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This is great stuff. Thanks for uploading this wonderful music free and easy! Suggest you add a monthly session that is not classic. Should be mainly Jazz on flute to enrich our souls and open up our creative minds.
I play flute and this is amazing! Its so relaxing and inspiring! And seriously people? its free! So why not? Its worth it!


By Apei
I play the flute and I love this...it is just amazing. I remember when I was in middle school I hated playing the flute, but listening to this made me remember why I now love it.....the flute always has such an amazing sound. This Podcast is def awesome....5 stars!!
I love the sound and the instrument of the flute. I wish I played the flute in 6th grade but I switched to clarinet because it reminds me of the favored reeds. I almost played flute for christmas but I switched to bell because right now, I have dental braces. I found out that I could still play flute with my braces as long as I curl my lips. I picked up a flute one time and I could not get it to make sound. I curled them and it didn't work. Flute is my favorite thing to hear. I'm giving you 5 stars.