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Great hosts, great guests VERY knowledgeable and professional!!!! Highly interactive as well!!!!
Excellent host and team. Top top guests.
Not enough up front information Paranormal politics
I have listened to this podcast for over five years! TIM is one of the best in this realm of entertainment! Could listen to this podcast for hours! Love Spooky South Coast!
Since the show is no longer operating why is it on here? Also do t try emailing the show to ask what happened because they don’t care enough to respond!
I try and try to jump back and listen but SB just ruins this show. I tried to listen to the conjuring episode and she was condescending on so many fronts and I don’t think she even knows it. She brings no added value to an already popular show before her time. Love you TW and gang but she has to go
I discovered this show back in 2013 and was blown away. Loved the topics but also the earnestness that Tim and crew had for the topics. Now it’s just a bunch of jaded “professionals” that are more interested in shilling for their “appearances” and Legend Trip events. When it’s just Tim and the 2 Matt’s it sort of harkens back to the old days, but please GET RID OF STEPHANIE “I don’t like anything BURKE!!! This woman has the biggest pole stuck up her a**! She can’t even stand the fact that she has this extraordinary gift and complains about that all the time. She was fine as an occasional guest, but as a co-host is absolute RUBISH. And Tim, it’s been what 12 years, LEARN how to run the board!!!! How much show time is wasted hanging up on people, and figuring out why things don’t work EVERY show?????
I listen to many podcasts on The paranormal and this is by far the best. They are as good today as they were when I first started listening to them. I won’t name the name but I listen to podcasts from Massachusetts and Tennessee which are as good in quality as the The Ghost Guys. I look forward for Tuesday’s for the new podcast to come out. These guys make me laugh with their banter back and forth with each other. Because of Ian and Brennon I a planing a vacation to Victoria BC. Listen to this podcast you won’t be disappointed. Peter C Duras
I have listened to a few shows and I noticed that only a few shows are actually "spooky" or at least a little bit scary , Which I thought most shows were gonna be scary , because of the name of your podcast, needless to say it doesn't really makes justice to the name of your podcast. maybe if you had more scary stories, more paranormal and even some creepy extraterrestrial 👽 adoptions and UFO 🛸 stories ..
This is one of the best paranormal podcasts out there. Tim Weisberg and his co-hosts are intelligent and tons of fun to listen to. Give it a shot.


By Knm1990
Music and the girl that giggles is annoying
My favorite paranormal podcast, the mix of hosts makes it truly special.
I've been listening to Tim, the Matts, and now Stephanie for years--nearly since the very beginning. They always give a fresh view on topics of the paranormal that are compelling as well as entertaining. I've learned so much from the hosts and guests about the strange and unusual world we live in. From UFOs to Black Eyed Children and all the "normal" of the paranormal such as ghosts and Ouija boards, there is no topic they won't tackle. It's quite spooktacular, as Tim likes to say.
This podcast used to be one of my favorites but now I can't even get through a quarter of an episode without turning it off. Nowadays all they do is talk about themselves, how great they think they are and how long they have been on the air. Always saying, "Not to toot my own horn but." Then proceeding to toot their own horns. Honestly there are much better paranormal podcasts out there that actually talk about the paranormal the whole time and not about themselves.
You know that thing where people are trying extra hard to be sarcastic and funny...to the point where it's just Not Funny? Well, this is just one problem with these guys. The first show I tried to listen to, they spent the first fifteen minutes talking about snacks and how much they hated all of the female cast of the new Ghostbusters film. (Of course, bashing some of my favorite actresses while they were trying to act as if they were Not Anti Women Starring in this movie. Yeah, right.) So I tried to listen to a different episode and it was just more of the same. Not funny, boring content.
They have really great topics and guest that frequent the show, but absolutely cannot stand Stephanie Burke. I find her demeanor off-putting and insufferable, who thinks too highly of herself. Guess what? You're not the only psychic out there! For only being in her early twenties, she's got a big head. Have some humility. I also find Tim often discouraged and derailed by her lack-luster personality and judgemental (often cynical) comments on just about everything. I applaud Tim for trudging on and finding a myriad of topics to keep the conversation going, but I think (in order to save the show) you need to find someone more enthusiastic and engaging than "Miss Dead-Pan". Good Luck.
Well I’m pretty ashamed I didn’t review this earlier. Somehow I missed doing this nearly 10 years ago when I started listening… Sorry guys. Anyway, this show is the most interesting, fun, topical radio show/podcast devoted to everything spooky. The hosts are great and really make this the most entertaining show in the paranormal field. Thanks for everything you do and continuing each and every week for 10 years. Here’s to another 10+ years of golden radio. Fingers crossed.
I used to really enjoy the show. For the last several months, it has become very poor. Three quarters of the show is them pushing their own tv shows, their upcoming events and very little is about the guest, if they even have one now. Half of the episodes don't have a guest anymore. Darkness Radio is my favorite, they're on 5 nights a week, have just as much personal stuff going on as Matt, Matt, Tim and steph, but spend less than 5 minutes of the show on it. They always have a guest unless it's a supernatural news or Parashare night. I suggest listening to them instead. If spooky southcoast doesn't change very soon, I will be un-subscribing from the podcast.
This show was the most amazing thing up until the introduction of Stephanie Burke. I feel that her attitude just does not mesh with the podcast. She always gets offended by everything that is said on the show, and just has a really bad "holier than though" attitude. She seems to always have something negative to say about every single thing that gets brought up. It single handily ruined the show for me. I miss the old Spooky Southcoast Crew.
Ten minutes in and they are have not started discussing the topic. Too much blabbering about nothing.
This used to be a great podcast. They focused on guests, paranormal stories and had a fun approach to the dialogue. However... in the past year, almost every episode has become a 45-minute commercial for their personal ghost hunting business. They basically advertise the event agenda, discuss hotel accommodations, food plans and how tickets will soon be gone (so call in to order now!). The listeners who are just looking for a great radio show are left missing what this program once was.
I really had high hopes for this podcast. They spend SO much time blabbing about stuff that is irrelevant, like, for example, the reasons 2 cast members of the show ghost hunters left the show, that you lose interest and skip ahead to see if they actually ever GET to talking about the paranormal itself. The bottom line is, they don't at least, not much. The first at least 5-10 minutes is spent yammering about who isn't here today, WHY they aren't here, or other boring crap nobody cares about. I listen to a LOT of podcasts and this one is so unprofessional and full of so much more filler conversation than actual paranormal conversation that you might as well save yourself from downloading this one unless that is what you are into. I see lots of glowing reviews but I just can't agree with them. Guys, if you cut down on the miscellaneous stuff and get right down to the real deal every podcast, you would keep a lot more of your audience, or at least keep them for the whole show, but that's just my opinion.
Love listening to you on podcast wish you were on at least twice a week. Much love from Frankfort ky William Boleyn
Fantastic host and intriguing guests..
This is one of my most favorite paranormal shows out there. Tim has a wonderfully smooth radio voice making it easy to listen to. He also is a ghost hunter himself so he's knowledgable of the field..One of his sidekicks, Matt Moniz, is a UFO expert (and a ghost hunte) and he always has news about the latest UFO sightings.Thanks guys!
love the show but sometimes the sound quality is too low or you can't hear some guest. it's worth it, though! they have great guest & topics!
I love this podcast and have listened to tons of episodes over the years. It is the only paranormal show I listen to. That being said, the opening song is awful. I hate it. I have always hated it. It would be nice to hear something less ... obnoxious/cheesy. Though the content of the episodes makes me over-look the bad intro time and time again ...
I have been a listener for many years. Tim and the guys always entertain with thought provoking talk and great interviews. Keep up the great week guys! Paranormal radio at its very best!
Terrific, very interesting podcast.
I found this podcast by chance when I was looking for a good paranormal cast to listen to. Of the 7 or 8 I tried, Spooky Southcoast is by far the best. The topics are great. The host are well informed as they are ghost hunters themselves. I don't know how these guys do not have any fear of the subject matter and when they are doing investigations!!!
Awesome group of guys love the show
You guys are awesome When I'm on a detail you guys make the time fly by! Even doing dishes at home is a pleasure when I'm listening to you all. Keep up the excellent work!
I love the show but when do you post new shows?
What a great show!! I think he should write about all of the supposed paranormal shows. I think if each of the ghost hunting shows were investigated we would all be very shocked. How many places do each of these shows investigate for each season? Would think even using highly active locations you would only capture activity one out of ten times. They all seem to go to a location once for one night and always come away with some evidence. How many nights would you have to sit outside at Gulf Breeze or some other "active" UFO spot before you saw a UFO? These shows are all in it for the money. No ghosts=no ratings=no show. Having your very own tv show is a lot better than being a plumber or a college student or a roid head with a bad haircut.
You guys have great chemistry and flow and are knowledgeable about the paranormal I love the fact that we have fresh interviewing skills coupled with Matt's scientific knowledge and Moniz doesn't have to talk because he's just that awesome. Love the guys love the show and love having a podcast I wish it was every week but this does get braodcast on a sports station. Also Tim needs to bring a segment so he can rant on a no guest night instead.
In 'Spooky Southcoast,' a weekly investigation into all things paranormal (and provincial), Tim Weisberg, Matt Moniz and Matt Costa explore several topics in the seemingly unrelated fields of ghosts, aliens, conspiracy and mortal violence. What ties it all together is the unbridled enthusiasm and professionalism of the host and creator, Weisberg, who's obvious engagement with both the show and its ideas is charming and honest. He's a witty, self effacing and gracious host, completely unlike the humorless paper dolls often associated with paranormal entertainment. One suspects that if his radius, both geographically and aspirational, were somewhat larger, he would be a popular and well-received talent in radio The show is at its best when it asks the unanswerable, and the fun hinges on the psychological makeup of the 2 chattier hosts. While the inquisitive Weisberg serves to pique the imagination of both the show's frequent guests and audience, Moniz serves as the 'Walter Sobchak' of the trio; cocksure, blustery, and possibly inebriated, his input is more for show than substance. The podcast only bogs down when Moniz's 'scientifically' based opinions — it's seldom made clear exactly which of the disciplines he works in, or what exactly his conclusions are based on — retard the theories proposed by Weisberg. Regardless, he's the perfect foil to the more open-minded Weisberg, and his occasional absence hurts the fun greatly While subject matter is generally tethered to the rigid regional confines of Massachusetts' 'South Coast,' SS features guests from across the country; some interesting, some bland, but always fascinatingly insightful into the twisted minds of these fringe media guerillas. On sheer entertainment value, SS delivers consistently, and while it's ideas may either inspire or chafe your sensibilities, it's hard to argue with the result -Vig Talaria
Tim is a great host and typically the shows can be entertaining and informative. Unfortunately, Matt Moniz makes it difficult to listen to this show for very long. Just because the show is under the "News & Politics" category, does not mean we tune in to hear Matt's opinions about politics. Keep your uninformed childish thoughts to yourself, Matt, and leave the discussions on this show to the paranormal field. For this reason alone, I finally just had to unsubscribe. Darkness Radio is a much better show that stays ON TOPIC.
good topics. good chemistry. highly professional.


Good show
Have listened to WBSM since I was a kid, (I'm 48 now), and really love this addition to their lineup. Please don't change it.
Very entertaining podcast with an engaging crew. Only problem - I don't live in Mass. and can't hear it. Their failure to post shows to itunes for nearly the past year seems as tho they are willing to abandon the greater audience -?-
i miss hearing your podcast... why haven't new ones been posted . are you still on the radio. please update itunes. i miss you guys


i work in a lab 10+ hours a day depending on work load. i like this show because i can put it on and not worry about messing with my ipod for a while. i especially like the week in weird. it's one of the better podcasts i subscribe to. thanks guys!
I love this show. I believe it is one of the more enjoyable paranormal shows out there, but I am thinking of unsubscribing if they don't update soon! I even emailed them asking them to update and got no response. I am not local so the only way I can listen is through Itunes or the archives. If you want to keep your national listeners, you need to update this podcast!
This is by far my favorite podcast. I strongly recommend it.
Love these guys...a witty, smart and fun show! I listen to TONS of Paranormal Radio and I come ack to this one regularly.
I love this show one of the few paranormal shows that just get it. they take it to the next level smart and funny. who would of thunk it. SSC is the best paranormal show on the web. five Stars