These are excellent podcasts filled with very useful, and helpful information on dating. I smile more now, and am more aware of the impact that my body language may have on a guy's willingness to talk to me. I also think the information is logical, and applicable in everyday life, and not just for dating.
In the interview, it would be nice if the woman who is being interviewed could complete a full sentence without using the word, "like" or "ya know" every flippin sentence. Im not sure how the "advice" given by this kind of woman is really useful. Anyone can find a woman like that, they're a dime a dozen. I dont think this podcast is worth the time. The woman interviewed sounds like a brainless twit.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that this podcast has more than the recycled dating advice that we've all heard before. I personally really liked the one about how guys really do like nice girls. It was nice to hear advice on how to channel nice girl energy effectively instead of just hiding it like many suggest.