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Started off sounding more new age, went to Irish folk, then classical...not what I expected or was looking for. Too random and electric sounding.
A truly blissful experience. Heart-achingly authentic and full, spacious, robust. Words fail.
I would take that as a podcast, I love cello. I've been playing cello for almost 11 months. Maybe that could help me get my homework done fast as 5 minutes. I've had too much trouble getting it all done. except Math and English. The two subjects I have difficulty on is science and social studies. I would take that as a yes and 5 stars as a yes! Not all of it is working but how could I get it to download?
Magnatune never dissapoints. technically precise - music and recording quality. listen to it almost everyday
I have a lot of trouble concentrating on homework, but I found this and, because of the lack of interruption and calming effect of the music, it is so much easier for me to get it done!


this is one of the best out there
These guys rule. I'm speechless. I am without speech. Thank you.
This is great music you guys are awesome!