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Three weeks in a row of clarinet?
Everything sounds fine and dandy. Lovely Bach harpsichord pieces from The Well Tempered Clavier and such, that is... until you recognize that it is not all Bach. I understand if it's a little repetitive and the commercials, but if it says Bach, I expect Bach. For example, the podcast titled, "2010-04-09.." begins with Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in E, Opus 8, more commonly known as The Four Seasons. Which is definitely not Bach. Sure download it, because there is good stuff in there. But don't be fooled. Is it all Bach? I think not.
As others have said, it does tend to repeat both pieces and artists. Neither is really a problem for me; after all, I own three separate versions of the Cello Suites, and I understand that they are a relatively small classical label so they don't have tons of artists recording Bach pieces. The artists are typically of high quality. For a while in fall of 2007, it was updated irregularly less than once a month, but now (spring 2008) it comes out every week or so. My main problem is that it often downloads very slowly--on a nominally 5Mbps wireless connection, it takes about 70 minutes if I try to download it the day it comes out, but usually downloads in less than two minutes a couple days later.
While some tunes do repeat, this is a nice cross-section of Bach's work, and the purist will appreciate that much of it is played on period instruments. The "electric" sound that one reviewer described is that of a harpsichord or clavichord, and not a computer. There are no synthesizers here. My only complaint is that the pieces tend to run together without much of a pause between them. All in all, this is worth a listen.
This almost sounds like it was made on a computer and not by real instruments... No go...
Same pieces over and over again, but nice pieces, well played. It would be nice if they expanded their selection.


By als1234
pretty good, i just listened it kuz i had time but pretty good