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Nice stuff


By laptron
A lot of really good sets on here!
Epesode 666 were is it? Come on guys your taking way to long to upload that epesode Still waiting
Absolutely love it!
Amazing series of sets from some very talented DJs! Every episode seems to flow seamlessly into the next. I listened to four hours and almost couldn't tell where sets began and ended. Keep the music coming and thank you for allowing us all to hear so many great things. Love it.
The music is generally very nice, and many of the podcasts include track lists in the Lyrics page of the info pane. Most others have track lists on the website, but a few don't have track lists at all, which is frankly uncool. The best thing would be to include the current track info in the artwork window, which is easy enough to do.
Frequent updates, top producers, fantastic grooves!!!
Vipul, would love to hear you live. Please let me know when you play next in India or wherever. Loving your set right now, its a perfect sundowner.
This podcast is the best!!! What a lineup of artists and quality of music... and 2 every week?!?!?! Insanely good. Big thanks to EG!!!
Great stuff! Just discovered this podcast and am already a fan!
Great music from some of the big names in the electronic music world. I highly recommend this podcast to all those electronic music lovers, bringing us the best minimal, deep, and tech-house music out there. Thanks EG!
Mit nur die besten Dj's !!!
Thank you for bringing the best. Keep them coming.
Thank you Electronic Groove for bringing the best underground beats and musicians to my ipod! You guys really have it going for the best electronic groove tracks the globe has to offer. Thanks again, Andres C From So California
Thanks for sharing the best electronic music with us!!! Great to listen to while working! Keep it coming....
I love this podcast! Always free, awesome sets, makes me homesick for berlin. Top shelf!
One of the best podcast out there with an incredible variety of music styles and artists selection. None of that trance nonsense. I would recommended this to anyone who is looking for some high quality electronic music. A million thanks!
Great music to listen at your car or at a house party.
The songs are fine, there not the best but they're worthing doenloading, HELLO THEY"RE FREE. But the problem is that i'd like to know hoe long the songs are.
Nothing but quality electronic music here. Keep 'em coming....
Great Dj's with a wide variety of dance music always looking forward to the the next week :)
Thank you. minneapolis loves you.
Really solid selection of mixes from a wide variety of DJ's, Really well done !!!


By djmaya
yes yesss good!!!!!
Thanks for assemblng such interesting talent from all around the world! This is my favorite music podcast. Jay Berkowitz, Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing Podcast
great music, great dj's, great format! A must have for all music junkies!
Very good Podcast, I listen to alot of DJ Podcast, This is one of my favorites, I love funky house and EG Has the Funk, Keep it coming !!!!!!!!
What a fun trippy ride these 2 podcasts have been! Most thoroughly enjoyed by me & others stuck in the country side with no REAL tunes to surround ourselves with. Keep 'em coming so I can keep on movin'!!!!!