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Chris Morgan brings us palpable enthusiasm, engagement and love for the amazing non-human BEINGS and THEIR environment in a way we can share! And as a PacificNorthwester marooned in an eastern city, a breath of home. Check out this wonderful(as in full of wonder) podcast and send support to Chris for his projects and this GREAT podcast!
Love listening to The Wild while I go for walks in the woods. Please continue the podcasts!
We listen to this podcast as a family with our young children to learn about the amazing animals covered, but also to show our children all the inspiring people helping our planet. Thank you for sharing these stories they are so impactful!
Make more episodes plz I love this show it is relaxing and I fall asleep to it at night It comforts me because I know someone cares about the wild plz plz plz plz make more
I subscribed to this podcast a year ago, but didn’t listen much, until I realized that so many episodes are about my region of the world—the Pacific Northwest. And the episode on two eyed seeing has cemented my appreciation of how Chris Morgan hopes to move through the natural world, as a scientist and as someone who is in love with all things wild.
This is a GREAT podcast. Nothing picks me up on my drive to work in the city like a splash of the great outdoors, it makes me look forward to my weekends outside that much more! Keep up the great work 🏕
I love this podcast & I love Chris Morgan! The episodes are fun, relaxing, and educational. Would love more content on bears!
Well made, produced, engaging and informative. Thank you for getting me away from mostly political podcasts! 😄 Nature is medicine!
I’ve searched for a podcast like this for years! Fascinating topics and I really dig the interview style!
Outstanding keep it up.
Love this show. Brings conservation to the forefront with a wonderful Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom or Jacques Cousteau feel. Entertaining and educational for anyone of any age.
Keep um coming


By vocad
Keep the great stories coming!
I did not know about a island fox and now it’s my favorite animal It’s nice that you tell us about The Wild
If you love the natural world or just sometimes depending on your mood, The Wild is a must listen! Chris Morgan is an engaging, warm, funny, intelligent, interesting and human narrator who brings fascination and discovery to every show. Find a show about your favorite animal and start there. You’ll be hooked!
I’m currently sitting at home at 2am crying about owls. This podcast shines a well-needed spotlight on scientists and conservationists that are doing the real work, trying to save the species and ecosystems that they love. And most importantly, it shows how emotional, passionate, and real these people are, which you don’t get to see in research papers and scientific articles that are “objective” and removed from emotion. I also always appreciate podcasts that center Indigenous people and communities.
I love this podcast. I’ve never binged through a podcast at such a rate. I can’t wait for more episodes. I’m very thankful for the teams work on educating all of us and trying to Improve our world. Thank you
I enjoy this podcast but some episodes are frustrating because they don't contain enough information about the animal and TONS of information about the person being interviewed. Kind of a bummer to download and anticipate a podcast that I think will teach me about an animal but I learn about a person instead, more animal facts please! I don’t particularly care how someone found themselves in the field, I just want to know about the creatures they study.
This is the best podcast ever! It is so perfect for nature lovers.
Chris does a fantastic job on this podcast. The topics area always interesting and his narration is great.
Listening to the sounds of nature amidst Chris’s soothing and gentle narrative really takes you there despite it only being audio. Love…
Same Jennifer D! I’ve now listened to the woodpecker one, bringing the info to my professor who teaches Neuroanatomy (I’m in school for physical therapy) to hear her thoughts on the morphology being the protection for woodpeckers against concussions. I was intrigued by the hyoid apparatus; how the jugular vein is gently pressed to increase blood flow, providing a cushion to soften the blow. I’ve listened to the cougar one and went to buy it but it’s 30$ and that’s a lot for me atm! So maybe later. The plant one I listened to and found they were talking about common facts amongst each other, however I’ve never heard of some of these concepts being on the east coast. I like the questions Chris asks because they’re the same ones I have, very basic and to the point. I’ve visited out west and and familiar with mt rainier, Olympia, and places in Oregon but it helps to hear the backstory.
Just discovered this podcast In a random search. I only listened to one- the woodpecker episode- and I found it to be very interesting and the sound quality is very good. Can’t wait to listen to more episodes
Please don’t stop doing what you do, you’re an inspiration! 🙏🏼
An interesting episode ideas are Dolphins, Leopards and Siberian huskys
If you have any interest in nature you’ll enjoy this podcast, its a vibe
Love this podcast. If you enjoy great stories and insight into this planet’s wildlife and ecosystems you will instantly be pulled into this interesting and informative show.
There is good music cool animals stuff and best of all it can get intense
Great podcast full of interesting animal facts
Hi! I love this podcast so much! Its amazing how people can help animals and they story’s they have. I do wish that you would site your sources because my mom doesn’t like it when I share the things I leaned. She is a bit over protective... I do think that other listeners would also enjoy hearing sources. (Sorry if the wording is a bit awkward this is my first time writing a review)
My boys and I love listening to the Wild Pod! We all love learning something new and it gives us interesting things to talk about afterwards. We always look forward to new episodes!
I love this podcast, especially the shark episode!! Thank you! Chris Morgan has great narration, throughout the series. Check it out!
This podcast is my favorite wildlife podcast! I am an aspiring wildlife biologist and this gives me so much joy in listening. Thank you!
I love it
The host has a tendency to use a stage whisper that is so loud it could be heard in the last row of the most enormous theater in the world. I’m not sure who it is he thinks he’s fooling, but his whispering is very annoying and must certainly alert any wildlife he’s trying to sneak up on.
Interesting topics & great narrative
My only criticism is that I’m usually bummed that an episode is over. I want more Chris Morgan!

By uxpt
I feel like I’m right there, so inspiring and informative. And positive hopeful stories. My favorite podcast!
This is the best podcast I’ve come across about the natural world. Chris’s storytelling and educating is superb, the sound design is really stellar, even the theme music gets me excited to dive in to an episode! At a time when it’s easy to be consumed with climate doom and inaction, this podcast helps to remind us how lucky we are to share this planet, and how we can all help protect it. I’ve listened to every episode and am making my way through them a second time. I have cried, smiled, and laughed out loud as I’ve done so. So happy new episodes are back!
I love this podcast. Chris and his team not only seek out exciting stories, but tell them in an engaging way. Chris’ narration helps you visualize his experiences and surroundings in a way that is so critical in auditory media. Additionally, this podcast shows that there is hope for the future. They highlights grassroots efforts to change the trajectory of our planet and show that you (yes you!) have the ability to create change.
Chris connects us all to the wonder and splendor of the real world including non hyped practical reality (climate change is here and it is us). There is hope and innovation as balance.
Chris Morgan tells a compelling story while weaving important factual and scientific information about wildlife and ecology into each episode. There are always WOW moments and I’m often moved to tears by the end.
Terrific podcast which tells a compelling story while imparting fascinating scientific information about wildlife and ecology from all over the world. In every episode there are many WOW moments and I am often in tears by the end.
I listened to four episodes in one day—the one about owls, the one about wolves in Germany, the one about forest therapy, and the bonus one about listening to silence in the Hoh Rain Forest—and I’m hooked! It’s only January and I think The Wild is already my favorite podcast for the year.
I can comprehend negative reviews, this is such a great show!
Just discovered this gem of a podcast, and can’t wait for more episodes! Such a well done show with an excellent host. I hope it continues for many years.
Loved this podcast, but what happened? I know the pandemic affected this podcast and totally understand that, but now it’s been months since other shows picked back up and produced new episodes. This one is eerily silent with nothing new for months and not a word as to what’s going on. I guess I’ll delete it because there’s nothing new to listen to. A real shame.
Amazing show love the concept and episodes, thanks you Chris Morgan
I’ve learned a lot listening to this podcast! Keep up the great work! Love it!!