Twelve Pillars

Reviews For Twelve Pillars

Bring back the Jim Round Podcast!!
Last week they change the podcast for Jim rohn... and I used to listen to it every day and when they change it.... I did not like it anymore.... so I stop listening to this podcast...please Change it back it really change my life..
Last week I was listening to a great podcast, today not so good! Please change it back to original. I was subscribed to your podcast not anymore.
Whoever screwed with this I’m SMH. Now I get to listen to Mickey Mouse because they sped it up. Also why add the stupid background music. It just gets in the way of the message.
My mentor!!
Please play episodes at normal speed...
I love this podcast of Jim Rohn seminar clips but recently at the end of his talk, there is random loud and preacher like speaker sabotaging everything I just lessened from Jim. Not helpful...I always stumble and rush to change the podcast to something else whenever that thing starts. Please stop attaching random speaker with this legendary speaker Jim Rohn. Of course I’m thankful to you for having this podcast.
This is a really great podcast with the extremely inspirational and helpful Jim Rohn. It has helped me very much in my life. The background music is just kind of odd. He’s giving speeches and the crowd is laughing but there is depressing music playing in the background. It would be 5 stars if there was no music.
LOVE the content but the background music is really distracting. Admins it would be really great if you could please remove that.
This man’s material has changed my life. Absolutely thrilled to find a podcast with his material. Thank you!
Jim Rohn is a timeless treasure trove of wisdom and I’m glad someone is collecting his lectures in podcast form! I really wish they could eliminate the odd almost morbid music playing behind his talks it really distracts from the substance of what he’s saying.
It’s motivational it helps me every day from getting through the bad time all the way to the end