beautiful. Hoping for a season 3


Thanks for the heads up about the host of the show and the book he wrote. I’m no longer going to listen to any of his podcasts.
To Live & Die in LA, I’ve listened to both seasons in the past couple of weeks. Neil is close to being the podcast host. Tells the story without fluff. Really praying Elaine will be found. Such a sad story…..


True crime junkies really freak me out. Don't you realize you're getting off on some family's horror and pain? So disgusting. There are comedy, episodic, serials I would rather listen to any day like podcast "Community News with Paul and Sasha". Small town intrigue, but not all the killing and death.
I love true crime and listen to multiple podcasts, 2 Live and Die is by far my top to recommend. Season 1 was the BEST podcast I had ever heard and now I’m listening to season 2 and WOW. The investigative journalism in real time from both seasons is phenomenal. The way the stories are told and the order in which information is given is done so in a way where it feels like you are there and following along with them. Easy to digest the info given and follow along. The host is AMAZING. Well done.
I’m so sad that young girl is missing.. I hope you guys find the truth!! Amazing work
Both season are good but no new information
At the end, I truly feel the mother did not do it. Though she is a bad mother/person, this is unethical journaling and has likely fully destroyed her life. Also, just found out the host is the author of a disgusting, mysoginistic book about seducing and picking up women, particularly by insulting and degrading them and therefore making them want the [abusive] male's approval (really weird theory). No true man or good man thinks this way. It's called "The Game", look it up. I cannot support someone as low as an individual who would write an entire, insane book about this.
Really Great Podcast, almost finished first season & im completely hooked. Adea was So Beautiful, this is truly sad story. I Really enjoy the show, you guys do Great Work.
How can I trust you give a crap about these women you report on when you help a man who idolizes Hilter write a book? Disgusting.
Keeps me excited to hear the next episode. Great story-telling and keeps you eager to hear the rest of the story.
…if all the episodes played it could be downloaded. What’s up with episodes 5-7, for example? Not cool to get me hooked and then not be able to hear the episodes. Oh! BTW- those same episodes are not available on any other platform, either. 👎🏻
This is such a good podcast! Easy to listen and follow. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. Can’t wait for another season.
I absolutely love this podcast. The cases are so well researched and they really dive into all the details. The episodes are so well written and keep you on your toes.
The episodes are like half ads for other podcasts, which is annoying but I like the podcast.
Season two is good, one is better, can't wait for three.
Very human !
I am incredibly choosy about the podcasts I listen to . TLADILA is one of the best. I continually see this podcast recommended on Reddit and other platforms. They were right. The slow unwinding of this sad story is paced well enough to keep you engaged and wanting more. Thank you for honoring Elaine Parks.
This season was a mess. The story telling felt manipulative. When there was no real suspect this motley crew of investigators (PI not included) turned suspicion on to her mother. Made a son essentially turn against his mother for a short time and had my shaking my head at the sloppiness of the situation. Immigrants speak and emote differently than Americans. Their culture is different, what they expect from their children is different. This should have a been a 2 part podcast at best if only to bring awareness to Elaine’s disappearance and basic information, since that is all that is known. The first season of this show was worthy of a listen, this is a waste of time. I was not looking for a bow to tie it all up but I would like actual RESPONSIBLE information. They made a mess and then bounced….
Neil Strauss is a con man with a long history of manipulation. Throughout much of the series Neil inserts himself into an investigation manipulating facts and information to create the narrative he wants. This man has no business in true crime and causes more harm than good.