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I may be an american listening to a british podcast, but the content is still interesting to hear, and introduced me to many people I would have never even heard of. Mr. Jenkins and the other moderators are fair and each discussion is never chaotic.
This is one of my most favorite podcasts. Although it is listed in the Christianity category, it is not a sermon or anything like it. It can be a discussion regarding beliefs and differences, sometimes it is about secular issues and how various churches/religions react, it can be to discuss a timely event, but it is always intelligent, respectful dialogue with a wonderful moderator and I always learn something.
Great program. Good selection of guests and topics, well interviewed.
You are right if you're looking for NPR, this is not it at all. While NPR has many great podcasts that I subscribe to they aren't truly anything like what you get from the BBC. When you listen to the BBC you get new perspectives and a completely different podcast. Welcome One and All
I have been listening to All Things Considered for many years and this is a favorite program of mine. You can be of any creed and still learn from wise and sometimes unwise sayings.