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Jack Mangan's Deadpan Podcast is smart, funny, and definitely worth your time. The more you listen, the better it gets. It doesn't hurt that the creator and the community of contributors to the show are all talented and thoughful people who would be just the right crowd to hang out with if you had the time. Great people, great minds, and great fun!
Everything a podcast shouldn't be. And I tried to give Mr. Mangan the benefit of the doubt. Two episodes in, and I'm OUT.
What can I say. Jack Mangan's Deadpan podcast delivers. Jack is as brilliant as he is witty and slightly twisted. There's a reason his fans spend all day on his web page, sharing comments back and forth as they listen to the latest episodes. Jack Mangan's Deadpan is a must subscribe!
It is always a pleasant surprise to listen to Jack's podcast, especially since he manages to maintain character throughout the length of the production. Great content and the "Greasy Spoon" addition is a wonderful way to bring in random comments from the webpage even though you really need to be the first twenty to get chosen. Keep up the great work Jack!
Very Cool
Jack has a gift for deadpan comedy. Bolstered by contributions from his ever growing audience, Deadpan has become a phenomenon as a podcast and a website. Come join the Deadpanites and see what it's all about!
This podcast is so fun and entertaining. Many different segments and great interviews. Listen to deadpan and you are guaranteed many laughs.
A fresh take on the podcast genre. Not a bunch of talking heads....just one. Jack provides hours of entertainment all into a 40 min episode. How is that possible? He can bend time itself.
With varied interviews (An astrophysicist - a female rock guitarist - a storm trooper) and lots of listener contributions, this podcast is one you can enjoy on many levels. It is always over too soon.