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To many membership add reminders
Magnatunes is not free. They should advertise truthfully but they do not. Don't waste your time or money.
A voice over came in about every 3 minutes to urge you to go buy their $15 a month podcast subscription. The quality of music, at least for the first 9 minutes I heard before the announcement bugged me too much to continue, seemed fine. Selection looks good, broadcasting quality seems good. Just annoyed at the bait-and-switch of claiming to be commercial and DJ free, when that is only true if you go to their website and buy a subscription.
What the description does not say is that the podcast is only free for those who pay. A tad misleading. Nice music though.
This is such a nice mix of music. I was happy to see my favorite flute/guitar duo on it (McDonald-Bianculli) and I really liked the variety of music. Thank you magnatunes!
Great while you're working or studying. Also introduced me some great new classical music. Well done MagnaTune!
Finally there is a classical music pod cast lasting longer than 5 minutes! Great job! Make more!
You will love this podcast - keeps me going each and every day!
This podcast provides precisely what it advertises - excellent recording of classical pieces. No commentary, no opinions, no discussion. Just beautiful music. There are plenty of podcasts that provide historical context, explanation and advice. This one is just beautiful music. Thank you, Magnatunes, for providing this excellent service. I'll also buy recording from you, I promise!