Broken Ground

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I love this podcast, it does a wonderful job of showing the impact of climate change and climate issues on people and their communities
Broken Ground is so thorough in its research, information, and presentation that the listener gets a complete education and understanding of each of the issues presented from the onset. The material is given in a compelling, articulate manner making it easy to follow and learn as narrator delves deeper and deeper into the complexities of the issue at hand.This is essential listening!
As a resident of Norfolk, Virginia, aka “Flood City,” this podcast hits close to home. It explains complex concepts in a simple manner. Well worth listening to!
I can only describe the production and organization of Broken Ground as artful. These stories of advocacy and redemption matter immensely, so I’m glad so much effort has been made to tell them. I also like that it’s all close to home— as a Virginian, I mean that literally!
So articulate, informative, and humane. As a Southerner, I find it compelling, stimulating and authentic. And unlike most of the podcasts I listen to, it does not jar my nerves by recording (or re-recording) at one and one-half time speed. Kudos to SELC.
This podcast is phenomenal! The stories are compelling, factual, and well told. It covers important topics and is so engaging I find myself still thinking about the injustices it details days after listening. Definitely recommend!
This podcast is very well done and reminds me somewhat of radio labs. Very informative and educational. Good listen for everyone to learn and become aware of what is happening to our environment as we go about our busy lives. Hopefully we all learn from this that we can make a difference if we put in the time and energy to some major environmental issues we are facing.
Broken Ground is incredibly well researched and produced - reminds me of Serial and some of the other NPR podcasts. The stories they are telling are so important and deserved to be shared.
Important stories are being told about how at a local level, folks are standing up for their rights and the environment. Great first season!
Allow me to say I am “thankful” for all SELC continues to do even when citizens have no idea that someone is fighting for their benefit. I continue to learn each day about our environment and just how much SELC is involved for our protection. I learn so much from each podcast and will continue to support this cause. Thank you so much for all u do.
Wow I love this organization! Thoughtful. Well researched. Well told. Good job! Not only are they using the power of the law to protect our most valuable natural resources programs like this do so much to educate people on the issues. My daughter and son and attend a charter school in North Carolina that is in the process of adding solar and I have forwarded this to the administration. Really glad to know about the solar website y’all created. Again thank you so much! Great podcast!
Well told human stories of how we’re dealing with the challenges that face us in the south. Awesome.
This podcast shares valuable stories that either haven't gotten the coverage they deserved from the news or are easy to miss amidst the daily bombardment of information the average person experiences from news outlets and social media. I am learning important information about the environmental issues faced by communities in the part of the U.S. I've called home for almost all of my life. The host and editors are great at making the concepts they're covering easy to understand and keeping the episodes to a reasonable length. This is a great podcast for anyone who wonders how the struggle for environmental justice could be relevant to them.
Powerful episodes giving a strong voice to stories not told. I was instantly captivated. These episodes are fascinating and compelling and so important to listen to as we find our way back from major environmental mistakes. Thank you to Claudine Ebeid McElwain for helping bring awareness to these issues with excellent storytelling and research. We need to listen and learn and this podcast helps with just that.
This podcast is a true public service. Shedding light on an underreported topic at a crucial time in the world. Claudine is an amazing host. The story telling is excellent and I was hooked from my first listen. Can’t wait for more episodes and keep up the great work!!
I am an avid podcast listener. I love all kinds of podcasts with great stories. This is definitely one that got me hooked from the first episode. I keep checking back for the next episodes because I am truly looking forward to learning more and hearing about true people’s stories. I randomly saw a negative review for this podcast (as I was leaving mine) saying the reviews are fake. I have no affiliation with the group that produces this podcast. I simply wanted to encourage others to have an open mind and listen. To me, the reviewer sounded very angry for no reason. It does not need to be directed towards this group.
Obviously fake reviews. I doubt mine will stay posted long. Self righteous SJW’s preaching to their base. Faux-gritty subject matter and faux-alarmism. No such thing as southern-environmental-law-boondoggle, obviously trying to play off the SJW’s warped view of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s credibly and ‘grit’. Low energy. Sad.


By Eh8w
This is the best new podcast I’ve heard in a long time. There aren’t nearly enough stories being told about environmental issues, particularly in the south, and you’ll realize after listening to just one of these episodes what we’ve all been missing. Could not recommend strongly enough.
Enlightening, moving, important, and just highly competent and compelling all around. Can’t wait for the next one!
Listened to podcast about coal ash. Whoa! Powerful delivery, excellent reportage, excellent production values. I eagerly await additional episodes!