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I like the podcast, writing and planning. I feel it’s well thought out and I’m pretty good chronological order. Megan just has verbal issues for me. She can’t say some it comes out as “thom”. A few other minor things. Just ok for me
It's unbelievable how often the narrator sounds like she's saying He when meaning She to talk about Vera or the lead ATF forensics woman. I kept thinking- am I going crazy?? Content is good so far, but feels a little too scripted at times.
My absolute new favorite and thanks for not drowning us with ads
The most annoying thing is how incredulous the host seems that people would not want to hand over their DNA to cops who are intimidating them. The host asks lots of questions about the folks who refused but doesn’t question how inefficient of a strategy it is to ask hundreds of men (but not all of them–only 1 patient, a mentally ill one, at that) for dna samples? Anyone who listens to true crime knows you don’t just willy nilly hand over your dna to the cops.
I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast, and I’ve listened to quite a few true crime shows. The host presents the information in a professional, objective, and informative way. The host is empathetic to all individuals interviewed, and the victim and their family are treated with humanity and respect, without the sensationalism or lack of dignity so often found in similar podcasts.


By appi75
I tried but the amount of commercials were killing me. Too much
This was very well made. The explanations were in depth and detailed so much so that I got so invested and emotional listening to it. I felt so sad for the family and i hated Daron Wint with a passion. Please make more episodes, you guys are so good!!!
Season 1 is a must listen. After hearing the case evidence, jurors and verdict, I actually cried when the victim impact statements were covered. I enjoyed this host and the background music selection fit perfectly. Season 2 was boring and drawn out. No disrespect to the family. Terribly sorry for your loss.
Too many ads, but my real gripe is with the narrator's "local news anchor" style of speech annoying and off putting.
I know the case is old but the podcast seems to have been rushed to market. Even with 6 episodes, nothing of real substance and then there is a three week pause. I guess we are just supposed to just move on.
Uck. Extreme aggression is so pathetic. Dignity and respect to all. Ask questions as though u r pretending to be speaking to a human, if that is the best u can do.
Bring the original reporters back! ASAP
This is a great podcast. Well researched, produced and recorded. But there are WAY too many commercials... LONG commercials at the beginning, throughout and end of the podcast. Overkill and off putting.
So annoying!!! Just do all of the ads at once so we can fast forward at the same time. The co start interruptions are extremely frustrating.
I really wanted to listen to this podcast BUT I can’t listen to the females. They need to drink some water. I made it through 1 episode and couldn’t go to the 2nd. The noise is worse then fingers to a chalkboard. Plus, way to many commercials. Sorry, I can’t.
See above. Fairly well done podcast but if you are going to have this many commercials at least have them at the beginning and end so the flow is not constantly interrupted. Very annoying to have to stop what you are doing to fast forward they them
Love the new show, it captured my interest after the 1st episode.
As an avid true crime podcast consumer, I was excited to listen to something done in a different format. While I like the initial concept, the content could have easily been fit into 2-3 episodes. Instead, dozens of lengthy facts are repeated each episode, sometimes multiple times, oddly placed interviews with little relevance, and audio that the host “man-splains” to you. And at the end of each episode the host lets you know the podcast was done with a grant given to him. Yet each episode is plagued with half a dozen or more oddly timed or placed ads that seem disingenuous (oh yeah, Paul? You use Madison Reed? Mm hmm ok). Very off putting and I’m going to have to force myself to push past where I’m at in episode 4. But after reading other reviews, apparently it only gets worse. Ugg.
Too many commercial breaks that run for too long!!! Also, very repetitive from one episode to the next.
Interesting stuff but you could tell he was recording this in his house/apartment. There’s an annoying beeping smoke detector that is in need of a new battery.
I really wanted to love these seasons, unfortunately they are way to long and don’t get into enough of the story until 4 or 5 episodes in. Too much detail and not enough story definition for me.
Feeling some reasonable doubt🤔where did the gas go or come from 🤔 was the $ recovered🤔 still can’t imagine he or anyone did this alone for all those hours. It just scares me to death to send an innocent man to prison. NO I do not think he is a squeaky clean person, but so little DNA.
This was milked for way to many episodes. Should have been done in two parts.
You cannot call yourself a true crime fan and not have this podcast either on your “have listened “ or “ will listen soon” list. Quality podcast, very well done. Do not pass this one up.
My heart goes out to family and friends of the victim. Sadly, after the first very compelling season with a terrific host, Season 2 is repetitive and meandering. Digressions into other cases envelope the season. Abrupt shifts from deeply disturbing material to trivial ads read by the host without any transition extremely off putting. Ultimately there’s just not enough material here to support a full season and it shows. Just unsubscribed.
The first season was great, intriguing, you wanted to listen every episode. The second season is painful, without knowing the end yet, it is extremely slow, most likely could have been a great 2 episode podcast. It stretches and stretches and stretches and when you think it cannot be stretched more, it does stretch more. It goes through circles and circles, adds other cases to fill more time. At this point of the game I am almost forgetting the details of the actual crime because I feel like 6 out of 7 episodes are just filling the time. Let’s hope at least there is an ending soon and not in 6 more episodes.
Season 1 much better than Season 2. Both seasons have problems with the host. Season 2 host was worse, though. He talks like a sitcom character playing a reporter. So many unnatural pauses and weird inflections. Definitely takes away from the story.
Ask anyone who works there . Democrats let out criminals to roam around . The best thing u can do is t move
I am not a fan of the male host or his reporting style. His season seemed to be half ads and a ton of repetition with little new information. Also, I don’t think he respected the special needs witness who passed away. As long as the family members are ok with his reporting that’s all that matters, I just did not enjoy his work.
Season 1 is really interesting, compelling, and told very well. Season 2 is a sad story but all of the information in the actual case could fit into one episode. Instead, it is somehow dragged out for six episodes and is rather boring.
Such a breath of fresh air to hear a podcast narrated by an actual reporter! The quality of the production, the writing, the narration, it all worked. The interviews with those involved are done professionally, with just the right amount of compassion or push where necessary. I miss living in DC, now! Good job!
First season: 22 hours is still the best podcast I’ve listened to. Second season: not as good but still loving the case detailed over several episodes! Would highly recommend subscribing!!!!
Good podcast- no where near as captivating as season 1. It kind of goes off tangent (2 full episodes on DNA/2 very unrelated cases) like there wasn’t enough to report on with the main case. Hopefully this ties in a little better. The ads are almost unbearable to listen to as well.
I very much appreciate the detailed work put into creating this podcast. The interviews with all the involved people and the background of how police investigations are improving over time make this required listening fir anyone interested in true crime and its resolution. Thank you, I’ll be following,
I listen to ALOT of podcasts and this was a great one to binge. Paul Wagner did a great job of telling the story from all sides. I hope the family gets answers to who was responsible soon.
It’s not easy to make an interesting story so deadly boring, but the host of the second season has managed too. I tried to keep going but just unsubscribed because I can’t make it through an entire episode. Would love to see a season 3 story with the original host.
Never have I heard 20 minutes worth of information stretched over hours and hours of podcast episodes like the second season. Blech.
Filler filler filler
It’s nice to get information about crimes in your area.
WTOP is a solid, reliable, no-nonsense news organization and this podcast carries the same pedigree. No banter, jokes, or other distractions but just a well-researched and told story.