Reviews For The Ageless Wisdom Mystery School with Michael Benner

Ageless Wisdom with Michael Benner is absolutely incredible. I have been listening to Michael for over 30 years and his techniques, knowledge, tools, and guidance have helped and healed me in incredible ways. Definitely give this podcast a listen!
This is without a doubt one of the worst podcasts I’ve ever listened to. The host of is a repugnant windbag. I feel dumber for having listened to this.
I used to listen to a Michael while writing parking tickets in Los Angeles in the 90's. I would listen, explore the themes, and gentle words, and slowly my heart and mind opened.
I have had an iTunes account for years and never reviewed anything. This podcast is so excellent I just had to write something. I have always said that a major part of life is discerning the garbage from the truth and that something can be learned from every human being we encounter. Michael certainly produces more content on the truth path than 99% of people I have ever tried to learn from. Great Job!!!!
I've listened to many podcasts which deal with the same information. What makes Michael Benner's way of relating it different is that he doesn't make it less significant by making it more accessible as a starting point.
That you read the literature in Philosophy of Mind (I HIGHLY recommend David Chalmers. "The Conscious Mind" (1996) and "Consciousness and its Place in Nature" (2002) are great ones to start off with). My purpose here is not to criticize but to simply correct. Sure enough, many of your discussions are intriguing, but unfortunately a good many of your claims are mistaken (e.g. in the webinar entitled "The Magnetic Nature of Consciousness" you attempt to distinguish the difference between consciousness and intelligence- a pretty tough task for a non-philosopher. The error made was the confusion between the terms 'conscious' and 'conscience.' In attempting to give an account of the term 'conscious' you were actually describing what would be called a person's 'conscience' -words that sound alike but mean two completely different things). A better example might be something like this: 1. Both humans and computers exhibit 'intelligence' (to some degree). 2. However, computers cannot be conscious in the way in which humans are conscious. 3. Therefore, consciousness and intelligence are not the same thing. I just wanted to bring this to your attention so that your listeners can get the correct information they deserve. Again, I strongly recommend that you read some of David Chalmers' works on the nature of consciousness and all the hard problems that come along with it. I think it is something you will truly enjoy and find very beneficial to your purposes.
i've been listening to Michael's poscasts for a few months now, and i've found these to all be incredibly helpful in giving me new ways to think and a great deal of insight into making better choices for myself, and be more patient with myself on my path. he's smart, funny, and incredibly earnest. it's a blessing to spend some time with him this way.
I really look forward to new episodes of the podcast. Great information on hypnosis which can change old patterns!
Enlightening to the fullest extent
I first heard Michael's program on KPFK about 5 or 6 years ago. I thought it was cool, but didn't get all that into it. Within the last year or so I realized that I needed a better understanding of myself and some spiritual understanding of the world around me. I went looking and discovered this program. What's so great about this series is that there's a discussion for just about every issue, and they all come back to the same themes, especially loving yourself and giving love. This series for me continues to be a great starting point in getting to know myself and in branching out in new directions. Very honest and true. Love this series. And, all the info that's loaded in the archives is completely free. That's so amazing.
This is great, What a wonderful idea! Michael Benner is a one of the best teachers I've had the privilege to learn from. His teachings are practical, thought provoking and mind expanding. Our world is a better place with someone like him in it. These podcasts are a treasure shared by an honest and wise teacher. Thank you Michael!
Michael Benner is a sincere and intelligent man. He knows what he is talking about and he offers practical, thoughtful and useful knowledge to have with you for the rest of your life. All of his podcasts are insightful and I highly recommend giving them a try. You will enjoy what you find!
The ageless wisdom podcast exposed me to a variety of new ideas, thoughts and attitudes. The information i have gained has lead me into a practice of asking & meditation. As i have become much more comfortable in my skin, i have returned to college to further 'know thy self'. My list goes on and on.....This podcast was a tiny pebble that has begun a tidal wave of unfoldment and personal development in my life. Good job Michael and thank you.
Awesome podcast! It's a podcast that I never delete! I listen over and over!
The best podcast for any seeker. Full of wonderful insight. The topics always seem to be just what I need to hear about at the time they air. A very comforting podcast.
This guy is an encyclopedia exploding with Useful practical info wether you are a beginner or consider yourself well studied in metaphysics. I love this program and hope you find it as informing and enjoyable as I do.
Michael Benner is one of the worlds most wisest teachers! I've been one of his listeners and devoted students for many years. These podcasts and the information he's taught me have truly transformed me and have made me who I am today! I've learned how to go past my fears, to tune in to my higher self and to know my true purpose. These podcasts are priceless and each one is great lesson on bringing in more consciousness. I am so grateful to Michael Benner for taking the time to teach us weekly. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Meaningful exceptional and extremely helpful.
Ageless Wisdom podcast is very enlightening. Michael Benner shows a lot of compassion in sharing his wisdom so freely with us. It is also entertaining and lively. I love to listen to each episode several times. Good Job Michael!!!
This podcast is a treasure regardless of your spiritual background or affinity. Michael Benner's knowledge of comparative religion and philosophy, which he presents in a conversational style, provides context and clarity to philosophy and scriptures which, by themselves can be elusive, or even alienating. I would recommend this podcast to anyone, but I think it would have greatest value to someone who is either non-spiritual, or deeply faithful in a particular religion.
It was such a pleasure to re-discover Michael Benner philosophies via podcast! What a wealth of life knowledge available anytime, anywhere. Here's a fun MB factoid...Do you remember the opening theme music for Open Conversation? It was "Sequencer," Al DiMeola's tune from the Scenario album. Check it out on iTunes...and by all means enjoy these free Michael Benner podcasts!
I listened to Michael on KLOS FM in the seventies. Out of the blue I checked to see if he had a podcast. Low and behold he did. More amazing, he talks about the law of attraction, which I just started to explore this year. Now I have a guide. Mind you, I haven't thought about Michael in years, and had no idea he was into this stuff. I was led to this podcast by a higher power.
Listening to this podcast is like spending time with a knowledgeable, compassionate friend. Michael Benner never talks down to you but he knows what he is talking about. The guided imagery he leads at the end helps integrate your new insights with your spirit. Thanks for providing a forum where seekers can grow together. It's an exciting journey.


This show is really COOL! How awesome that someone out there is as excited about this kind of stuff like me. How is this podcast free? Back to listen to the show now!!
I have enjoyed listening to Michael Benner for years. When he was on KPFK Pacifica Radio, I would plan a trip during my work day so that I would be driving during his Friday show and be able to hear it. Later, I subscribed to his show via podcast so that I would be able to catch it every week and listen to it according to my own schedule. This new format is even better. Not only is it available by podcast, it is also available live on the computer and telephone. Listening to Michael Benner on this podcast always makes me feel better about myself, my possibilities and the world around me in general. He teaches effective techniques that can be applied to my life as I work through my own day-to-day. What I enjoy about this format specifically is that Michael takes on the role as teacher, more so than he has on other programs. While much of the material would be classified as self-help, he also digs deep into the Ageless Wisdom spiritual knowledge material that he has such a deep understanding in. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone as a way to reset their approach to life.
I have listened to Michaels' show on KPFK in he past, and now listen to the teleseminar he has. I always find that I learn something and get something out of it, and love doing the exercises. There is a lot of valuable insight in this podcast, keep it up! Thanks!
I've listened to Michael Benner since he was on the radio in LA at KPFK. His show was the best hour of radio in LA then. Now that he's moved into podcasting, he's expanded his access. Incredible! He is the most authentic and accessible teacher of spirituality and self-empowerment you will find in this format. That he can teach at such a level of depth and we can learn for free is truly a wonder of technology. This program adds so much to my life and learning. It's at a higher level than anything I've run across and NOT airy-fairy "New Age". I also subscribe to his Focused Passion podcast. It's .99 a month, a bargain!
These podcasts are price-less, meaning Free, and available for download anytime. The Ageless Wisdom, as taught by Michael Benner, is a superb LIVE podcast Event! Topics are enlightening, ground-breaking and can help You be a better You. If your time and space permits, Michael usually does a relaxation exercise that could be positively life changing! The Ageless Wisdom podcast is a class and webinar with an extraordinary host, Michael Benner, who has immense talent and passion for teaching what is known as the perennial philosophy. He will share a golden thread of knowledge worth learning. I like listening to each podcast Live because you can submit questions and comments online for a response. Be There and Be Yourself - then download, listen again, copy and share with your friends. Aloha.
There has been no one person more influential on my development than Michael Benner. As a young man growing up in Los Angeles in the 70's, his weekly radio show on KLOS was perhaps my single voice of sanity. I remember having a reel to reel set up and taping the shows sunday nights from 1am to 6am, then listening to the tapes while I worked. He said things no one ever said to me. He told me there was more to the universe then the things I knew of and believed. I vividly remembering turning off the tape recorder, and calling a friend, rewinding the tape,and saying 'you gotta hear this'... From Michael, I learned the ideas of Personal Responsibility. I learned about not blaming people. When I moved from LA to San Francisco, I missed hearing Michael. One of the best moments I'll never forget was when some caller said ..."Well all I know is"... and Michael said, Well, that's your problem. Classic moment. I had the pleasure to meet Michael two times, once at Peace Sunday at the Hollywood Bowl and once at a panel discussion at CSUN. Listen, open your mind... if you dare.