The Shrink Next Door

Reviews For The Shrink Next Door

This is a great podcast and the host is a very good narrator.
Thanks for making this podcast was factual and honest. And, Joe Nocera has a fantastic radio voice. I’d love to hear more from him
The host did an amazing job presenting this story. Absolutely captivated!
Mr Ike is messed up! How can people not see the crazy in this man? Great job reporting. So happy for Marty.
Although this podcast focuses on psychiatry, the narcissistic traits of grooming and subsequent control that took place can happen in other relationships! Bravo for getting the word out thru this story.
Gripping, wry, journalistic storytelling. Nocera’s ability to weave this story together and Marty’s recollection of it are masterful. It’s simultaneously shocking yet utterly believable.
Absolutely captivating how this mans life was turned upside down, but he let it happen. So good!
Been following this story since the beginning and have even seen the doctor up close in person. I’m glad how the story turned out and that his license was revoked. Loved this ! Keep doing an amazing job. We need to clean NYC of these crazy people and protect individuals from people like this doctor.
How people with the right resources and knowledge can hurt people this bad. So so sad and upsetting
Loved the podcast and hope to hear an update. I hope that they pull his licenses. The doctor knew exactly what he was doing to these clients.
What an unbelievable story, so an amazing podcast told so well. But most importantly Joe shed light on a monster who would not have been punished without him making sure he was exposed for who he truly is. Losing his license isn’t enough.
Truly enjoyed listening to this and loved hearing the update!
Wow! It’s definitely worth listening to.
Joe Nocera tells a compelling story of severe boundary violation by a psychiatrist. Very well done. I’m hopeful the reporting will bring about disciplinary action against the outrageously unethical psychiatrist. Addendum: thank you for the update episode reporting on the NY State Health Dept. decision to revoke the doctor’s license. It was the only reasonable outcome, in my opinion. Kudos to Marty for his courage in pursuing the case, to his sister for supporting him, and the other patients who provided testimony. And kudos to Joe and his team for reporting such an important story. Bringing abusive treatment into the light to be examined is essential in helping to preventing it from happening to others. I hope you will update us again after the appeal process plays out. Thank you!
It’s absolutely fascinating and yet also infuriating what happened. The justice that finally has happened is a relief, I hope each of his patients are able to recover and heal🙏
This true story is very compelling and very well told. And the best part is, it has an actual ending that achieves some real (albeit limited) justice for the victims.
Wow... what an amazing story of manipulation, greed, and pure evil.
I’m so glad you made it out alive and a much better person because of it all.. how amazing .. it is literally jaw-dropping; the things Ike would do, say, and literally BELIEVE!! A must- hear!!
This is fascinating and also lots of fun for any New Yorker or person who is curious about how a certain set of educated, wealthy folks live — it is also harrowing.
Riveting and binge worthy. Beat of all the production is very professionally done. Definitely worth listening too. It is also easy to follow and entertaining. Well done!


By Jordija
This is wild. I’m so glad this story came to light but wish there were more consequences.
This was pretty intriguing and mostly told well. I wish the structure was a bit more compelling but overall, pretty decent.
Enthralling! I couldn’t stop listening and binged all the episodes in 2days. Told my sister about it and she listened during a long car trip, and we were constantly texting back and forth about it.
Well done
Every episode gets crazier and crazier, this is horrifying. Excellent production, tight focus, a perfect serial podcast.
So well done! I practice in the field and was floored.
Hard to believe this story is real. Mind control is very real and very scary.
Awesome podcast. I listened in 2 days, just couldn’t stop listening. At times, my actual jaw dropped in astonishment and I found myself talking back to this podcast. I have told all my friends. Thank you!
I couldn’t stop listening! This story is WILD!
The concept is pretty mind-blowing, and the reveal at the RnD of episode one was thrilling. However, I’m near the end of episode 3 and it’s going nowhere. The psychiatrist clearly went way past the line on an unassuming, easily manipulated person with money. Seen that movie before. The writer would benefit from hinting at direction or a change in the story for the listener to remain engaged for another 4 or 5 episodes. I’m not interested in foundation or Swiss bank account manipulation after manipulation. Will try to consume more of the content before moving on. Moderate to low recommendation.
This was a good story but I dunno, maybe I was kinda bored with the host? Or just listening to his wife and him? I dunno... decent story. Didn’t hate it.
I’m not sure I’ll even be able to finish this. As interesting as it is, for me it’s extremely painful. So hard to believe that someone could be so ???
It's hard to believe people can be so gullible. But life experience has shown us this is reality. I'm not sure Talk Space (virtual therapy) is the best sponsor for this LOL! GREAT story. Extremely well-told. I'm recommending to everyone!!
This is the second time I have listened to this podcast. My boyfriend is just like “Ike”, if there is a clone it is him. Now, I’m better equipped to handle him when he wants to take control over my life. I would love to find therapist who would direct me in a good way to move forward. I have also share this podcast with other girlfriends of mine.
A great listen! True crime meets dark comedy!
Can you do a podcast about Britney Spears? Her current situation sounds like a shrink took over her life.
A really interesting and well reported podcast. Highly recommend!
Quality production. Highly Binge-able. What a compelling story!!! 💕 (I hear there’ll be a movie!)
Very well done.


A sad story about a broken man who was taken advantage of by an apparently appallingly unscrupulous psychiatrist. What cold have been a very strong story, unfortunately just never quite pulls it off. I would recommend listening to American Scandal, or Cults, or Imbedded, or Radio Lab, or Criminal, or over a dozen other podcasts to learn how to “hook” the listener.
Listen to it in one day - great journalism and insight - now I hope that the “shrink” will get the verdict he deserves.
I couldn’t stop listening! I listened to the entire series in one day!
This story is unique and full of unexpected turns. It's very well presented and so listenable. One of my favorite podcasts. Highly recommended.
If you listen to the first episode you will be hooked. This makes me believe in the phrase that “truth is stranger than fiction.” The good news is that it has a hopeful ending well maybe even a happy ending, except I think Marty should start dating. It’s not over until it’s over.
Very interesting story, well narrated, guaranteed for miles and hours of intense mind stimulating entertainment!
This psychiatrist is a genius! Hands down! He was fooling and robbing the rich NYC Jewish communality for decades, and he is getting away with it, even after this podcast was released. Marty is such a jerk, so are people that were partied on his dime for years, and no one told him the truth. Dr Hershkopf is a modern Robin Hood. He took the money from the stupid rich people and donate it to charity. 😂 This podcast such a great satire on our society norms.
What an unbelievable story of deceit and manipulation. Mesmerizing from start to finish. This series is worth listening to just for the vintage Nee York accents alone. Hope this author produces more great podcasts.
This story had me from episode one.....following the twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat. Excellent podcast that proves the old adage, ‘truth is stranger than fiction.’